This episode of the More Love Podcast is a story of unexpected NOTE experiences leading to a wonderful gift of being able to expand soul awareness for others through being a psychic medium.  This is Creina's story.  She shares her spiritual journey with the intention that her gift helps us on our spiritual path to having a spiritual life.  If you listen with an open heart you will hear the spiritual truths she shares in this episode.  

Spiritual Journey to becoming a Psychic Medium with Creina Burski.

This is a story of unexpected NOTE experiences leading to a wonderful gift of being able to expand soul awareness for others through being a psychic medium.  This is Creina's story.  She shares her spiritual journey with the intention that her gift helps us on our spiritual path to having a spiritual life.  If you listen with an open heart you will hear the spiritual truths she shares in this episode.  

Creina begins the story of her spiritual awakening journey with her spiritual experience of seeing an angel on the ceiling of her bedroom when she was 45 years old.  She couldn't believe it, but also couldn't deny it!  As the months passed after this experience her spiritual development continued; she was visited daily and then suddenly her human experience included the presence of the voice of Gabriel.  

Now she really thought she was going mad!  However, as she began to recognise the truth, love and care that the voice of Gabriel held, Creina was able to open to her spiritual path of sharing soul sessions with others.  

"When I woke up I can hear this voice talking to me. And then I could see through my vision. It was written  I love you forever yours. All in gold. So that was my Guardian Angel Gabriel and he introduced himself and said to me, you and me, together we are one." Creina Burski


Spiritual development through acceptance and sharing

Criena explains that she first tried to get used to hearing the voice of Gabriel in everyday life through her mind, by learning and reading books.  However, she only felt more frustrated, insecure and inferior until eventually she was encouraged to to simply embrace her gift as if it was natural.  

"My gift is to work, heal and empower people. My Guardian Angel works with me to help heal and empower people and bring the best out of people, to help them, to understand their lives, to bring clarity with people's lives."  Creina Burski

As she began to practise she built her confidence and now is perfectly relaxed in delivering messages of clarity and comfort to others from the soul level to give them a deep sense of reassurance.  Through Creina, Gabriel explains that the purpose human life is one of learning how to let go of ego development and begin to create our own lives.  

We know we are in the ego or unconscious mind when we are judging, comparing, claiming or competing - basically all human actions that come as a result of fear.  The ego causes us to believe in struggle, sacrifice, danger, limitation and lack and causes our human mind to race with thoughts that create worry, stress and anxiety.  

Spiritual practices for raising human life from mind to soul level

While the unchecked ego keeps us at mind level of consciousness at every moment of our existence the soul is the most important part of who we are.

"If you allow other people to direct you with life, then you haven't got your own mind."  Creina Burski receiving Gabriel.

Creina and Gabriel encourage us to further our spiritual development by taking back our ability to create by being present, by enjoying our life, by embracing others and by connecting to our soul.

"The message that I can give people today: go about doing the things that you always dreamed of doing. Be happy. Find a way. Happiness is a state of being okay. Find a way to get to know you better, okay? Find that love within you. And we all have that love. Just keep going about your life the way you always would. And remember, you are all very, very loved and embraced eternally by God. No one is not loved by God. If you just reach out. God hears your prayers."  Creina Burski receiving Gabriel.

Reaching out to connect with and know our soul is simultaneously reaching out to God (Source, the Universe, Creation, Love - one energy, many names) and in this episode we're encourage not be fearful and especially not to be afraid of judgement.  As we continue on our spiritual path we will begin to understand that there is no fear at the soul level and in the absence of fear judgement, comparison, struggle, limitation or competition cannot exist.

"Don't be afraid. Accept yourself for who you are and not what you are.  Accept yourself eternally. And know that when you pass, there's no judgement on the other side."  Creina Burski receiving Gabriel.

Reaching out to connect with our soul gives us a deeper sense of the value of our physical journey and a greater ability to experience the presence of love, joy and peace in every moment.  

Soul sessions with Creina.

While our spiritual development may well include events and experiences that we don't expect we can be sure that they will expand our understanding of the nature of reality and encourage us to find answers at the soul level.  

