We cover big questions - is there help for lost Souls?  Is Hell real?  Can we communicate with lost Souls?  What causes a lost Soul?  And more.  This is another reassuring and loving conversation with Brian Longhurst.

Help For Lost Souls

We cover big questions - is there help for lost Souls?  Is Hell real?  Can we communicate with lost Souls?  What causes a lost Soul?  And more.  This is another reassuring and loving conversation with Brian Longhurst.

"There's no barrier between us with our bodies and our departed loved ones or friends or people we want to help who are now discarnate. It's better than making a phone call. All we have to do is direct our thought to them and they hear us, they receive us."

Brian Longhurst

What Does Being a Lost Soul Mean?

This is a powerful question, with a powerful, yet excruciatingly simple answer: ultimately our soul is never lost, but in daily life it is possible to feel very lost.

And here begins the complexity that underlies the simplicity!

Our search for meaning in life is a search for our way to allow our soul's expression in our physical life experience.  Our souls are wise, loving, tender, infinite and eternal - all the qualities that bring great joy and fulfillment when expressed in what otherwise seems like the ongoing challenge of life.

The reason we can feel like we've lost our soul is that the qualities of our soul seem totally opposite to the qualities or characteristics of our physical life experience, which seem to be bound by time, place, body and mind.  

The reason our souls can never be lost is because they are an extension of the Source energy.  Source energy is Love energy and created all souls from Love and loves all souls.  It's actually our relationship with our Source energy determines how connected we feel to our soul.

Which brings us to the next question:  what causes a lost soul? 

What Causes a Lost Soul?

This is the paradox or duality - our physical life experience and our infinite and eternal soul of our being.   How we feel is substantially influenced by how well we integrate the two seemingly opposite "parts" of us.

The predominant viewpoint of life is that it starts and ends with the physical life experience, with birth and death.  That a successful life is measured by physical and monetary gain and physical beauty.   Yet focusing only on the physical attributes of our lives usually leaves us with the sense that we've lost our soul or somehow been separated from our soul.

Common symptoms of someone who feel like a lost soul are: hopelessness, confusion, lack of motivation, self-doubt, wondering what it's all been for, having everything but feeling empty on the inside, unable to make deep connections with others and unable to find the deepest answers to life's biggest questions.  Many feel a deep yearning or longing to go home and/or a strong desire to reclaim their power to create or to at least direct or influence their life experience with something more profound than mere positive thinking.  

People who feel soul loss can find themselves experiencing depression or anxiety symptoms and sometimes addiction to drown the absence of the love that they can feel is missing in their life - the love they would be able to feel if they could feel the soul of their being.  The absence of love is what causes us to feel lost.  

If we don't find a way to connect with the soul of our being, or the source of our being, during our physical life we can experience the same degree of 'lostness' in our time between lives as being 'stuck' in the physical orientation of existence.  This is the kind of soul retrieval that is discussed at length during this podcast.

There is no place for judgement when we are discussing our connection to our soul or a need for soul retrieval because each of our life path's are unique and individual.  However, there are many who are now asking how do they awaken their soul, how to reconnect to the heart and soul of their being. 

How do you awaken your soul?

Soulful lives are experienced when we find a way to unify our relationship with Source energy and our physical life experience.  The first step is connecting with our heart by re-discovering and knowing that whilst in our physical life the soul of our being resides in and extends from our heart.  This is the beginning of rebuilding our relationship with our Source energy.  

Your soul connection to Source energy is always ever present, even if it's been deeply buried under a materialistic and logical understanding of life.  You needn't ever fear that you can't reconnect. All that is required of you is willingness to remember and reconnect to the soul of your being that extended into this physical experience from beyond this physical experience.  

There are many spiritual healers who can guide you and help you when you stumble in your remembering, however, you can do this yourself if that is your wish.  Though I do encourage supporting yourself with material like the More Love Podcast, brilliant books such as A Course of Love (received by Mari Perron), Choose only Love (by Sebastian Blaksley) and Brian Longhurst's seven books (starting with Seek Ye First the Kingdom), loving music that emanates presence and Source energy, movies with loving storylines and getting out in nature.........as a few suggestions.  

As we each find our soulful lives and collectively find our way to soulful living we will create a new earth.  

The journey back to the soul and source of your being might seem daunting and the term 'soul retrieval' might even seem scary however there is no need for fear.  There are many conversations on the More Love Podcast that emphasise how 'doable' this journey is if you have willingness.  I recommend the episodes titled Grounding Love Energy and Spiritual Heart Connection with Carol Schrader if you are fearful of the spiritual journey.   If you want to tap into the frequency of a soulful life then I recommend the episode with Anne Olsson titled Living in Christ Consciousness.  If you want reassurance that the source of your soul is Love then I recommend the episode with Anne who came back from a cardiac arrest titled You are More Loved than you Can Imagine.  



