This episode of the More Love Podcast is a delightful episode with James Willis who has received a prayer of faith for spiritual healing; a gift for those of us on a conscious path of spiritual growth.  For the past 40 years each day for James has been a day with prayer through meditation as well as spiritual growth study with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Although James was educated in a Christian school where the Lord's Prayer was regularly chosen at prayer time he explains that after he left school his spiritual journey and growth expanded his Christian life.  He followed the call of his heart for a deeper understanding of who he truly is and his relationship to all that is. 

This episode is very beneficial for those of us who are answering that same call of our heart and reaching for a deeper spiritual connection to the divine truth of being in Christ consciousness.

Prayer of Faith for Spiritual Healing.


This is a delightful episode with James Willis who has received a prayer of faith for spiritual healing; a gift for those of us on a conscious path of spiritual growth.  For the past 40 years each day for James has been a day with prayer through meditation as well as spiritual growth study with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Although James was educated in a Christian school where the Lord's Prayer was regularly chosen at prayer time he explains that after he left school his spiritual journey and growth expanded his Christian life.  He followed the call of his heart for a deeper understanding of who he truly is and his relationship to all that is.

This episode is very beneficial for those of us who are answering that same call of our heart and reaching for a deeper spiritual connection to the divine truth of being in Christ consciousness.


How Life Becomes a Prayer

A full prayer life is one that includes prayer at times of joy, times of sorrow, times of need, times of contentment and even the mundane times.  Prayer is, at its core, a process of using words that focus our mind and open our heart to experience our union and relationship with God in every thing we do. This is why prayer is an act of devotion (A Course of Love C:25.1) - devotion to being who we really are, children of God.  

New Testament - James 5:13-20 Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. 14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

This request to make our life a devotional prayer reveals the purpose of prayer - to share our life with God.  A Course of Love clarifies this by saying  ...prayer must be redefined as the act of consciously choosing union. With this definition, you can see how your life can become a prayer. This does not negate the fact that a prayer is also a constant dialogue of asking, being answered, and responding. This is the aspect of prayer that makes of it an act of creation. (A Course of Love T1:6.3)

Sharing our life with God in prayer as an act of creation rests on our ability to choose union which requires a spiritual understanding of our relationship to and with God.  We enter relationship by accepting that God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and our (human) being is of Spirit (Job 33:4) which is how we are made in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26).  Thus, the basis of prayer is stated in John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Prayer and worship in spirit and truth has long been a stumbling point because our life experience is so tangible and so compelling that we convince ourselves we've been separated from God.  And, to make it worse, we look for tangible physical changes as evidence of effects of prayer and the power of prayer.  For example, when we pray with a focus on healing a sick person we use physical healing to measure how effective prayer was and give no or little attention to healing spiritual relationship.  

Yet we are called to trust in and experience spiritual unity with God in all that we do, even in our physical orientation.  A Course of Love again brings clarification ...you can only come to know your Self through relationship, you can only come to know God through relationship. Christ is the holy relationship that exists between all and God, providing the bridge that spans the very concept of between and provides for the connection of unity. Thus your relationship with Christ always was and always will be. (A Course of Love C:27.8)

You could say our gift of Christ is our gift of faith.  Eloquently written in A Course of Love C:3.16 ...realize that our light shines from within our heart, our altar to the Lord. Here the Christ in us abides... and in Ephesians 3:17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love.

Many have said that those of us willing to set doubt aside and choose faithful prayer to make life a devotion to relationship and unity with spirit and truth through Christ are those with courageous hearts.  

A Course of Love specifically says Union is the mind and heart being joined in wholeheartedness. It is your union with your Self. Union with your Self is union with God. Thus your concentration must not stray back to old concepts of prayer or of reaching God through the intercession of prayer as if God were separate from you and accessible only through a specific means of communication.  (A Course of Love T1:6.4) 

How Can I Make My Faith Stronger?

Hebrews 11 - Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 2 For by it the people of old received their commendation. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

Prayers of faith give us the words we need to strengthen our union and relationship with God through Christ.  All it takes is a willingness to have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed (Luke 17:6).  It is our faith in our spiritual understanding of our relationship with God, our willingness to offer our entire heart to God and the power of prayer to focus us into unity that strengthens us into a steadfast faith.