If you'd like to ask Creina to help you in your spiritual journey you can contact her via email or phone:

creinaburski @ hotmail.com


TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00.000] - Helen Reynolds

Welcome back to another episode of The More Love Podcast with Helen Reynolds today. I have a kind of unusual conversation to be had that I'm really, really looking forward to, and I hope you really enjoy as well. I'm talking with Creina. She is a psychic medium, and she's an intuitive who works at the sole level. So Creina, welcome. Welcome to the More Love Podcast.

[00:00:25.020] - Creina Burski

Thank you.

[00:00:25.870] - Helen Reynolds

I'm really delighted to have you, because psychic or people go to see psychics and is really sort of still unknown and kind of mystical part of being human in many ways. And to me now, it's quite normal. And I think it fits perfectly into that note range of experiences that my listeners are familiar with me using note stands for non ordinary transcendent experience. And I think there's a huge range of those that makes being human or that fit into the normal part of being human. And so I'm really glad that you're willing to join us and help to explain and demystify the nature of being psychic.

[00:01:09.780] - Creina Burski

Okay. You're welcome. My pleasure.

[00:01:11.890] - Helen Reynolds

So there's so many places we could start.

[00:01:15.630] - Creina Burski

Well, Darling, we have to find a starting point

.[00:01:19.880] - Helen Reynolds

Would you share with us how you discovered that you are psychic?

[00:01:24.910] - Creina Burski

Okay, Darlin, now, I haven't been a psychic for far too long, unlike some other people who say they're born with it. And that's true. We are all born with psychic abilities. Okay. We come into this world as pure and innocent and at some point of our lives. Okay. A lot of us grow out of it after a certain point of a certain age. Okay. And it's all brought through fear and conditioning of this earth plane.

[00:01:57.880] - Helen Reynolds


[00:01:59.500] - Creina Burski

Okay. And in my case, I didn't switch on to it until I was 45 years old.  And that is the truth. Okay. To life experience. Okay. I got into this is only because of my son, who is extremely psychic and as a child used to talk about spirit, and I was always have been interested in it. I was born in India and always have been interested in in that world. Okay. But never knew how to go about it. Not until my son was born and he started telling me things that he saw my father, who had passed away two years before he had gone, but he did not know that that was my dad and then used to say, Mum, make all these people go away

[00:02:51.500] - Creina Burski

And I did not know how to help him. So what happened was I went through an experience myself when I was actually going back to 1999 - I used to work in a normal job for a long time. And it's not. I used to start work at 05:00 a.m.. Until 01:00 p.m.. In the afternoon. So I used to come back home being very tired. Laid down on my bed. Okay. Before I went to pick up the kids from school and there it was I looked up at the light in the ceiling.

[00:03:28.560] - Creina Burski

And there was the appearance of an angel. Exactly. The replica of how we see it in the Christian world.  You know, with the linen gown, the blonde, wavy hair up to the shoulder, short, brightest of blue eyes. Okay. It's just the image just right there. And I was mesmerised by this. And I had all these thoughts going through my mind. Oh, my God. Could this be? Am I really seeing things? And all I got was just this big smile. And then after a moment, I blinked my eyes and it was gone.

[00:04:06.660] - Creina Burski

And that was 1999. And then I didn't think anything of that. Went about my daily life went to work. Always. And then after that, I started seeing things as I was going to work early in the morning. No one on the road. I used to see this man dressed all in white with a blonde hair 4.30 in the morning, like jogging. Who would job so early in the morning, especially in Melbourne.

[00:04:32.570] - Helen Reynolds


[00:04:33.570] - Creina Burski

Okay. I was guiding me going to work. So. Okay, nice to always look at this and think I've got to go very slowly and have a look. Who is this man every day for a certain period of time. And I took a good look. And as I looked, I just saw it was so pure white. The skin was different to a normal human. Okay. And that happened over the course of time. And then in 2003, I think 2003 or early 2004, I woke up one day and I could hear just all of a sudden happened overnight.

[00:05:17.220] - Creina Burski

When I woke up, like overnight, all I can hear this voice talking to me. That's changed. And a lot of things that happened to me. And then I could see through my vision. It was written forever yours. I love you forever yours. All in gold. So that was my Guardian Angel who appeared to me 19 99. And then suddenly suddenly started talking to me. So came. God sent his and said, his name was Gabriel. And all of a sudden it's like I'm hearing myself. It's like.  And he introduced himself and he says, you and me, together we are one.