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[00:00:00.250] - Helen Reynolds

Welcome to the More Love podcast with Helen Reynolds, where we uncover the innate power held within each of us that's been withheld for thousands of years. This power is innately and rightly yours, but it's been lied about and hidden from you. It's time now for us to reclaim our power. If you want to reclaim your freedom and your ability to create from the heart of all that matters, this podcast is for you. Be sure to subscribe, then settle in and enjoy. So today I am joined on the podcast with Brian Longhurst. Welcome, Brian.

[00:00:44.810] - Brian Longhurst

Thank you very much. Absolutely happy to be here, Helen.

[00:00:49.790] - Helen Reynolds

Oh, that's great. This is your second time. Welcome back.

[00:00:55.370] - Brian Longhurst

Perhaps there'll be more, who knows?

[00:01:00.750] - Helen Reynolds

So today we decided we would talk about help for lost souls and I thought I would share a little story to get us started. Story is from someone that I know. So shall I share the little story and then we'll begin discussing?

[00:01:25.050] - Brian Longhurst

Please do.

[00:01:26.420] - Helen Reynolds

So this person left her husband when it became evident that he was taking drugs and it was no longer safe there for herself and their child. And he was very much stuck in his ego. I borrowed a term from your book, actually - ego contorted mind. Thought it was just perfect. And in that ego mind, he was extremely manipulative and controlling and diminishing, to say the least. And the drug habit extended and he became more and more noxious, really. And while all this was going on, the mother spent all the money that was saved up for the child's education on legal fees and to gain custody of the child and to keep the child safe. And then not long after all, that was settled, in quite a miraculous way, actually, and the child was safe and legally hers. The ex husband died from the excesses of his habits. But now it would be really nice - he's no longer in the physical and it would be really nice to think that he has crossed over into the light and could now become a guardian angel for them both. Because I really do feel that deep down, he loved them dearly.

[00:02:53.590] - Helen Reynolds

And despite all of his words and actions and behaviours and habits, he did have love in his heart because we all do. He just had no clue, due to a whole series of things, including his upbringing and all sorts of things, he just had no clue how to escape his ego mind long enough to be a good husband and a good father and learn a better way to live, basically. But she or the mother is sensitive to sensing him and so she can sense him. But it seems that he's still caught in his ego contorted mind because it's never a pleasant interaction. He seems to be still holding all of his same anger and manipulative type behaviours that he had before. So I'll just lay the questions on you thick and fast, Brian.

[00:03:58.860] - Brian Longhurst

Go for it.

[00:04:00.060] - Helen Reynolds

How do we help him move back to the light? And is it too much for us to assume that if he did move back to the light that he could become like a guardian angel, you know, a presence in their life that is beneficial to connect with and that he could support them even though he couldn't support them in physical form? Over to you.

[00:04:24.950] - Brian Longhurst

The answer to that, to all of that, is a resounding yes, definitely. I've had loads of experiences of this and you may recall reading in my book the passing rescue and going forward of Ted. Now, Ted was Theresa's father and he had a dreadful upbringing and he was brutal in the upbringing of his children, including Theresa,  

[00:04:58.280] - Helen Reynolds

Just for listeners, Theresa is your beautiful wife.

[00:05:01.250] - Brian Longhurst

That's correct, yes. So Ted passed away in 1997, and eventually, and we sent love and blessings. Actually, what happened was we heard about his passing a day or two afterwards by telephone and we stood in the entrance from the hall of our house into the kitchen where we had heard about it because it was a telephone there and we were talking about him. And I suddenly became aware of him. He was standing three or four paces from us across the kitchen with his back turned three quarters to us, indicating his rejection of us, but with his head turned as if he was trying to earwig on what we were saying about him. And as soon as I became aware of him, I said to him spontaneously, Peace be with you. Well, he spun round so quickly that it was a blur because he thought I was going to say something very unfriendly to him because of the way things had worked out when he was here. And so from that moment and he knew the sincerity, because when you're in spirit, you can feel the sincerity. It's an energy. People in a body might hear the words and say, well, you're not being true to your words, you are being a hypocrite.

[00:06:42.850] - Brian Longhurst

But people in spirit can tell because they're feeling the energy as well as hearing the words. In fact, feeling the energy is more than hearing the words. So he knew that I was sincere. So he started attending a communion service as an observer and we would always welcome him and send him blessings and well meaning. So he gradually it took some months, it looked as if he was progressing. Then he'd regress, as if he couldn't quite let go of that baggage. And this, I think, is true, I believe is true for most people. They've got that baggage and they think it's permanent for them. And as they start to break away from it, it drags them back. The ego keeps reminding them. So eventually he was able to let go of all that baggage and he became a real stalwart for love and light and for Jesus. And that's where he is now and he is helping all and sundry. We've seen him in symbolic form. He was acting as a waiter, a wine waiter, carrying trays of drinks, offering effectively, you might say, communion wine for everyone who wants to join in this. So that was one very palpable way in which we experienced the transformation of a man who was absolutely bound in negative energy, destructive energy, who became released from this.