Steadfast faith could also be called wholeheartedness.  For it is in wholeheartedness, when the mind is focussed in a way that it can receive our Christ connection through our heart, that all doubt departs and we feel certain of our spiritual relationship with God, Love.    

A Course of Love C:25.17  Living in love in every instance is what occurs when the whole Self is involved in the love of life. There are no “parts” of the Self fractioned off and holding resentments. There are no “parts” of Self living in the past or the future. There is not a “mindful” Self living separately from a “soulful” Self. There is not a “worker” Self living separately from a “prayerful” Self. All Selves are joined in wholeheartedness. The one Self is solely involved in living love.

Steadfast faith gives us all the certainty and assurance we need, even in uncertain times, that we are never separate from God our Father/Mother.  

Short Prayer for Faith

Many people have been raised with a Christian influence or exposure great enough to be familiar with the Lord’s Prayer.  The lines of this popular prayer are most likely coming to mind now…. Our father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven……  

Have you ever noticed or felt that the words suggest a separation between heaven and earth, God and ourselves, the Kingdom and our everyday life experience?  A Course of Love encourages us not to use prayer for steadfastness but instead to pray in wholeheartedness by saying To use prayer only as a means of reaching out to a god seen as separate is to attempt to use what cannot be used. ... Prayers such as these emanate from either heart or mind and have not the power of the wholehearted. (T1:6.5)

In wholeheartedness we realise the truth in this promise that we... are neither separate nor alone and never were and never can be. (A Course of Love C:6.3)

In wholeheartedness James would like to share with you this new Lord's Prayer as a short prayer for strengthening your faith and expanding your spiritual journey and spiritual healing.  It is a beautiful prayer that gives us the words that hold our prayerful attention in spirit and truth.  In my opinion, they are the perfect words for an effective prayer life in union and relationship with God our Father/Mother. 

A New Lord's Prayer.


Our Father, my constant friend and guide,

Help me to see Your Light in every brother and sister I meet,

And to live in the knowing that Thy name is Love.


Thy Kingdom is within me, and Thy Creation is unfolding, here and now, as I speak.


Consciously living in the flow of Loving Creation fulfils all needs to perfection,

And the only forgiveness required is by me, of myself,

And then I can know who I truly AM.


Living as who I truly AM, I know not of temptation,

And what I once saw as evil, is a call for love that I can help to answer.


For in reality You and I, Father, are one, and OURS is the Kingdom,

And WE are the Power and the Glory.

In this eternal moment of NOW,

I AM one with Thee.  Amen!


Download: A New Lord's Prayer-Received by James Willis.pdf

If you'd like to contact James you can do so via this email address:  jwwill29 @ gmail.com

Another article about the prayer is published in the embrace newsletter

from A Course of Love.  

You can read it HERE.  


How do I get a printable copy of the prayer?

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TRANSCRIPT - Prayer of Faith for Spiritual Healing - A New Lord's Prayer

[00:00:00.000] - Helen

Welcome to another episode of The More Love Podcast with Helen Reynolds Today I actually have a guest with me in the podcast recording room, which is quite unusual and rather pleasant. I'm talking or we're talking with James Willis today. It's a lovely friend of mine has helped me on my journey many times, and he's received something that I think will be a great benefit to a lot of people. But I'll leave the reveal to James because I think it's very beautiful. Without a great long introduction, I'd like to hand over to James, but his gift to share with us today alongside his really interesting story, is this bridging opportunity to help us have words that bring us from a Christian and old Christian language into the new energy and the new awakening that we can all feel happening on the planet.

[00:00:55.680] - Helen

It's a great honour to have you, James. Thank you very much for joining me on the More Love Podcast.

[00:01:01.240] - James

Thanks Helen, it's really nice to be here. So I'll start the story. A few months ago, I was doing something extremely mundane at home and into my head popped the line, our Father who Art, my constant friend and guide. And there was nothing else. It was just that line. And for me, anything that starts with our Father, who art leads immediately to the Lord's Prayer. And I have to tell you that I was sent to a Christian boarding school at the age of eight, and I stayed there till I was 17, which meant that eight times a week for 40 weeks of the year, for eight or nine years we said the Lord's Prayer out loud, as in our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, etc

.[00:02:01.440] - Helen

Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done.