[00:06:06.960] - Helen Reynolds


[00:06:07.620] - Creina Burski

It was such a beautiful. And all of a sudden I got all these emotions started to feel so different. I started seeing things more clearly, got very sensitive and started feeling. So it's like I went through a review of my life. Basically, it's not easy to explain it if you know what I mean. And it's this pure joy, this pure love. It's not easy to explain. I started crying emotionally because I started to feel for everything I felt for this child, which was me, of what I went through in my life, everything like my whole body, my whole outlook and life changed.

[00:07:02.300] - Creina Burski

And then I thought, okay, I need to go and learn how to use this.  Look, I thought I was going through a nervous breakdown because I thought I was going mental. I could hear one voice. Okay? Not many voices. Many voices would confuse you. One voice, which is my Guardian Angel that works. And we all have Guardian Angel. God sends them at the right time to help us. It's like, just say what I went through. I didn't die, but I had a rebirthing of a second life, a second chance in life.

[00:07:39.420] - Creina Burski

And that was the age that I felt. That why my Guardian Angel came to me is like, it's like that's when I could handle myself better in life. And I was more of a mature age rather than, you know, they left me to get on with my life, get married, have my children, do the things that I needed to do. And it's only that age that it hit me. And I was very confused. And I thought this was just only for some gifted people. I had no idea how to go about.[

00:08:11.420] - Creina Burski

Eventually, I found a medium and she was doing classes. So I went to learn it because I thought I was going through a nervous breakdown. I went to the doctors and everything they try to give me antidepressants that just didn't work for me. I kept hearing it. Okay. I know how to go about it in the proper way, because in life, there was so much fear and negativity. And I never thought good about myself because I didn't finish school, and I started to feel fear, anxiety.

[00:08:45.020] - Creina Burski

That was bringing up a lot of emotions in my life. Okay. And so I thought, oh, gosh, what do I do? How do I understand this? And of course, I went to learn it. And you know what? Sitting in a group, I tried to understand learning it, but it just went straight past my head because I looked at all those people in the room learning. And I felt insecure, inferior because I didn't understand a single bloody thing about it. Okay. And I tried my best to learn and interact with people.

[00:09:23.020] - Creina Burski

You know, we're all unique in our learning ability. Okay. But I did the best that I could, and I understood it. So, of course, like, everybody, you get excited is something new that you've discovered about yourself. So, of course, buying books, reading books on the topics about it. I went to learn Reiki Healing. I became a practitioner, not a master, because that was enough for me. I felt so I need it. So I learned that I listen to audio. Of course, Doreen Virtue was quite high in her prime at that particular time.

[00:10:01.090] - Creina Burski

So of course, buying all the books, reading the angel cards, you know, going about it the normal way that most people would do. But any case, I learned it. But there's a lot of things that people go and study, and it might not be. I learned it, but I knew certain things was not connecting with me, doing mandalas or doing automatic writing. There's lots of different modalities or the taro cards, I just couldn't understand it. Okay, but intu, I had a natural ability since my Guardian Angel works with me that I could tune in without any effort with people.

[00:10:47.100] - Creina Burski

So the teacher took me aside and said, you say all this people sitting in there 20 years experience, ten years experience been doing this most of their life. But look at you. You've come in and you blitz them all. You just do it. You're a natural. She told me to go and just be natural.

[00:11:05.580] - Helen Reynolds


[00:11:06.280] - Creina Burski

And the customer you do it, the more you get its practise. Okay. It's a confidence build. Okay. Yeah. Just for one to another. And I was still working in full time job until my company was going to close down, but I had visions of the company was going to close down. But I did not know when. So there's a lot of things that happened to me, but I overcame this and understood my gift. Okay? My gift is to work, heal and empower people. My Guardian Angel works with me to help heal and empower people and bring the best out of people, to help them, to understand their lives, to bring clarity with people's lives.

[00:11:57.000] - Creina Burski

I always want it to be a medium, but I can be a medium. Is is a person that's a instrument being used in a vehicle between two worlds, the spiritual and the physical. But I work. I go beyond just people that have passed, if you know what I mean, because there's many levels darling in the spiritual world. So I go the level that when we pass, because we're so used to our home called Earth. It's a materialistic plane and we get so attached to it. Which is our home, people say when you die that your true home.