[00:08:45.680] - Brian Longhurst

And this was as a result of our unconditional love and blessing and prayers for him. Now, that may sound to an atheist or an unbeliever, oh, I don't believe in prayer and all that kind of stuff. Well, it is the unbelief that is shutting them off from awareness. If we don't believe something, we've closed our mind to it. And a closed mind is not an open mind, obviously. It's not rocket science, is it? But what I would always say to anyone who would like to experience liberation, freedom from all the dark negative energy that they've been living and feeling and projecting outwards to all and sundry, give it a try. Ask for help. You don't have to believe that you'll be helped, but have a serious commitment to asking anyway. And we have loved ones in spirit. Including Jesus. In a part of Spirit which I refer to as the Realms of Light. Which all our loved ones who have made progress on their journey. They go enter into, ascend into the Realms of Light and from there they can let the light shine even into the darkness of this world of our own hearts and minds.

[00:10:34.830] - Brian Longhurst

If that's where we're experiencing. So asking means that they will actually, or have now been authorised by our asking to help. And we will experience help in ways perhaps that we didn't believe possible because of our former unbelief. And that will gradually win us over to beginning to believe.

[00:11:03.110] - Helen Reynolds

And we might even receive help in ways we don't even sort of conscious of getting that help at the beginning. And then as we're won over, we become more conscious of that help filtering through in our everyday life.

[00:11:17.930] - Brian Longhurst

Yes, I'd like to share sorry, please carry on.

[00:11:21.970] - Helen Reynolds

Well, the Realms of Light sound awfully like heaven Brian! So could this man who was stuck in his ego mind and terribly manipulative and taking drugs and whatnot could he be in? Hell. Is there a hell? I'm sure the listeners are asking that question.

[00:11:42.260] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. Hell is a state of mind, a state of belief, a state of misperception of reality. The only place hell exists is in our mind. There is no hell as an objective external reality or location. Yes, there is no such thing. And we can be liberated from that hell, of our own making. God doesn't judge us and send us to Hell like the Church has been telling us is the case for many centuries. It's not true. And now is the time for God's creation, that's us to start emerging from that dark and fearful state of mind into the light. And that's gradually happening. We're in that time now, we're emerging like the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis so it can soar into the light.

[00:12:46.500] - Helen Reynolds

And they're the same being.

[00:12:49.070] - Brian Longhurst

They don't lose anything, they gain everything. That's the wonder.

[00:12:54.040] - Helen Reynolds

But the transformation is so great, you would think that there were two different creatures.

[00:12:59.510] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. Can I share a little story? This is a true story which Theresa heard and shared with me. A long time ago, probably ten or 15 years ago, there was a young man, this was in Australia, he got stung by a jellyfish swimming in the ocean and it very nearly killed him. And he had a near death experience. Now, he was a bit wayward, he wasn't evil, but he enjoyed the pleasures of this world and he was not interested in God or eternity or anything like that at all. But he had a grandmother who was very committed to directing her energies towards the Love of God, and she taught him the Lord's Prayer when he was a little boy. Now, during this near death experience, he found himself in bedrock hell. It was total darkness. There were noises coming from people who were in the depths of degradation, human degradation. There was no light. And so people were bumping into each other and then they'd attack. So it was pandemonium. So he was terrified by this and he thought, I'm in hell and there's no escape. Once you've gone to hell, there's no escape. Well, that wasn't true.

[00:14:42.610] - Brian Longhurst

And what happened was he began to think about his grandmother and he remembered the Lord's Prayer. And so he said, I'll start to say the Lord's Prayer. And the instant, the very nanosecond that he started to direct his thoughts, god-ward, he was he was out of there. This didn't take moments or hours or months or years. It happened instantly, instantaneously, as quick as lightning, and he was in the light. He has since devoted his life and he travels around the world sharing this story to help people to understand that all this dogma and doctrine about if we're sinners, we're going to hell unless we repent, blah, blah, blah. And so that is as good a real event that took place. It was a near death experience, but he came back so that he could share his immediate saving or rescue or whatever term we want to use. I try to avoid terms that are too strongly identified with institutionalised religion, like the word salvation. So there we are. But the words aren't really important. It's what we believe the words mean and our interpretation of them. And we can start to change our discernment of what these words really mean.

[00:16:28.550] - Brian Longhurst

It's all good if we allow it to be good.

[00:16:32.730] - Helen Reynolds

So after reading your first book, I've got six more to go, Joyfully. I have six more to go because the first one was superb. I get this really clear picture that there's ...I don't really know how to explain it, but the mind sort of framework that we live from in physical form is replicated, or appears to be replicated in the nonphysical form.

[00:17:11.990] - Brian Longhurst


[00:17:12.540] - Helen Reynolds

Is that how it works?

[00:17:15.830] - Brian Longhurst

What happens is the physical body that we have is very dense in spiritual or metaphysical terms.