[00:02:03.770] - James

And so I was puzzled by that line turning up, but nothing else came. And I had nothing else, didn't really think any more about it, and went back to the mundane stuff, whatever it was I was doing. And the next day, again in the middle of not thinking about anything in particular, the line turned up, thy Kingdom is within me and thy creation is unfolding here and now as I speak. And this sort of stopped me in my tracks rather because, you know, the line in the Lord's Prayer, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

[00:02:45.900] - James

And the Association was obvious, but there was still no follow up. It was just the line. And I thought, okay, well, I'll give it one more try. If another line turns up, I'll start paying some attention and assume there's a purpose in all this. The next day I think it was all fairly soon afterwards another line turned up, which was and the only forgiveness required is by me, of myself. And you know, the line in the Lord's Prayer, forgive us our trespasses. So at that point I said, okay, I will sit down at the computer and I'll write these three lines down which I did and promptly some more arrived and it arrived in not in order I have to tell you, but piecemeal.

[00:03:40.210] - James

Over the next few days I got all the lines that made up a different version of the Lord's Prayer and my journey between leaving school nearly 60 years ago and now has been a intermittent but very rewarding spiritual path, I guess. And I'm in a space where I see things totally differently to how I did when I was 18, which is really good news anyway. I put all the lines together that I got an would you read them to us?

[00:04:25.460] - Helen

It's very beautiful.

[00:04:26.500] - James

Okay. Yeah. Alright. Well, I'll read it to you now and it goes like this.

Our Father, my constant friend and guide,

Help me to see Your Light in every brother and sister I meet,

And to live in the knowing that Thy name is Love.  

Thy Kingdom is within me, and Thy Creation is unfolding, here and now, as I speak.  

Consciously living in the flow of Loving Creation fulfils all needs to perfection,

And the only forgiveness required is by me, of myself, And then I can know who I truly AM.

Living as who I truly AM, I know not of temptation,

And what I once saw as evil, is a call for love that I can help to answer.  

For in reality You and I, Father, are one, and OURS is the Kingdom,

And WE are the Power and the Glory.

In this eternal moment of NOW,

I AM one with Thee.  Amen!

[00:05:31.860] - Helen

It's so beautiful.

[00:05:34.680] - James

So I put the lines together and found that there was some corrections turned up as I was typing them, reading them back and things and I sent a copy to Helen and some other friends and said, what do you think of this? And the answer came back. It's lovely. You need to do something with it. And having got the thing, I realised that I had no idea at all what I was supposed to do with the thing. I mean, the big question came of course, in my mind was why me?

[00:06:05.680] - James

You know, I haven't been any sort of Church going Christian since I left school. I've done lots of other stuff, but Church hasn't been one of them and the Lord's Prayer certainly hasn't and I don't have any sort of presence on social media. So it isn't that I can put something on my Facebook page and a million people are going to read it or anything useful like that. So I was genuinely puzzled because I loved what it was and I can see the relationship so clearly to the Lord's Prayer as it was taught traditionally to me when I was at school.

[00:06:40.780] - James

So I asked the question in meditation. I've been a daily meditator for a long time and I asked the question, okay guys, thank you for this. But what am I supposed to do with it. Why? What's it about? And the answer I got was as the world wakes up, which is what is happening right now. There will be many people who are coming out of a formalised Christian tradition for whom the Lord's prayer is red and butter. They know it, they love it, they use it.

[00:07:15.860] - James

But their awakening awareness is showing them that our understanding of reality on a spiritual path is changing. And that the way the Lord's Prayer was originally phrased is perhaps catering to a sense of separation. Our Father, who art in heaven and heaven is not commonly believed to be here, where I live. Not many people. If you ask them where they live, I would say I live in heaven might be Toowoomba, or Sydney or the world, but it's unlikely to be heaven.

[00:08:01.500] - Helen

So we certainly see heaven as a place. We might go after death, don't we? Typically?

[00:08:07.680] - James

Yeah. That's the sort of standard Christians answer. So I don't know if you want me to go through every line about the relationship, but I saw it as or I was told that what it is is a stepping stone, something that people who realise that there's another way of looking at reality. And yet they are coming out of a Christian tradition that might help them see things differently and realise that there's a different way of looking at things.

[00:08:39.460] - Helen

I think it would be really lovely to go through each line - if you're willing.