[00:12:41.180] - Creina Burski

But also, this is your true home. The Earth plane is also. It's a learning. You don't need certificate or you don't need to graduate on the earthly plane. Okay. Earth is a big school. Yes, we all come here for learning. This is a judgmental plane. The spiritual plane there's no judgement. It's about, you know, God is our Creator. We are all made in the image of our Creator, so he helps us. We have to learn how to create our own lives. They are all one with God.

[00:13:17.220] - Creina Burski

God is non judgement. God is the highest form of energy, which is love and joy. How I work, I go straight up to the source, one with God. I work with God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now I'm not coming from a sermon reaching as a preist to go through it in detail with everything to explain. It's not an easy thing to explain to people when they don't understand it. I never understood it long time ago. I did not know a thing. Okay, but not to be afraid of a lot of things.

[00:13:55.570] - Creina Burski

There's no fear. We have fear in here because it's the way we are conditioned on this Earth plane. Yes.[00:14:04.510] - Helen ReynoldsAnd our minds kind of generate fear.

[00:14:04.510] - Creina Burski...

Our minds tellus, our minds working. It's about raising your consciousness. Working with a higher consciousness rather than the lower consciousness. Our minds. Yes. We go all the time. We work, we analyse everything. And if the thoughts are our feelings, if you don't think you're not going to feel, does that make sense to you?

[00:14:31.460] - Helen Reynolds


[00:14:32.680] - Creina Burski

So it's about what it is that you want in this life. Being who you are being your own true, authentic Self. This is all what I have learned. And God, the Holy Spirit gives me that strength to keep going, regardless of how tough this life is. Darling, our reality, okay. Is our mindset. We are who we think. It's all about. Bringing the love. What is it you want to do in this world? Don't be afraid to do it. Don't be afraid of what we unknown. Our futures are mapped out Darlin from the time before we are conceived.

[00:15:18.460] - Creina Burski

I know. I'm going all over the place here, Helen. That's because there is no proper way, methodical way, of talking about this.

[00:15:29.880] - Helen Reynolds

Well, because it's multidimensional and we're trying to explain it in a linear one word after another way.

[00:15:37.460] - Creina Burski

That's the time we work on a linear time frame.  Spiritually - there's no time. Absolutely. Time does not exist. We are ever so evolving. Life is ever evolving.

[00:15:53.280] - Helen Reynolds

Creation is always underway.

[00:15:55.200] - Creina Burski

Creation. This items leave. There's going to be an end like they say in the movies. The end of the world. Yes, it could be. But the end. This is a physical. There's always going to be a beginning and an end of the physical. But never in the spiritual. Yes. It's very interesting how I go back with my Guardian Angel darlin. Okay. What they've written in the Bible. There is truth. Look, we're all human. We read things what will make sense to us. But it's not everything that's fair to believe.

[00:16:33.740] - Creina Burski

And that is going according to the truth of who, man's written that you understand, because that's what people experience. Religion. Everything does not exist. The only here.

[00:16:46.280] - Helen Reynolds

Hang on. Say that again, religion.

[00:16:49.250] - Creina Burski

Religion does not exist.

[00:16:51.620] - Helen Reynolds

Except for on Earth.

[00:16:54.020] - Creina Burski

Just on the physical plane. Yes. Okay. It doesn't matter what religion you are, and it's okay by God. Okay. There's many dimension darlin that we can go to, but I am a person. What they said for me to focus on is to focus on this plane first, getting to know what it is that you're all about. We just flesh and blood, like Jesus Christ. He was a man who walked on this Earth like he had feelings. He had his emotions, the afterlife. It's very hard to explain because it's energy.

[00:17:38.880] - Creina Burski

The energy here is very thick. It's very dense. It's matter. But also it's our thoughts. Our thoughts are our consciousness, our conscious. We work with conscious, but our conscious consciousness is greater. Okay. So it's about lifting ourselves and being made aware

[00:18:04.230] - Helen Reynolds

that we're more than our bodies.

[00:18:07.780] - Creina Burski

That's correct.

[00:18:09.020] - Helen Reynolds


[00:18:09.970] - Creina Burski

Okay. So please want to interrupt me to ask me a specific question. I'm asking my Guardian Angel to talk to you because they use my voice to speak to you.[00:18:22.780] - Helen ReynoldsThank you.