[00:17:23.540] - Helen Reynolds


[00:17:24.090] - Brian Longhurst

When we lay that body aside, we find ourself in a replica of our physical body, but massively less dense. So it is effectively etheric, but recognisable as the persona that we presented in this world. Like, I have two brothers who laid aside their body in 2020, and so I've been aware of them and loads of other people as well. But it isn't just what they look like, it's the energy that they're expressing and sharing. So I knew that my oldest brother Ian, was Ian because of his energy, but his energy was still the same and yet different. It had undergone an uplift, a transformation, and that's what can happen to your friend's deceased husband and to any and all. There are no limits. There is nothing that any of us can appear to do in this fantasy about being separated from God, that is, to use a churchy term, nonredeemable. We are all redeemable. And in fact, God is Love, and Love never condemns. So God has never condemned his creation, which is us. We are created in his exact energy or likeness. We mustn't confuse the word likeness with physical form, appearance, which is what most of our lexicon in this world is devised to do.

[00:19:22.050] - Brian Longhurst

But we can look beyond that.

[00:19:24.690] - Helen Reynolds

We have planned to call this episode Help for Lost Souls, but we could call it Help For lost Hearts. Because that energy of creation, that energy of love, resides in our heart, doesn't it?

[00:19:39.380] - Brian Longhurst


[00:19:39.850] - Helen Reynolds

And then it's the bridge between the etheric form of us or the spiritual form of us and the physical form of us in this lifetime.

[00:19:52.290] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. It's based on misperception. Our understanding is limited to physicality. That's where we appear to be. We get born, our parents raise us in what they were raised in, which is "we're a body, deal with it"!

[00:20:13.350] - Helen Reynolds

...and get over your emotions because they don't mean anything.

[00:20:16.470] - Brian Longhurst


[00:20:17.500] - Helen Reynolds

Toughen enough and get on with it.

[00:20:19.800] - Brian Longhurst

So we've got everything upside down and back to front.

[00:20:23.050] - Helen Reynolds

Yes, we do. In that example of the fellow who had the near death experience, could it have been his grandmother? I'm presuming she had already laid aside her body when he had the near death experience.

[00:20:37.590] - Brian Longhurst

It may well have been the case, but it wouldn't have made any difference one way or the other, because he was remembering in his mind what she had been to him when he was a little boy growing up. And that was Love. And it was Divine Love, it was spiritual Love. It was not grasping, it wasn't counterfeit love. It was heart centred love.

[00:21:09.030] - Helen Reynolds

Counterfeit love. What a great term. You might be confused. Essentially, what you're saying is conditional love is counterfeit love.

[00:21:22.650] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. Okay. That's a better word, isn't it? Yes. There are no conditions with love, with a capital L. That is Divine Love, unconditional Love, and that's what we actually are. And so the term lost souls can apply to embodied or incarnate, as well as disembodied or discarnate souls, because it is our mind that the body doesn't survive, but the mind does. And it will continue in its contorted, belief, awareness, post embodiment unless and until they receive some help. And that we can give. There's no barrier between us with our bodies and our departed loved ones or friends or people we want to help who are now discarnate. It's better than making a phone call. All we have to do is direct our thought to them and they hear us, they receive us. We've made a connection. This is a metaphysical state. It's nothing to do with, oh, I can't see that person, so I can't communicate with them. That applies to this world, it doesn't apply to the spirit world. So we can help. We really can help.

[00:22:54.410] - Helen Reynolds

It also means we're not helping if we send that person residual anger or yes, residual hurt emotions.

[00:23:04.690] - Brian Longhurst

Well, Jesus tells us that there are only two ways we can express. One is expressing love and the other is expressing fear or extending fear. Now, if we are not expressing love, then the only alternative is fear. So anyone who is not open hearted, gentle, loving, kind, compassionate, etc. So they are calling for love because that's the only alternative. We're either expressing love or we're calling for love.

[00:23:48.600] - Helen Reynolds

Because fear is the absence of love.

[00:23:51.470] - Brian Longhurst

Yes, it is. It's not the same as a dark room. That's the absence of light and fear is the absence of love. Love and light effectively are the same thing. They can't be in love without light.

[00:24:07.910] - Helen Reynolds

While we're on light and dark. I really loved the way you explained our shadow selfs in your book. I'll have a go at explaining it or should I just hand over to you?

[00:24:21.250] - Brian Longhurst

No, go for it, please.

[00:24:23.750] - Helen Reynolds

I'm pretty sure it started with the explanation of Jesus' words of turning the other cheek. Well, in the picture you were painting in the reader's mind, 180 degree turn can turn and face this way and face towards the light, or you can turn and face that way and look at your shadow, because if there's light on one side, there's automatically going to be a shadow on the other. [00:24:56.310] - Brian LonghurstYes. So the great thing about that is, if we are facing away from the light, we are casting a shadow on the path in front of us where we won't see the rocks and the thorns and so on and we'll stumble. But if we turn round and face toward the light and progress our journey toward the light, the light is illuminating the path in front of us, and we will not stumble because the way is illuminated. Simple. There's nothing complicated about eternity.

[00:25:33.630] - Helen Reynolds


[00:25:36.550] - Brian Longhurst


[00:25:37.610] - Helen Reynolds

I really loved that explanation because I had, until that explanation, a resistance to the word shadow or shadow work, because it's a popular term now and there's something about it that just doesn't sit right with me, the way it's used, or it's popular meaning, I'm not sure I can't pinpoint exactly what doesn't feel right about it. So I was really glad to have a version of it that felt spot on.