[00:08:45.320] - James

Okay. Well, can I just answer the other bit of the question was that I was asking was what am I supposed to do?

[00:08:52.480] - Helen

Yes, of course.

[00:08:54.460] - James

The answer was, you remember the line in the prayer you just wrote about living in the flow of loving creation, fulfils all needs to perfection. So it's not something that you, James, really need to worry too much about because the creative flow will take care of it. Shall we do this?

[00:09:18.520] - Helen

Shall I read the line and you can explain.

[00:09:20.780] - James


[00:09:22.390] - Helen

Our Father, my constant friend and guide.

[00:09:27.290] - James

Well, that's our Father who art in heaven and to me. And I think, as we've said, the Orthodox Christian tradition is that heaven is somewhere else. And the concept of do I call it modern spirituality, the path, the awakening is that the new the new is that heaven isn't somewhere else at all. And nor is God. God is everywhere.

[00:09:59.140] - Helen

I like that. It's my constant friend, as opposed to that sense of judgement that can also come with the concept of the labelling of God. So the next one help me to see your light in every brother and sister I meet.

[00:10:18.130] - James

Well, that doesn't have a parallel, particularly, but it's just what turned up. And it's the basic request, the realisation that God is here and everywhere. If I can see God's light in everybody that I meet, it will help me step out of judgement and feel part of humanity and part of the all that is, part of unity.

[00:10:51.700] - Helen

One of my this is a little aside, but related to that line on my fridge is a quote, I'm sure it's from Mahatma Ghandi, but I'll check when I write the show notes. The quote is, if you don't see God in the next person you meet, stop looking. And I've just always really loved that because we all carry the connection to unity. So that's to the me, that's what that line means to me and the next. And to live in the knowing that thy name is love.

[00:11:22.320] - James

Well, our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name. And it doesn't actually, the prayer doesn't mention a name for the Father. It just sticks with Father. But again, the new understanding is that the essence of who and what God is is love. And it says, if I can live in the knowing Thy name is love, I will see the world differently.

[00:11:54.380] - Helen

Thy Kingdom is within me and thy creation is unfolding here and now, as I speak.

[00:12:03.770] - James

The line in the original prayer, thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. And again, Earth and heaven are being spoken of as though they are different places. So thy Kingdom come. Well, thy Kingdom is within me and thy creation, which is the unfolding reality. It's here and now we are living like a surfer riding the face of a wave. We're living on the wave, on the edge of the wave of creation. And it's here and now, right now, this second.

[00:12:39.460] - Helen

And I really appreciate the word creation in this prayer. I think we often think of creation is in the future and it brings it into the present. The next line, consciously living in the flow of loving creation, fulfills all needs to perfection.

[00:12:59.620] - James

So the parallel line is give us this day our daily bread. And so that's in a way, just saying, give us what we need. But consciously living in the flow of loving creation fulfills all needs to perfection. And we don't need to live in a sense of need as a sense of lack. If we step into the flow and the flow of loving creation is a way of expressing that if we step into that flow, then our needs will be met. We can stop worrying and let go of the stress I need, I want - it'll get fixed.

[00:13:47.540] - Helen

And the only forgiveness required is by me, of myself.

[00:13:54.170] - Helen

This is a tough one

[00:13:55.640] - James

and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Once again, you can see this as separation, and it's a journey that it's part of my personal journey, I guess. But as I say, the line turned up. I promise I didn't make this up. And it's a deep understanding that I resonated with. The only forgiveness that I need to worry about is me forgiving myself, because ...I could sidetrack here.  Do you mind if I sidetrack for a minute

[00:14:35.930] - Helen

Absolutely, I love a side track!

[00:14:39.580] - James

One of the... in about 1980 personal growth became a fashion in Australia and there was a huge personal growth movement started in Sydney and due to some junk mail, which junk mail at that time I usually threw away without reading. But I read this bit just by chance, of course, and it invited me to a group who were going to teach me how to meditate and talk about personal growth and spur of the moment decision. I decided to go along and they did teach me how to meditate and I've meditated ever since.

[00:15:18.020] - James

But in hindsight, what came out for me from that couple of years I spent with them was I really, really got it that there is no such thing as a victim. There is no such thing as an accident and there is no such thing as a coincidence that we are creating what happens to us for a reason. We may not understand the reasons at the time, but we are creating it. And I didn't realise the value of that lesson. And again, it was a hindsight thing, that for about 25 years after that I was involved in a number of jobs that involved helping people.

