Helen Reynolds, June 9 2021

The Entrepreneurial Passion without Compassion Trap.

I've seen it many times, especially in entrepreneurs who are following their passion but have become so dogged about it that they no longer have compassion for themselves or the people around them.

Ever seen an entrepreneur burn through staff, family relationships and romantic relationships?  That's passion without compassion.

There are a few reasons why this can happen and self driven entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to it. In fact, all it takes is for someone to tell them that they can't make it with their entrepreneurial idea, or they don't have the skills to make it work or any other piece of criticism.

The criticism fires up the entrepreneur.  They feel angry and use that anger feel even more determined. They're mental chatter says something along the lines of "I'll show you, I'll make it work, eat my dust".

This is the beginning of Passion without Compassion.

Has it ever happened to you?

It's a useful thing channeling anger into determination and reigniting the spark of why you're doing what you're doing, however not when it comes in the absence of forgiveness.

You see what happens in the absence of forgiveness is a little deposit of bitterness is laid down in your energy field and this becomes like sediment in your heart and restricts your energy flow.

So, who needs forgiveness in this scenario?  First of all you do.  Forgive yourself for feeling angry and accept the anger; the field of love that embodies you can accept all range of emotions, including anger. You may find that your old pattern of belief's  that triggered your reaction might become obvious to you, giving you an opportunity to choose to release those old beliefs.   If it's not obvious, just let it be (as in don't go digging) and focus on accepting your emotions, just as they are, without changing them.

Then, when possible forgive the person who is projecting their fears onto you as disbelief.  Leave them to their own baggage and life situation.  No need to over-analyse them, you might be tempted, let it pass.

Now, how to still make the most of the energy flow. If you can forgive yourself (even just a little bit), you will open up your energy flow in a more powerful way than riding on anger and determination alone. The difference will be the energy flow created through forgiveness will have momentum plus creativity and intuition and will last for longer, whereas the energy flow from anger and determination alone will only have momentum until you get tired.

Have you ever noticed that passionate entrepreneurs without compassion often create scenarios that cause them to become angry, irate or extremely frustrated? Often resulting in them declaring "that if you need a job done properly you might as well do it yourself". They don't realise that that is how they're sustaining their energy flow, their motivation and drive.

Luckily, there is a much healthier way.

The act of forgiveness in this scenario is a much healthier practice over time; it keeps your heart open and your compassion at hand when you need it. 

The intention alone to accept your emotions, just as they are, without changing them helps to align you with your power, with your true self. 

It helps keep your passion alive for what you do without isolating you from the people you love. It keeps your body healthier and allows you greater adaptability to change, a greater sensitivity to your intuition and a stamina that is self sustaining.  All the things you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Here's to your success.


Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay. Follow DanaTentis on Instagram @mycurlyphotography

Written by

Helen Reynolds

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