[00:26:09.850] - Brian Longhurst

I've often thought we could really use a spiritual lexicon or dictionary yes. With meaningful terminology to explain what the different words or terms actually means, because we all know what Google will tell us, what the dictionary will tell us, but that's based on Earth mind consciousness descriptions or definitions. But those definitions are often, in fact, very often mistaken in terms of eternity. We've got a time and place definition instead of an eternal definition.

[00:26:57.310] - Helen Reynolds

So getting back to the original story of this couple, if, say, in the scenario, the ex wife was too angry with her ex husband to send him blessings and prayer and so on, can we trust that there are other people in spirit or other differentiated fragments of the whole in spirit assisting him to turn the other cheek?

[00:27:29.590] - Brian Longhurst

Oh, that is unquestionably true. The difficulty, as it were, for him is, or would be, his lack of awareness of their presence. Because when you're in spiritual darkness, you cannot see spiritual light. It's too bright, so you can't see into it. But the fantastic news is that someone with whom he had been in a close relationship, namely marriage, who is still embodied, will be aware of whatever she says to him. He may not want to believe it, but he will receive it. It's like anyone talking on the telephone or face to face. They may not agree with each other, but they can receive in their hearing what is being said. Now, you may recall reading in my first book about Hugh Dowding, who is the head of RAF Fighter Command during the war, and he was called to help people, some airmen who crashed a bomber in North Africa. And they, of course, been killed during the crash, but they didn't know they were dead. So Hugh Dowding in his physical form, but the etheric counterpart of it, was taken out of his body by those that he was cooperating with in the Realms of Light to where those airmen perceived themselves to be.

[00:29:26.430] - Brian Longhurst

Well, they knew who he was immediately because he was at the very top of the Royal Air Force, so everybody knew who he was. So they were astonished that why would the head of Fighter Command, who would have been in bed, asleep in London, suddenly appear in North Africa to people who were in Bomber Command, a different section of the RAF so he had their attention. They were quite willing. They listened to him because he was a senior officer, so to speak. So he explained to them that they have laid aside their body. They may have thought that they had survived the crash, but in reality their bodies had not. And so if they were willing to accept that, and his authority as a senior officer obviously would have helped their willingness to accept. But it's also the sincerity. Hugh Dowding knew what he was doing, he knew why he was there and he had understanding and compassion, as well as a big slice of truth to share with them. So they were able to say, wow, I didn't realise what was going on. So he said, now, others will appear to you from spirit who are nurses and whoever, to take you to a place of healing, healing of your shocked state of being a convalescent, convalescing place.

[00:31:13.230] - Brian Longhurst

So that's what happened. And that's just one example. This is happening all the time throughout the world. There are people in spirit who devoted their lives to this rescue work and they will go and help people who many of whom may have had a terrible experience when they laid aside their body, being murdered or whatever. So this is going on now. We, you and I, and anyone else who feels a desire to be truly helpful and wholly harmless can volunteer, can simply choose, yes, I desire to be helpful. And if they have a commitment to that desire, loved ones in Spirit will place them in situations which they weren't aware was going to happen, but events that will just occur spontaneously, where they can be helpful in explaining things to people who may be ready to start going forward spiritually but weren't aware of it. They're still taken over by or what's going on around us and they think that's the reality, but deep inside they're ready for something beyond. So there are lots of ways in which help can be given both to people embodied and to people who have laid aside their body.

[00:32:54.670] - Brian Longhurst

It really doesn't make any difference. There is no veil, no barrier between us appearing with a body, a physical body, and those who have laid that body aside and are still very much alive in spirit, in the etheric counterpart of earth. It's all good news.

[00:33:19.590] - Helen Reynolds

And it's the same movement from the ego mind being stuck in the ego mind to the divine mind, or capital M mind or Love or Light, open heartedness versus closed heartedness, or the appearance of the absence of a heart. In some cases, you know, where the ego mind becomes so compelling, it seems to me, from reading your book, that it doesn't matter whether you're in physical form or non physical form. The movement from the ego mind thought system to the divine mind thought system is essentially the same.

[00:33:58.590] - Brian Longhurst

Yes, it is. There are people who are definitely not ready for the Light. And trying to waste it actually can be quite damaging to try and force people into the Light when they're not ready. What we can do is love them, bless them, accept them, honour their choice, their free will choice, which is exactly what Papa is doing. Papa God, he gave us free will, and he honours that free will. And so anyone who isn't yet ready for the Light, that's fine. Because we're eternal. We're immortal. And they may be experiencing hell,  the hell of their own making, by their own un-belief in the Light, the Light that they actually are, they may think, "well, I'm too evil, I've made too many mistakes, I've committed too many sins to be redeemable". I know a chap who believes this about himself, that his sin is irredeemable. And so I said to him, he's read my first book, so I reminded him about the last vignette, about Jesus in bedrock hell fastening the escape ladder to the floor. And so I said to this chap, if you are willing, I will take you there. We were speaking on Skype.