[00:16:05.170] - James

I work for charities or government organisations, always trying to get people out of messes. And I noticed that the people I worked with often got very stressed. They went into burnout, they tended to buy into the issues that the clients or the  person we were trying to help was having. And I never did. And it wasn't again until I looked back at it that I realised that that was why because they saw the people needing help as victims. And I saw people who were creating a mess in their lives and didn't understand why and simply needed help to get out.

[00:16:48.940] - James

And I didn't need to buy into oh, this is all awful because it was in a big picture sense. It was what was needed to teach everybody involved in the situation a lesson. And all my role was to simply help them understand what the lesson was and teach that help them learn how to get out of their own mess so that they don't get into another one. And so that enabled me both to help the people, not buy into it, not buy into their issues. And ultimately I found myself helping the people who were getting burnout because they were buying into it, helping them to see it differently

.[00:17:30.800] - James

So it was a life changing set of lessons for me, and that's why the....where were we...the forgiveness line was so relevant to me because the only person that has created a problem is basically me. So if I can forgive myself and let go of the of whatever it was that was making me do that, then I can be lighter and freer and through life more smoothly, I don't need to do it again.

[00:18:03.080] - Helen

So with the forgiveness, I'll just read the two lines together because I think they're really beautiful and the only forgiveness required is by me, of myself. And then I can know who I truly am. We spend so much of our lives not knowing who we truly are.

[00:18:22.300] - James


[00:18:24.350] - Helen

What was the old line forgive us our trespasses, for we forgive those who trespass against us.  And[00:18:30.820] - JamesLead us not into temptation.

[00:18:32.760] - Helen

And the temptation is the separation, isn't it?

[00:18:36.120] - James

And that's the next line in the prayer.  Living is who I truly am I know not of temptation.

[00:18:42.900] - Helen

And what I once saw as evil is a call for love that I can help to answer. Tell us about that line.

[00:18:49.620] - James

Well, the old line was and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. And then and again, this is about God out there or something out there helping us, whereas it's something in here that we can do. And as that I just loved that line, living is who I truly am. I know not of temptation, because what can I be tempted to do when I know I really know, really know who I am and what I'm doing here and anything that happens to me seems to happen to me is my creation.

[00:19:27.800] - James

This is my stuff. And what I once saw as evil is a call for love that I can help to answer.  Because it's so easy to look at inverted commers "bad stuff" going on out there in the world and people doing "evil things". And people are sometimes described as evil this and evil that. And what is it, what's really going on and looking at it from a big picture sense, someone who's doing hurting other people. Firstly, there are no accidents and no coincidences. So the people being hurt in a sense, are getting what they want out of it, however hard that is to believe.

[00:20:16.200] - James

And I realise there are some instances where that seems really difficult, but it's what they need, what the perpetrator, the apparent perpetrator, really needs is love, because love will allow them to see what they're doing and mean that they don't need to do it anymore.

[00:20:37.380] - Helen

What I love about your prayer or the prayer, a new Lord's prayer is that it's calling us to see the unity. It's the words bring us into unity, which leads us perfectly into the next part of the prayer. For in reality you and I Father are one and ours is the Kingdom. We are the power and the glory.

[00:21:00.600] - James

So the original line was for thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever Amen. And once again, this is making it seem it's back into the separation. And if God is everywhere in everything and he is the motivating force behind the spin of every atom and the growth of every tree and the beauty of every rock, then it's everywhere. It's not out there somewhere else. And it's our body is made up of atoms too. If he spins every atom, then he spins every atom in our body, and I use he purely for convenience.

[00:21:47.830] - James

It's just it's seeing it as life, in it's grandest form.

[00:21:54.360] - Helen

In this eternal moment of now, I am one with thee.  Amen.

[00:22:01.820] - James

Yeah, well, lots of spiritual tracts about time and time is something that we've created because we hope we can't cope with our human mind, can't cope with everything happening in the same moment. But the eternal moment of now. I know it's very difficult concept to put across, but that now is just this infinitely stretched moment. It's the only time there is if I can throw in. This is an irrelevance, absolutely original and first ever piece of automatic writing. I did. Can I just tell you what it said?