[00:18:24.000] - Creina Burski

Okay. And you can address my Guardian Angel is called Gabriel.

[00:18:29.670] - Helen Reynolds

Thank you, Gabriel.

[00:18:31.160] - Creina Burski

You're welcome. My dear child. He says I channel it.

[00:18:37.860] - Helen Reynolds

Okay. Well, a question I've always had wondered about is, what difference does it make of the person's mood? Who comes to talk to you? Basically, if they're in a bad mood, can you tell them less? And if they're in a good mood, can you tell them more?

[00:18:56.670] - Creina Burski

Usually, what happens when they're in a bad mood is because their energies are so strong that they feel so blocked they get angry. Okay. But once they sit down, there's a way to calm a soul, a person and to calm that person's mind. It's like a psychologist. Do you understand? Okay. So this is where a counsellor comes in first. Okay. So that counsellor would look through and get that person first to talk. Okay. Make that person feel very comfortable and very relaxed. I will explain to them who I am, what I do and nothing to be afraid of.

[00:19:50.550] - Creina Burski

Totally relax. And in this age the people will say, Just chill. Just chill. Totally relax. Take a deep breath. And usually people come with so much with the next five minutes. When we work with people, they're calmer, they're more relaxed. It's just the energy that I work with people. I'm Gabriel talking to you, Helen, my dear. Okay. So it's not that I'm skitzo. So I try channel. Okay. So if people can get this confused please tell them not to get this confused. Okay. We have a sense of here to my darlin, they come with love and a great sense of humour.

[00:20:40.860] - Creina Burski

God is a child and he has a humour so use it. It doesn't have to be morbid.  So how I work with people. I'm Gabriel talking to Helen my energy. I use that with a person's mind to energise them and to heal whatever it is I can't go into finer details with you.  Being an angel or being a spiritual being. We bring in the energy of comfort to people. We embrace them without them even knowing if they're going through pain we heal them while we're doing the reading with Creina.  We as spiritual beings from God's loving energy.

[00:21:34.340] - Creina Burski

We are able to heal their minds so they relax and they came and then Creina does it in her on stupid, funny way as much as she can. Okay. To enlighten the soul that comes to her. So we work with a soul energy. We do help them to see their life path, to see where they're going. And we give them information to uplift the soul, knowing that they're being cared for and they're loved, that everything is going to be okay. And we always tell people that things are going to be okay.

[00:22:16.110] - Creina Burski

So relax. There's a great knowledge of understanding and love and empathy, compassion that comes through in a reading. Okay. And we don't try to to put fear in people's hearts and minds. It's about opening your heart. Don't block it. There's never a wrong way. And there's never a right way, Darlin. Okay. There's only the way forward. There's so much on this Earth plane, Helen, that we could go back centuries.

[00:22:54.120] - Helen Reynolds

Yes, that's always it boggled my mind.

[00:22:58.440] - Creina Burski

We go back centuries of darkness, barbaric nature of human minds. And yes, there is the fallen angel. But people get it wrong.

[00:23:14.350] - Helen Reynolds

Would you help us get it right?

[00:23:17.930] - Creina Burski

Well, to some degree, I can set the record straight with you.

[00:23:22.610] - Helen Reynolds


[00:23:23.480] - Creina Burski

Okay. There are forces in the universe and those forces. We were all God's children. He made us all in his image. Okay. And there are some. He sent us all down onto this Earth plane. To live amongst humans become human, we were all humans. But temptation hits because the minds are very different and very thick on the Earth plane. And everybody wanted to be greater than each other.

[00:24:07.580] - Helen Reynolds


[00:24:08.130] - Creina Burski

If that makes sense to you, that's how it all started.

[00:24:13.460] - Helen Reynolds

Did we forget who we were?

[00:24:15.260] - Creina Burski

We all forget because we came down here born. We come here and we have amnesia that we all have to learn. We're all born Darlin in this world. And it says that, you know, we all come to our mother's womb, which is the tunnel that people use to come out. And then the baby's born. And there's bright lights. We're all souls coming back again. But some souls don't come back. There are Angels who have been on this Earth plane. But then there are souls. To be quite honest, there are, you know, if you go into the biblical times, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, they're all incarnated souls.