[00:35:42.940] - Brian Longhurst

I will take you into that bedrock hell, which is where you appear in your own discernment to be. I will join you there. And if you are willing to take my arm, I will lead you through the darkness toward the escape ladder, which will take you up from darkness into the Light. And that escape ladder, using a metaphor, if you like, is actually Jesus. That's another way we can think of it. So with some trepidation, he said, okay. So I said, look, envision taking my arm and I will help you to make your way towards the foot of that ladder. So, gently, lovingly, compassionately, I led him to the foot of the stepladder. And when we got there, I said, okay, now are you ready to put your one foot on the bottom step of that step ladder? He couldn't do it. He could not bring himself to do it. He believed that he was so irredeemable that redemption was impossible for him. And he's still in that state. But that really doesn't actually make any difference because he's my brother. I still love him. I'm still willing to continue helping him, just as Jesus is willing to help us.

[00:37:30.130] - Brian Longhurst

And I want to be like Jesus, because he's a pretty good guy, a cool guy, as the modern term might have it. And he's fun, he's light. He's lighthearted, he's wholehearted. But this man couldn't bring himself yet to put his foot on that first step. But he will the time. It's inevitable. He may resist it, or to be more accurate, his ego, which he thinks is himself, and which has got him in a stranglehold, keeping him from breaking free from the belief in non redemption. And I've talked to him many times about this. He wants it because he's so terrified that he's drowning in darkness, going deeper and deeper and deeper, irredeemably into darkness. Well, it's not true. He believes it's true, and all the while he believes it's true. That will be his experience. So I've said to him, what you believe is what you experience, and if you change your mind, you will change your experience. Well, he doesn't believe that yet. He believes that he's experiencing it, and that's why he believes it. Well, that's the egoic reversal of reality.

[00:39:10.170] - Helen Reynolds

What's the saying? When I see it, I'll believe it.

[00:39:13.620] - Brian Longhurst

Yeah. Yes. And what we resist, which in this instance is the Light, our resistance or our acceptance of darkness? That we are in darkness, that we are darkness that will persist. What we resist persists. I'm resisting the Light. And so the darkness will persist.  When we say, okay, I'm not ready for the light fully, but I'm willing to start opening the shutters, just a tiny crack to allow some light in. That's all it takes, just a little willingness, and then the shutters will open enough to allow a tiny ray of that light in, and then we'll be able to say, there really is light, and it's shining for me, but I have to be willing to allow the shutters to be open, and then they will open for us because God loves us and wants to help us. Jesus loves us and wants to help us. But there are untold others in the Realms of Light also, whose lives are devoted to helping the broken hearted, the down fallen, the despairing.

[00:40:37.650] - Helen Reynolds

So does this chap who won't put his foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, does he believe love is real?

[00:40:44.430] - Brian Longhurst

Yes, he does.

[00:40:45.780] - Helen Reynolds

That's interesting.

[00:40:47.310] - Brian Longhurst

Yes, he knows that God is Love. And what he can't understand or can't accept is that although God is Love, he is also full of rage. And he's used that term to me. He says, I'm still experiencing the divine rage. There was another word he added to that, but rage was one of them. I'm still feeling the oppression of that divine rage. So I said to him, it isn't divine rage. It is a egoic rage, egoic rage at the prospect of the ego losing you to the Light.

[00:41:30.750] - Helen Reynolds

I think a lot of people who the reason I asked you that question is to me, maybe it was just my experience, but deep in the ego mind, or deep in the ego mind experience, it's hard to believe that love is real because the ego mind is everything but love. In the absence of love, there's incredible fear and all its manifestations of anger and judgement and comparison and the list goes on and on and on, and they're all unloving. So I've always thought, I'm surprised that he believes love is real, but he.

[00:42:07.700] - Brian Longhurst

Only believes it in his mind as an intellectual concept, not within his heart, because that's where we experience it in our heart. And when our heart and our mind join in unity and holy relationship in wholeheartedness. That's when we can start to accept that love is not just an intellectual concept, but unattainable by us because we're sinners. That's when it can start to become experiential. And this person, he will arrive at that place, he desires it, but he believes still at some level that he is irredeemable, that it's too late for him. Well, it's never too late.

[00:43:03.810] - Helen Reynolds

Brings to the original story we started with of this fellow who died from the excesses of his habits. From the traditional religious point of view, he would need to go through a judgement process or what's the terminology be.

[00:43:22.870] - Brian Longhurst

Faced with, his period of reflection.

[00:43:26.530] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah, I can't think of the standard terminology, but is any of that true?

[00:43:33.260] - Brian Longhurst

It can be as true as we choose to allow it to be helpful to us. And so practising Roman Catholics go to confession and they believe that that is helpful to them, so it is helpful to them at the level they are functioning from. But others amongst us, we can communicate direct with Papa and with Jesus. And you are, I believe, quite familiar with A Course of Love in which Jesus tells us that we no longer need intermediaries. We're moving forward within the great rescue programme to the place where we don't need someone else to like a clergyman of whatever denomination to absolutely speak for us. We can communicate with God, we're his creation. Can you imagine a child believing that it mustn't communicate with its parent? That's absurd. And that happened quite a lot in the Victorian era, where the parents were, there was the intermediary of the nanny or the maid, whatever, and the parents barely saw the children. Well, we're emerging from that mindset and we can communicate with our Heavenly Father, Papa, he invited me to call him. So we can believe, because we have free will, whatever we choose to believe.