[00:22:46.890] - James

Because it totally stuck. It said, Think not that you stand still in a river of moving time, but rather that you ride the moment of now as it passes changing shores for love is of the stream, not upon the shore.

[00:23:07.060] - Helen

It is a hard transition to leap into the new paradigm of time. Yet it's all happening to us. So we finished the prayer. But there's so much more you can share. Would you tell us a little bit more about some of the experiences you've had that have brought you to the ability to channel such a beautiful thing for us or to receive such a beautiful thing for us?

[00:23:37.940] - James

Well, back in the early Eighties, a friend that I met through the Personal growth movement was in a spiritual healing group, and he asked me if I would like to join. And I went and met the lady who ran it, and her name was Yvonne. And she was a spitten image of Madame Blavatsky. And this I couldn't believe it when I saw her because I had read about theosophy. And Madame Blavatsky was the originator of theosophy. And she not only you could put a photograph of Madame Blavatsky beside her and you'd say, Well, this is the same person it was that she was that identical.

[00:24:30.530] - James

And she even had the physical issues with spine and neck that Madame Blavatsky had suffered from. And this Lady Yvonne was well aware that she had been Madame Blavatsky and was in touch with Via via channelling means the ascended Masters that Madame Blavatsky had worked with. And she ran a spiritual healing group helping all sorts of people. And they were about ten or 15 people who turned up at her place once a week. And the first time that I was going to go to a meeting, it wasn't a meeting at her house, as it was somewhere else.

[00:25:13.940] - James

And I've forgotten the wise and ware falls of that. But there were loosely the people in the group turned up and they did their thing. And then she said, Yvonne said, Well, now there are certain people in the group are going to channel for us. And she said, this is the order we're going to do it in. And she rattled off names around the circle. And in the series of name was James. And I'd never channelled in my life. And I see in total astonishment. And she just smiled and nodded at me, and I was left thinking what was wrong?

[00:25:50.370] - James

What am I going to do now? I heard of Channelling. I don't think at that stage. Yeah, I had heard a couple of channels, but it really, really wasn't my reality at all for me. And people started talking around the group and it was getting closer and closer to my turn. And the person sitting next to me started talking and I thought, oh, hell, what am I going to do? Am I just going to say, Look, I make some noise like that and bow out. And as I could sense the lady next to me winding up, suddenly this incredible sense of peace came over me and it's as though there was a being standing beside me saying, Just calm down.

[00:26:37.430] - James

It's OK. I'll tell you what to say. And it wasn't that I could see someone or feel someone. But that was the inner experience. And so she finished talking and I was completely calm and I just opened my mouth and these words came out and I have no recollection at all of what I said or what it was about. But I said, what was there. And when it finished, I stopped. And when the session was finished, I said to the person sitting next to me, I said, Did anything I say make any sense at all?

[00:27:10.280] - James

And she said, It was great. It was perfect. Why I didn't know her. But I went to talk to Yvonne and Yvonne said, yeah, I just knew that that was going to be fine. It was all okay. And I said the name I got from the person. I have the sense of the name Philip, but I don't know anyone called Philip and who was Philip. And she said, Well, did you ever read the Bible? And I said, Well, yes. And she said, Well, do you remember there was an Apostle called Philip?

[00:27:46.620] - James

And I said, yes, you said, Well, that's who it was. Okay. So that was my first experience channelling. And after that, obviously I was more confident that it could work, so to speak. And another thing that happened in about 1984. I was part of her group and I was living in Australia. My parents were in England and my father in the UK. He was in his early Seventies and he had an operation for prostate cancer a couple of half a dozen years before, which was successful.

[00:28:26.840] - James

And it was all good. And he suddenly got some complications. And they advised that he was going to go back into hospital and have another operation. And it was only like two or three days notice. And Australia's a long way from England. And my mother was a a career nurse who survived through World War II and was quite okay with hospitals and operations. She understood it all. And I got a phone call from her a couple of days later saying that my father had not come out of the anaesthetic.

[00:29:03.610] - James

They've done all the things they normally do and he hadn't woken up and they were thinking that he was going to die because his vital systems were going down and for various organisational reasons. It was really complicated for me to drop everything and fly to the UK and there was no Internet and no mobile phones and telephone calls were expensive and it was more complicated than it would be pre Covid days website anyway, about a day later he did indeed pass on.  And I talked to my mum who coped absolutely brilliantly.