[00:25:04.880] - Creina Burski

It doesn't mean to say you were Jesus and one lifetime. People get it wrong. They might think because that's how they think that they are. You could only have one life. But you cannot have that same person again or reborn as that same person, if you know what I mean.  There's many stories, as many versions of ..we all live in our own reality. Okay. We create our own reality. What's based around us? Angels Darlin, Yes, there are Angels. Okay, but there are some. How do I put it some?

[00:25:47.250] - Creina Burski

So souls who have not incarnated or beings? Let's say, being. We all have a soul, regardless of where we are. There are beings who is not come onto this Earth. They're the overseers of our Oversoul. We all have an oversoul. Okay. It's not like they're in charge of us. It's not like how we have governments here that controlling. They don't control they hear.. Okay. They've got spiritual laws as well. This many dimensions. Darling. And I could sit you all day explaing the many levels of dimension.

[00:26:37.730] - Creina Burski

Me being Creina now coming back.  I don't know, because I'm a human, so I wouldn't know on the highest dimension, but Gabriel can. He is the messenger of God.  Okay. And yes, Gabriel, was a messenger to the Virgin Mary is.

[00:27:00.050] - Helen Reynolds

Has Gabriel had an incarnation on Earth.

[00:27:07.400] - Creina Burski

Absolutely, he has.

[00:27:09.840] - Helen Reynolds

That's why he understands!

[00:27:11.850] - Creina Burski

Many, many aeons, my sweetheart. Many aeons of times. Okay. Yeah, keep going.

[00:27:23.910] - Helen Reynolds

I was confused before when you said, I thought you said we could only have one incarnation on Earth. But did you actually mean we can have many incarnations but will only ever be the one person at a time?

[00:27:35.750] - Creina Burski

That is correct. Yes. What the message is for today? Helen, is enjoy the life that you have right now. Don't worry about tomorrow. You cannot change the past. The present moment is for you to keep moving forward. Okay. And of course, people who have passed, Darlin. Okay, that's correct. That soul has finished the lifetime. Okay. And they go into the spiritual plane, but they just go to the next level, which is just like us because of the energy that shines brightly from the Earth plane. So it's a replica.

[00:28:26.620] - Creina Burski

That's our twin. They do not go any higher because it's they're too afraid to go higher. So they go to the next level, which is earthly life, but still spiritual. If you know what I mean. They're free to go where they want. And it is freedom. Yes, they do go through like a life review. But if you don't go through it right now and awaken yourself, okay, then you have to do it in the spiritual plane.

[00:29:00.950] - Helen Reynolds

That was kind of a question I was going to ask. How can we work towards enhancing our ability to be connected with our souls?

[00:29:10.100] - Creina Burski

Okay. What it's called? Darlin, how we can do it? Is it's about bringing consciousness or being awakened being true to ourselves? Okay, so how we can enhance that is keep continuing to follow the path that you are seeking. Okay, let's work without barriers. Don't set a barrier. Don't set anything that is troubling you. Okay, so just working within your own spirit. What it is that you really want to do and just go and do it regardless whether career, everything is just being who you are.

[00:29:55.720] - Helen Reynolds

We hold ourselves back, don't we? Because we forget that we're so supported.

[00:30:03.320] - Creina Burski

Okay, so please, it's about people finding a way to enjoy the life that we've got, regardless of what happened. So to enhance that, Darling, it's the individual, what it is that they want out of life. It's about removing the barriers. I can't. What if.  We all question things? So we block ourselves while enjoying this life and we label things and judge and label things. We judge. We compare. Okay, because that's how we are conditioned to think.

[00:30:39.120] - Helen Reynolds

So basically, if we undid all the conditioning we'd be connected.

[00:30:44.830] - Creina Burski

It's about finding a connection to your soul. The soul is the most important part of who you are. It's about getting in touch with your soul, getting in touch with your higher self. Forget about your lower self is there getting in touch with your conscious mind? Your unconscious mind will never switch off. That works 24/7. But it's your conscious mind being aware, we all can't be doctors. We all can't be. But we put stress and we get to stress anxiety because it's what others expect us to be rather than what we go on our own natural path, regardless of education degrees.