[00:45:21.920] - Brian Longhurst

And while people choose to believe that going to confession is good for their soul, because we have free will, it will be good for their soul. But at that level, when they come to a greater understanding, they'll say, I don't need that anymore. And they'll move on from it to a higher level of communicating with God without the intermediaries.  At a greater level, that is true even with Jesus, because while we think of Jesus, or a lot of people think of Jesus as the Lord, the Christ, the one and only Son of God, who is our Redeemer, et cetera, and that is what he has been, because that's what we have felt a need for. But in reality, he is our brother, he is our elder brother. He is not unreachably above us at some level of heaven that we are completely incapable of reaching. So I had that experience where I was walking with him along this gravel path and he was beside me, but he was about half a hand's breadth in front of me, beside me, but just a tiny amount in front. And we were in precious fellowship, joyous. But years, decades before that, I had seen him walking about five or ten paces in front of me and he turned round and looked at me and said, I lead, do thou follow?

[00:47:22.910] - Brian Longhurst

Now, that's where most people are at. And that's where I was. I was following Jesus because I trusted him. I had not one shred of doubt that he was trustworthy, so I was following. But gradually, the gap between us with him leading and us following, as he doesn't come back, we go forward and we end up being alongside him because he's brought us to that place. It's not arrogant to think that we've come right up with Jesus. It's what is the purpose of a teacher but to teach us so that we will eventually know all that he knows and be able to move on from there.

[00:48:09.890] - Helen Reynolds

He asks us to succeed him in A Course of Love. Directly asks?

[00:48:15.770] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. And that's from the horse's mouth?

[00:48:19.230] - Helen Reynolds


[00:48:22.770] - Brian Longhurst

If we're willing to believe.

[00:48:27.130] - Helen Reynolds

Wow. I'm wondering if you have any final words for how to reach into our hearts and bless another when we might feel like they're not worthy of such blessings.

[00:48:43.450] - Brian Longhurst

Okay. Let's use the example that you shared at the beginning of this conversation about this woman whose husband overdosed, and she's wondering how she might help him now that he's in the etheric counterpart of Earth spirit, but the lower levels of spirit, what she could do is to choose to accept that he can hear her. And so she could then say something like, I'll call him Fred. So she could say to Fred, okay, we had a bad time, but that doesn't mean there is no love between us. At some level, my desire, because I still have that love for you, my desire is to help you. So I want to let you know that you may be in spirit and I'm still here with a body. That doesn't mean that we cannot communicate with each other. And even if I can't hear you, I can have a sense of awareness of your presence and I know of a certainty that you can hear me. So what I'm going to do is send you unconditional love. You don't have to do anything. You don't even have to accept it yet, although you're free to accept it.

[00:50:17.700] - Brian Longhurst

But I'm sending you from my heart - love. If you feel you need forgiveness, I forgive you. And there is a true forgiveness exercise on my website, the honest to goodness website, that people can access and use that and it works. I've had lots of people say that they've practised it and it works. So I forgive you. There's nothing actually to forgive, because I know that you are Love, as we all are Love. But you're mistaking the nature of your reality because of the path that you have trodden during this recent embodiment. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is love. So I'm sending you love. If you feel you need forgiveness, I forgive you. I forgive you unconditionally. Totally. These are the kinds of things that can be said. It's got to come from our heart so that it's sincere. And people who are in spirit can only accept what we're saying if they're experiencing and aware of the sincerity of our words. It's got to come from here in.

[00:51:48.020] - Helen Reynolds

The heart for those who can't see Brian.

[00:51:52.630] - Brian Longhurst

Yes. Let's call this lady Frieda. So Frieda can say to Fred, I love you. I love you unconditionally. And as she expresses that, her love will gradually move up some levels to the place where she actually experiences. Yes, my love for Fred actually is moving into the state of unconditionality. And that's where we all are destined to be restored to our true nature. And that isn't just for Frieda. That's for us or anyone who's got issues with someone who is embodied or disembodied. It doesn't make any difference. There's no gap between this world and the next. We've made that up. And that gap, that veil that we've placed between us and the spirit world is now in the process of being shone away by the Light that is emerging from our own within so that we'll be able to see that that apparent veil was never real. Never there. It's only a symbol. And in the Jerusalem temple, Solomon's temple, there was a veil between the Holy Place and the Most Holy place. But that was a symbol to show people that that's where they perceived themselves and that God is the other side of that veil.