[00:29:46.950] - James

I think she had seen so many people die as a result of being a nurse in the war that she was just okay with it and their lives were organised. But for me personally, I had this feeling that it was an ending. It was an end because my father had had an amazing complicated life, had been born and brought up in India, and he'd done all sorts of things there, which I'd never really got the full story of. And I was planning a trip back to the UK in a couple of years.

[00:30:17.240] - James

One of the things I wanted to do was sit down with him and really learn about his life, his early life, that I had no knowledge of or very little. So I was sort of imbued with this feeling of there was an end and the word ending kept coming up for me. So the next time I was in the spiritual group meeting, we had a meditation at what you always did. And in the meditation, I was suddenly in the space. I don't know. Have you ever seen an aeroplane do the smoke writing in the sky?

[00:30:55.920] - James

It was like my internal view of the sky. And there were these words written across it as though there was an aeroplane writing it only they were written in fire and it was really bright and it was really real. And the word said, in this universe, there are no endings. There are only new beginnings. And I am in capital letters, the river of life that joins new beginnings to new beginnings. Sorry gets me emotional, but it was so clear and I was left feeling well, that was the answer to my feeling that this was an ending and the whole issue for me disappeared because I knew that it wasn't an ending, whatever I needed to know, I would know and it was fine.

[00:31:48.180] - James

So I've had a number of others. I've been a daily meditator for 40 years, and some of the experiences I've had so trivial and non existent that you don't want to know about them, and some for me have been life changing and shattering and in a wonderful tool for me because when anything is going wrong, in inverted comas. I can address it in meditation and attain some sort of inner piece about it. I learned through meditation, a way to stop my thoughts. Most people have this endless thought stream that just goes, particularly as I was working a full time job.

[00:32:37.250] - James

I had three kids. We lived on a rural property. Life is busy and complicated and it's very easy to lose yourself in this endless bla bla bla that goes through your head and I was told One day it's really easy to stop. That How'd you do that? And I was just given four words and they said, Try these four words, but mean them when you say them. And can I share what please do? Please realise, if you're listening to this, these were the words that work for me and not necessarily going to work for anybody else.

[00:33:20.700] - James

But the words were, I am perfect peace. And first time I did it, I remember I was walking from the house out to some water tanks we've got and my mind was going around about watering horses and bla bla bla ...and I thought, I just need to stop this and I am perfect peace. And everything stopped. I stopped walking. I also stopped breathing, which was a problem I had to overcome. And the thought stream was cut off like someone had chopped it. And it was absolute silent.

[00:33:55.960] - James

And in that instance I was aware of, do you want to call him my higher self or something? Another presence was standing behind my right shoulder saying, See, you can stop it and ever after. It works if I need to. If I'm conscious, I do it less now than I used to get caught up in the rush, but I can stop it by just saying that. And then I realised, of course, that actually, that isn't one sentence. It's two sentences. I am full stop. Perfect peace.

[00:34:32.690] - Helen

Seems a shame to start talking. Actually, I would like to ask you one more question before you wrap up. I look at that grin. How do we bring that kind of line of exploration and experience back to a new Lord's Prayer?

[00:34:49.760] - James

I'm interested. That almost everything that I read the stuff on YouTube, the acknowledged gurus who talk about stuff over the last 6 to 12 months. The message has got narrower and narrower and people saying, Well, what do I have to do? And how do I do that? And it's all coming down. You don't have to do anything, find out who you are, be that and everything else will flow. And it's the space that I'm in that I've stopped worrying about, what do I have to do? Because all I have to do, really, all I have to do is be who I am and be consciously in the loving flow of creation, because that's what it is.

[00:35:42.900] - James

I feel like I've stepped out of day to day life, my life, basic mechanics of my life, changed dramatically in the last six months. And I can stop worrying about all sorts of things that he used to be a problem and let go of massive things that I used to hang on to and just be who I am, where I am and this sort of experience and this sort of experience, you know, the prayer thing, the receiver. Yeah, it's just, well, what's coming next? I don't know what, where.