[00:31:39.990] - Creina Burski

If you can't do it, you just don't put that pressure that you have to be like somebody else because you know what? You're just as good as the person next to you. And you don't realise.

[00:31:49.740] - Helen Reynolds

I remember when I was a child, ooh, I wasn't a child, is it? In my final years of school and everyone says, what are you going to do when you leave school? And I used to say that be a pressure. It is peer pressure. I used to. I don't know anything that makes me happy.

[00:32:06.250] - Creina Burski

You know what, Darling? And that is all that matters. The message from the Angel, Darling, is be true to yourself. Be who you are and embrace. Embrace your family embrace, because we all come here as individuals. Okay. It's about that eternal love which none of us understand. You know, some people go through life quite easy. Some people take the long road and it's a choice. We've all been given the same gift by God. Exactly the same gift - its life. And it's up to you how you create that life.

[00:32:47.400] - Creina Burski

If you allow other people to direct you with life, then you haven't got your own mind. Okay, so it's about you as an individual soul.  Where it is that you want to go, how far in life, enjoy the life, enjoy every moment. It's the present moment that is very beneficial. We are growing regardless. Some people say they're not growing. But to be quite honest, we're all growing spiritually.

[00:33:21.070] - Helen Reynolds

You know, the old saying of enjoy the journey. It's so relevant. Yet from a material reality, mindset, it seems totally impossible. Yes, it really requires that switching over into a spiritual mindset.

[00:33:38.590] - Creina Burski

Look, Darling, that's correct. It's taking me a long time. Even though I went through the experiences in life, we experience loss. We experience so many things in life. That doesn't mean to say we have to give up. You have to just go through that. I went through many experiences and right now it's taking me a long time to understand certain things. And that's true as a human being. Okay. I wasn't taught a lot of things when I was here because when I grew up, it was so different. Now there's many choices in life.

[00:34:13.720] - Creina Burski

We were told not to speak, just be seen and not heard. So there's that fear of communication. Okay, look, I'm a free spirit. I do not like to be pinned down and be directed, but at the same time, I like to to. I care and I have empathy for myself, but for others as well. I always look at others. I try to put myself in their shoes to understand them so I could read them better. We all got a different journey in life. But to be quite honest, we're all one.

[00:34:56.030] - Creina Burski

The message that I can give people today: go about doing the things that you always dreamed of doing. Be happy. Find a way. Happiness is a state of being okay. Find a way to get to know you better, okay? Find that love within you. And we all have that love. Just keep going about your life the way you always would. And remember. You are all very, very loved and embraced eternally by God. No one is not loved by God. If you just reach out. God hears your prayers.

[00:35:45.450] - Creina Burski

God hears every thought you put out. And believe in yourself. Do not believe in everything because there's so much confusion of everybody saying believe what it is that you truly want to believe. But believe in yourself - when you believe in yourself. I feel this world and your world will be a much better place. No ego, no judgments. But this earth plane is full of bloody ego and judgement. Darlin. So we've got to live with that reality. But you can make your life even. No one's asking you to do too much.

[00:36:23.900] - Creina Burski

Okay? Just a little bit of some self care. And it's your thoughts. Don't be afraid. Accept yourself for who you are and not what you are, okay and eternally. And when you pass Darling, there's no judgement on the other side. Saint Peter isn't waiting at the Pearly gates for you whatsoever. Don't be afraid. Don't worry about that. That is inevitable for all of us. Okay? Just go about doing your life, enjoying it, being happy.  Find peace to one self. Remember, you love all beautiful, loving being. Enjoy this life, okay?

[00:37:10.400] - Creina Burski

There's no stress. There's no dramas. Don't create that for yourself. Be who you are. You are love and God is love. Okay.

[00:37:19.140] - Helen Reynolds

Thank you. And thank you, Gabriel, for joining us for a while.

[00:37:24.390] - Creina Burski

You're welcome, my dear child.

[00:37:28.360] - Helen Reynolds

Beautiful, beautiful messages. That's it for this episode of the More Love Podcast. Hop on my website. Live true to you dot com and I will include Creina's contact details. Should anyone wish to get in contact with her and have a communication with her and with Gabrielle and Creina - Thank you so much. Thank you so much for my pleasure as podcast so full of valuable, valuable communication.

[00:38:02.810] - Creina Burski

Thank you. My love.