My desire for what I do now has been with me since I was about twelve.  I grew up in rural Queensland, Australia.  One day when it was just me on my horse in the bush, the spaciousness of nature touched something deep within my being.  That moment triggered a yearning that over several decades has evolved into what I do now.

I've been called an old soul, a lightworker and a star seed soul.  I'm not sure how useful the labels are, however I do know that I interpret the world differently to most.  You'll see it in my blogs, like this one on the 2021 Lego Masters Finale, and my social media.  That's the value of our free will.  

Our free will gives each and every one of us the right to choose how we understand ourselves and life to be.  But when the most fundamental choice about our state of being is not made explicit, discovering our true state of being becomes a long exploration that very few take.  And, for those that do, it may or may not end in discovery.

That's why I feel it's so urgent to get my work out.  The withholding of choice, by holding it apart from our education and keeping it hidden behind materialism and so called rationality, has held many hostage in an incomplete understanding of themselves.  

Connecting with others who are experiencing the truth of who they are always makes me excited!  I love to encourage and celebrate living from our true state of being.  Sometimes I get to record these conversations and you can listen to them here on the More Love Podcast.  I create this podcast to encourage us all to be true to ourselves - the love, creativity and talents we can share from our true selves radiate with a quality that changes the world.

I do believe the world is at a turning point.  I also believe that the change we all desire has to come from within.  It's not time for the world to turn, it's time for us to turn the world by re-turning to who we truly are and living from the heart of all that matters.