[00:36:17.210] - James

I going, where am I going to be in six months? I haven't got a clue. And it really doesn't worry me because it's just 1 foot in front of the other in this extended moment of time. And can I just throw one more?

[00:36:34.060] - Helen


[00:36:34.810] - James

It's only about three months ago that I thought I was thinking about this voice behind my right show that I forgot I even asked you about it. I said I did one of my I am perfect peace stop. I learned to stop to keep breathing. By the way, it was important and it's interesting also is kind of personal, but my sense of that voice being behind my right shoulder only a matter of very few months ago, he suddenly stopped being behind my right shoulder and he's moved inside me.

[00:37:11.960] - James

It's like he stepped around behind me and stepped into me. And I don't see him outside me anymore. And it just comes back to that's who I am. I've got no idea what's going to happen in ten minutes time or tomorrow or next year. I'll just go with the flow, not push that I have to achieve something because I keep being told just be and step one is know that you are love personified and be that so it's about. No. I mean, like a couple of months ago I was in a good space and I was sitting in Grand Central here in Toowoomba, waiting for something or other.

[00:38:02.380] - James

And I realised that as I was watching the people walking past, I was making subconscious judgments about the way they were dressed or the way they walked or the way they looked or the way the hair was done. Not yucky stuff, particularly, but I was nevertheless making a judgement of some sort about them. And having realised I was doing it, I could stop. And and now I I consciously don't do that. It's a human being and it's an ultimate level of reality that's me. And if we react, I'm reacting with myself.

[00:38:38.790] - James

If we interact on the I'm interacting with myself, even if I don't now consciously know that end of it. I know this end of it and it's that coming together.

[00:38:55.360] - Helen

Would you wrap up with a few words about the flow, how to be in the flow or experiencing the flow? It's come up for you in really dramatic ways in your life. More than once, I.

[00:39:14.130] - James

Think recognising what people call synchronicity. It's those chance things. Hang on chance. It's a bit of a long shot over and over again in so many little ways I can't think of instantly. Good example. Long time ago, late 80's, I lived in the country north of Crows Nest, and I remember so clearly that one day we created an organic garden and I was walking out of the house to go to tomatoes or something. I've forgotten what. And as I was walking, I saw so clearly what my eyes could see from up here.

[00:40:13.060] - James

But I was also under the ground. And I was watching this person who was me walking along and the ground was transparent. And every time my foot came down, a hand went up and made the Earth solid underneath my foot. And I was going, you can't see this. I was underneath being support, supporting every footfall, and it only lasted 10 seconds. But it was so clear and had a significant, great impact on me. And I remembered I remembered it very clearly. About two or three months ago, I was taking a walk around where I'm living now.

[00:40:55.640] - James

And suddenly, as I was walking along, I looked down and realised that the road looked different. I was walking along a piece of road and the trees on either side of where I was walking and my eyes followed the road out into the trees. And there was no separation between the road and the trees. It was all the same stuff. And the trees were all the same as the road. And I looked down at my feet and my feet were the same as the road. It was all the same stuff and all the colour had sort of gone out of it.

[00:41:31.200] - James

And it was all one thing. And I looked around and realised that the air was the same stuff too, and the air was transparent and lighter than tarmac. And the air was coming into me and I was the road and I was the trees. And it was just everything was there that instant and I maybe lasted 30 seconds. And it was that incredible feeling of at oneness with everything. It was all the same. I was it and it was me, no separation from anything. And that was for me, an ultimate example of being in the flow.

[00:42:16.480] - Helen

Wow. Well, while we are all left with that, that's made me feel spacious inside. So I'm just going to hold on to that. And I think we'll just wrap up, shall we? Thank you so much, James. What an incredible sharing. And for listeners who might be on the road at the moment or unable to write down the prayer course, it'll be in the show notes on my website and that'll be one place you can look anyway. Thank you so much, James, for sharing so much heart, so much experience and so much of yourself on the More Love Podcast.

[00:42:59.800] - James

Thank you, Helen, for the opportunity and the love. Thank you.

[00:43:03.490] - Helen

So that's it for this episode of The More Love podcast thank you so much for joining us. You can find the show notes for this episode and a new Lord's Prayer that James has received for the benefit of us all. I just head to live true to you. Com and you can also find links through to that website through the socials which I live true to you with heart until we meet again. Thank you so much.