Episode 12 of the More Love Podcast with Michael Visser. 
Michael Visser's Spiritual Life Journey and Spiritual Self-Care Tips. He's had multiple NOTE experiences, which stands for Non Ordinary Transcendent Experience. Michael explains how he's delved into understanding the near death experience and studied A Course in Miracles but appreciates that there are many more spiritual experiences and events of life that reveal there is an ultimate reality, a deeper connection, that is different to the one we generally experience. The challenge for our consciousness is to expand and transform through willingness to do the work, to undo all our blocks to our awareness of the of love the Universe or love of God .


Michael Visser - a man who's had multiple NOTE experiences talks with us about miracles, love and all those wonderful things we have limited language for, but fall into the knowing we all have - that there is more to life than meets the eye.

a NOTE on Spiritual Experiences

I have taken to using the term NOTE, which stands for Non Ordinary Transcendent Experience and the reason I like the term so much is it’s inclusiveness.  It means any experience we’ve had in daily life that warps time, increases our conscious awareness, gives us a sense of an expanded reality and often an experience where we feel more connected to life.  NOTE’s could be dreams, falling in love, near death experiences (which I like to call compelling love experiences), miracles, spiritual experiences, that sense of being in the zone, moments of inexplicable knowing and much more.

Michael explains that he's delved into understanding the near death experience and studied A Course in Miracles but appreciates that there are many more spiritual experiences and events of life that reveal there is an ultimate reality, a deeper connection, that is different to the one we generally experience.  And, that once we've had a NOTE experience we have two levels of reality in our consciousness - the reality of space and time (the reality we generally experience) and the Spiritual Reality, where we are our true self.

Then we are faced with the juxtaposition of the two realities, usually triggering a search for meaning.  During this interview Michael offered the ways he uses to blend the Spiritual connection into his outlook on life to co-create a richer life experience.


What is a Miracle?

As I was preparing for this interview with Michael said to me "everything that comes from love is a miracle and that miracles are not a spectacle", then he went on to say that "the miracle itself does not matter; it’s the source of the miracle or the source of love that matters".

During our conversation he explains that the miracle is the transformative experience of blending daily life on the time/space continuum with a connection to the Universe, to our Spiritual Nature.  

The reality of space and time, the reality we generally accept, is defined by separation -  where we see ourselves as separate from everything else that we can see and observe.  The miracle then, is the realisation that we can't escape the perception of separation, but we can transform it through a stronger connection to the Universe and deep sense of Love, Source, God, the Divine or whichever name we prefer.

The challenge for our human consciousness is to expand and transform through willingness to do the work, to undo all our blocks to our awareness of the of love the Universe or love of God.

Making new spiritual beliefs just requires willingness.

"Those old belief systems they just go around, and around and around, and will keep creating the same experience we have of space and time."

Michael goes on to say that once we've had a revelatory experiences that confirms to us that there is a different reality full of spiritual meaning then all it takes is our willingness to build a sense of connection by including more love and light into our life through our own spiritual self care.

The most popular and well accepted notions of accepting more spiritual life events is the Law of Attraction.  Yet, it is challenging because we can't escape our emotions.

Michael talks about the challenge of accepting this God inspired idea of love which is unconditional and doesn't require any qualification on our behalf to receive, no matter what we've done or how crazy the world it.  This is the spiritual self-care work that needs to be done.

NOTE's make the Spiritual Reality Real.

Michael explains how lucky he was to experience the energy of Spirit when he was young.  He believes that these experiences, whether they are our own or someone else's documented in spiritual books, give us the evidence we need that love is real and that spirit is benevolent, supportive and abundant.  

"What I learnt through studying medicine and neurosciences was that our human brains are actually quite scattered and we continue when we have a memory of something our brain changes it as to what it truly was, so we don't really have a true recollection but we do have perspectives, we can't go without it.  So what I learnt is that there is a power bigger my own human mind."

This revelation and understanding was all the motivation Michael needed to begin spiritual practices that bring power into his everyday life, allow him to ask for guidance and receive signs from the Universe.  Which he eloquently explains during this conversation.

What do we call the Spiritual Part of us - the Cosmos, God, Source, the Universe and are we part of it?

"I'm a whole part of it and it is whole part of me....  with the distinction that I'm not the first, I am not the original source... but for a creator or creation to come to know itself it must have creations that then reflect back to it or him or her and this is a way of how awareness arises."  

For this we need a mind to have awareness and observation of what emotions we are extending in relationship with others and even in our relationship with nature.  We can extend the full range of emotions in an infinite number of ways through various events of life.

As we extend ourselves and simultaneously reach for deeper meaning and spiritual awareness through observation, reflection and revelation we come into oneness.  Then with further spiritual self care practice we realise that there is no lack and the spiritual awareness helps to transform the challenges that are there everyday.

"I had to learn that the Universe does not understand need because there is no sense of lack.  The true reality is always whole, complete and there is only ever more.  So the Universe does not correspond with the idea of lack because it doesn't understand it."  

During the conversation Michael explains how he applies the Law of Attraction and how he allows the Universe to bring in more of what he wants as he co-creates his life.  He generously offers his Spiritual Self-Care tips that he practices to bring ease, grace, health and spiritual well-being into his life.  

Michael explains how sometimes religious beliefs can be lead us to beg God to heal something, maybe a cancer and why it doesn't work because God, Source, the Universe, doesn't know cancer.  So instead of asking for the cancer to be removed we have to co-create well-being.  To ask God's creation to step forward, be corrected and come back to original perfection, to Spiritual well-being.  

Michael explains the importance of becoming aware of the oneness, willingly asking to become aware of the oneness, of the Kingdom of God, so that we can see that we are never separate from God and that the creative energy and Spirit is in everything.  Then we can begin co-creating.  

How to remove spiritual blocks/belief blocks?

In Michael's opinion, the work is to become clear about our beliefs and what we are asking for.  This self reflection deepens our understanding and awareness of Love.  Especially when we get together and share spiritual experiences, even through this podcast.

The absence of the awareness of Love or the block to the awareness of Love leaves us feeling vulnerable, limited and frustrated.  It is like living in a negative energy field, full of negative emotions and tough times.  Living like that propels us to push against our blocks because it seems easier to try to push them away than it does to accept them.  But, Michael explains, that only once we become accepting of the blocks are we able to include them into spiritual awareness and have the chance to dissolve them.

Michael reminds us that it's our own spiritual journey and to do it our way.  Find our own power through our own spiritual connection and relationship with the Universe.   He explains how he learnt to hand things over to the Universe to let the miracle in and facilitate healing.  

"Reality is singular so there is only one true self and we are all holographically included in that."

Love is in relationship with us all - we cannot not be included, this gives us rest and a point of peace.  Micheal really draws on is his experiences that confirm his belief and trust that love is all that is.  He reminds himself that he is the captain of his mind and if he wants to speed up he remembers that he is the architect of his space/time reality (or time interaction) and that's how he brings his power back and how he nurtures his spiritual connection in his everyday life.

"In each and every moment we have the choice of where we let our mind go."  

Michael's spiritual knowing is that the healing has happened, we are spiritual, we are just taking our time to explore space and time and journey back home.  

"We're taking the long way home."