Dr Eben Alexander has a very unique perspective on life, death and love because he has devoted his inquiring, scientific mind to understanding, as much as possible about his compelling love experience. In this conversation he shared his scientific, quantum and spiritual understandings on life, death and love in a way that we can use to deepen our connection and our relationship with who we really are.


If we’re honest with ourselves we can all feel that there is more to life than meets the eye but we’ve resigned ourselves to believing that we can’t understand what it is that connects us, or what it is that adds more to life, until we die.

Which is why Dr Alexander’s decision to share his near death experience, or what I call a compelling love experience, is such a gift to us all.  

In this interview Dr Alexander talks about how there is more to life than meets the eye and that it’s benevolent, compassionate and all encompassing, spiritual love energy or what others call life force energy.  He explains that as a human being  it wasn’t surprising, but as a scientist it was challenging, especially to the physical, material world view he’d been taught.  


“...at the very core of it all, it involves that healing power of love”      

Dr Eben Alexander  


Dr Alexander talks about how to connect with the universe through meditation and how to improve our spiritual strength by understanding that no amount of material stuff can fill the spiritual calling that we all feel.  

“It’s how we face the hardships in life that actually energizes and defines a path forward,

a path of growth that can certainly involve discovering that loving connection

that we share with the universe and with others”

Dr Eben Alexander  


H e talks about one of his greatest hardships, feeling unworthy of love after being put up for adoption just 11 days after he was born.  He felt a crater that he had to heal.


“I struggled with that sense of being worthy of love”

Dr Eben Alexander


He talks in detail about the modern scientific community catching up to what quantum physicists have known for over 80 years!  I won’t even attempt to summarise this part of the conversation except to say that since his coma experience Dr Alexander has devoted his inquiring, scientific mind to understanding, as much as possible about his compelling love experience.


“...but ultimately, the biggest teacher there is the power of love to heal

and I came back from my journey

realising that love is truly the answer to all of this”      

Dr Eben Alexander  


Dr Alexander also talks about the importance of understanding our emotions and paying attention to our emotions.  I was particularly joyed to hear Dr Alexander say this because I’ve been explaining to my clients for years that our emotional sensitivity is actually really important (and not the burden that most people would have you believe)!  


“…to acknowledge the importance of our emotions.  

Our emotions are a beautiful clue about the way forward in our spiritual growth”      

Dr Eben Alexander  


And that’s just some of what’s in the first 16 minutes!


Towards the end of the interview he talked about free resources that he has made available for our spiritual growth.  All the links to these resources are below on this page.


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Dr Alexander has written three books since his NDE:    

  • Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife (2012)    
  • The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion and Ordinary People are Proving the Afterlife (2014)
  • Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (2017), co-authored with Karen Newell.  

Dr Alexander gave us many useful links and resources during the conversation which I’ll list below.

His most preferred resources for deep meditation: Sacred acoustics website

Scientific studies on Reincarnation and past life memories that helps to overcome religious dogma:   University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies

Heartmath institute for understanding the role of the heart in communicating with the universe

The Galileo Commission for the expansion of scientific and medical understanding to include important human experiences and spirituality

Dr Alexander also discussed several

FREE RESOURCES to help you build your spiritual strength

Dr Alexander and Karen Newell are co-hosting FREE Webinar series to help us all cope with the fear and change that the COVID-19 Pandemic has created.  To connect into the webinars use this link

Karen Newell has also made her Sacred Accoustics bundle affordable for all – click here for a FREE track and click here to access the special bundle price

To share the understands held in their most recent book Dr Alexander and Karen Newell have created a FREE 33 day journey to help us understand that we have much more power over our lives than the world in general would have us believe.