[00:53:35.720] - Brian Longhurst

But when we allow our own consciousness to realise that veil isn't real, it was never real. We've only put it there because we believe we are sinners and unworthy of being in the presence of God. So the Bible says that Jesus's departure from his body on the cross, that the veil in the temple was torn asunder from top to bottom. Well, whether that happened in a physical, actual sense doesn't really make any difference because it's all what's going to happen and is happening in our mind. We are tearing aside that veil between our misperceiving consciousness and the presence of God. God's in here, he's within us and we're within him. It's all awaiting acceptance. And acceptance is a key word in all this. Are we willing to accept the Love of God and receive it unto ourselves? Well, it's there whenever we're ready. It will become part of our awareness and we'll never want to look back from there. We want more and more and more until we've got the whole.

[00:55:08.750] - Helen Reynolds

And acceptance often has comes before we fully understand because the ego mind says, no, we can't accept anything until we know the terms. Do we fully understand the terms? We are not accepting that.

[00:55:24.470] - Brian Longhurst

That's where trust comes in. And trust we can't accept. So we have to be willing to trust. We have to desire to trust and be willing to trust. Yes, I really do desire to trust, but something's telling me that I should hold back, because who in this world is trustworthy? Well, not very many. The bankers, the lawyers I'm just kidding, of course. The politicians.

[00:55:59.770] - Helen Reynolds

To stop before we label every profession. I think trusting is we support ourselves in our ability to trust by reading materials such as your beautiful books. But Seek Ye First The Kingdom would be the place to start. To listening to people who speak from the heart, who live in a whole hearted way. To listen to my podcast, of course, to listening to beautiful music instead of music that's angry or yes, turbulent.

[00:56:42.230] - Helen Reynolds

Turbulent. Disruptive. Yeah. Watching love stories in movies as opposed to watching violent movies, getting out in nature as opposed to staying indoors. We really need to support ourselves through this journey until we can sort of stand on our own two feet in this firm trust and faith position. And we need to be okay with the idea that it doesn't come instantaneously.

[00:57:13.730] - Brian Longhurst

And we can be helped by joining in what Jesus calls a holy relationship with a loved one, with anyone, another person. When two people join with a similar intent, that is to become trusting, trustworthy, sharing, then we are much more able. We can't do this on our own. So getting into a relationship and this world is full of loneliness, and when we're on our own, we are stuck. But if we are open to accepting a relationship like you shared with me the story of that lady in the park on the park bench who wanted to ask you about your dog, I dare say she was lonely. She may have been an angel in some respects, she is an angel, even if she doesn't know it. But she's looking for friendship, for relationship. And our relationship can be with all of the rest of our siblings in the Sonship of God. It can be with Jesus, it can be with our departed loved ones. It can be with Papa God himself. There's no limitations except those that we apply to ourselves. I have a friend who she smiles at people when she's walking past in the street, and they'll often stop and want to talk.

[00:59:00.760] - Brian Longhurst

And so she doesn't get into anything about spirituality unless there's a hint from the other person that they're open to it. And if they are, then they can engage at that level, but even if it's only engaging about the weather or the price of butter, whatever. So having a friendly smile and open countenance is inducive of other people's trust. And she gets stopped by people who say, you've got such a friendly countenance, I feel I want to talk to you. And they share things. I expect you get people sharing things that are quite astonishing, that they wouldn't dream of sharing with most other people, it's our openness and receptiveness that gives them that sense of trust. I can feel free to share my burdens with this person because I have a sense of their energy, their loving, giving, accepting, compassionate energy. We all have that. But most of us are too hunkered down from it by fear. Well, love can drive fear away in an instant.

[01:00:22.170] - Helen Reynolds

Absolutely. Our whole podcast, the core of our conversation, has been this teetering and tottering between the ego thought system and the divine thought system, or wholeheartedness.  And, to give us some hope, this is from page 117 in chapter six of the Sparkly version of A Course in Miracles:  you have been chosen to teach the atonement precisely because you have been extreme examples of allegiance to your thought systems and therefore have developed the capacity for allegiance. It has indeed been misplaced, but it is a form of faith which you yourselves have been willing to redirect. You cannot doubt the strength of your devotion when you consider how faithfully you have observed it. It is quite evident that you had already developed the ability to follow a better model if you could accept it. I just thought that was amazing, because in my years of being stuck in my own ego thought system, I would never have considered it a form of faith. But now that I look back and think about how loyal I was to it, I think, oh, yes, I can see what he's talking about.

[01:01:53.250] - Brian Longhurst


[01:01:54.450] - Helen Reynolds

So therefore, I had the ability to use that faith in a more truthful way. So for any one who is listening, who might feel like they are yet to move into the space that we're talking about, it's very much possible for them. And just keep supporting yourselves as you move through the change. Well, thank you, Brian.

[01:02:29.650] - Brian Longhurst

Thank you, sweetheart. I loved this.

[01:02:35.170] - Helen Reynolds

I always love talking with you. So to wrap up, please tell someone else who wants their power back about the More Love podcast. They'll be forever grateful that you've helped them reclaim their true state of being. Until we join together again, I wish you all the blessings that wholeheartedness brings. Bye for now.

[01:03:00.660] - Brian Longhurst

Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye.