This wonderful discussion with Catherine Ann Clemett about the spiritual awakening experience and the expansion of the divine feminine energy will support your spiritual journey through the ascension process that we are currently in.  Catherine Ann shares her wisdom through the stories and events that have marked her own spiritual journey to be recording and sharing the divine energy of the Christ Magdalene consciousness.  Catherine Ann Clemett is an author of many books including Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes (co-authored with Claire Heartsong).

Spiritual Journey to the Divine Feminine Magdalene Energy

This wonderful discussion with Catherine Ann Clemett about the spiritual awakening experience and the expansion of the divine feminine energy will support your spiritual journey through the ascension process that we are currently in.  

Catherine Ann shares her wisdom through the stories and events that have marked her own spiritual journey into recording and sharing the divine energy of the Christ Magdalene consciousness.  

Catherine Ann Clemett is an author of many books including Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes (co-authored with Claire Heartsong).  

Catherine Ann Clemett on the More Love Podcast

The Purpose of the Divine Feminine

Catherine Ann explains that while we're on the planet we are all experiencing the ascension process of the Divine Mother.  Whilst the ascension process is certainly multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, a big part of it is the balancing of the over dominant masculine energy with the creative energy of divine femininity.  No one can deny the excessive imbalance of the masculine energy, it can be seen in the masculine qualities of materialism, hierarchy (especially patriarchal tradition), manipulation, control, status, ego and power.

The purpose of divine femininity is to restore balance, peace and harmony by returning more creative and life-giving energy.  Catherine Ann's books have helped to share the power and value of the sacred feminine energy that has been fiercely protected by the Magdalenes for millenia, even before religion was created and before the crucifixion of Yeshua ben Joseph.

"Magdalene is an order of consciousness, is not just an individual and those of us that resonate with this material have been Magdalenes for thousands of years.  We've trained in the mystery schools and the temples and we've taken vows of secrecy and silence to protect the teachings"  Catherine Ann Clemett

I highly, highly recommend reading the Anna books written by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett (see below) to experience the divine energy of the Magdalenes and to fully understand that the sacred feminine energy is not determined by gender.  These two books also cover the reasons and purpose for keeping the divine feminine spiritual practice secreted away for thousands of years.  

"those that wrote the Bible in the stories, they divorced the energetic component from the story and the words. And that more divine feminine energetic component is what the Magdalenes have always safeguarded for thousands of years."  Catherine Ann Clemett

The expansion and recognition of this beautiful, sacred and creative and life-giving energy is an active process that is revealing what was once considered mystical practices that have been protected by many, not just those in feminine form.   


What does it mean to embrace the divine feminine energy?

Our daily lives are currently dominated by control, status, manipulation and coercion - how could it be possible to integrate the feminine quality of the divine into our experience?  Obviously, it's an inside job!  

The first thing to remember is that the divine feminine and divine masculine are complementary energies of the One Divine source, which is why divine femininity is available to all, not just those in feminine form.  

"you raise your frequency and expand your energy unless you must have both the divine male and divine female aspect, which is the inner bride and bridegroom"  Catherine Ann Clemett

We naturally begin to embrace our divine energy as we come to understand that we are multi-dimensional beings.  Catherine Ann also explains that mystical practices of millenia gone by are no longer required because the energy is not as dense as it once was, however, it is still very beneficial to make our own energy expansion an active process.  

"we're really on the verge of getting out of all of these linear, limited thinking ways and belief systems that we've been indoctrinated with for thousands of years to begin to remember and experience ourselves as multidimensional beings"  Catherine Ann Clemett

As we embrace our true state of being and our divine femininity we move away from fear, judgement and control and towards compassion, self-love, peace and harmony.  We begin to see the world as energy in motion instead of separate objects fighting for survival and existence.  Naturally we move away from a self centred perception of life and begin to see the intricacies of connection and flow in life.  Said another more succinct way, we resist less and allow more which means we become a better conduit for Love energy.  

"ascending is to become so in love with every aspect of yourself and with every aspect of life that there is no nothing undone, unsaid, unturned, you know, and the love becomes so immersed in you."  Catherine Ann Clemett speaking of Ramtha's definition of ascension.  

Embracing the divine femininity is to embrace our true state of being as an extension of Love energy.  



In my opinion, the Anna books are essential reading for anyone who resonates with this podcast episode.


Anna VoiceofMagdalenes szHay House Anna Grandmother Cover

“Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes: A Sequel to Anna, Grandmother of Jesus”

In this channeled sequel to the international bestseller Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, we journey with Anna, the Holy Family and 18 other Magdalene–Essenes as they travel to France and Britain after Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. Deeper mysteries, safeguarded for eons of time, are revealed here helping to lift the suppressed Divine Feminine voice in our time.

Told through the gentle and heartwarming voice of Anna herself, this book offers insights into unknown places the holy family visited, people they knew and intimate details of their daily struggle to complete the Resurrection challenges. You will learn about the Essenes of Mount Carmel and their secret teachings and initiations, and gain a new understanding of Jesus's mission.

Containing encoded activations to bring Anna's wisdom and energy into your own spiritual life, this book is an invitation to complete a journey of initiation begun long ago.


[00:00:00.000] - Helen

Welcome back to another episode of the More Love Podcast. Are you really going to love this episode today I am speaking with Catherine Ann Clemett. She is an author of the most wonderful book that I've just finished reading. It's Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, and it's she co authored that with Claire Heartsong, who had previously written Anna, The Grandmother of Jesus. And I highly recommend both these books. But right now we're speaking with Catherine Ann thank you so much for joining me on the More Love Podcast.

[00:00:38.340] - Catherine Ann

Well, thank you for inviting me it's wonderful, especially to connect with you and my many Australian friends that I've had as I spent some time there a few years ago.

[00:00:52.110] - Helen

I know some of those Aussie friends are going to be hanging out until I release this podcast. I know they already are, so that's really exciting. Most of my listeners are familiar with me using the term note, which stands for non ordinary transcendent experience, and I find it's a really beautiful way to start because it's an experience that warps the time-space continuum and we all have them. But where some of us are still getting used to them. And the other funny thing about them is we all have unique NOTE's! So I'd love it if you would start with a note experience that you've had in your lifetime and how it impacted your life and what it meant at the time and how you've found out what it really meant and and go from there, would that be okay?

[00:01:45.910] - Catherine Ann

Sure. I know when you first mention this to me, my my thought was, how could I only pick one? Because my whole life has been a series of these types of events, which is part of what I believe the awakening process is because we have these out of our usual ordinary events, and it's really common place to just dismiss it or kind of gloss over it or override it and not take it seriously. It's not necessarily that you have to know exactly what it is in the moment, but not to dismiss it.

[00:02:26.030] - Catherine Ann

And I would guess that my very first time I became aware of this was when I was 14. I was pretty miserable as a teenager, and I mean, life just sucked. It is how I felt. And I'm going, there's got to be more to life than what I'm experiencing or, you know, what I'm finding around me. And I just kind of had an intense moment, you know, with the universe, whatever it was, I wasn't even in thinking of God or anything like that. I was just frustrated.

[00:03:04.520] - Catherine Ann

And about three weeks after this emotional tantrum that I had, I got my first download, and the download was it's all energy. And I'm going, what does that mean? I mean, what kid, I was 14 in 1965 is even thinking about energy back in those days, you know, and the download was its all energy and I absolutely knew it was true, but I had no idea what it meant. So that was the beginning of this whole trail of discovery and uncovering what that meant and what energy meant.

[00:03:47.260] - Catherine Ann

And at first I translated it because I used to be a dancer. I'm in a ballet dancer. I have a master's degree in dance till I have a car accident that ended my dance career. And I could translate it in terms of the energy that I experienced in training, you know, and conveying this nonlinear energy through my body to the audience. So I began to understand it in many terms like that that eventually led into healing and all kinds of other things. So that was my what I consider my awakening moment.

[00:04:27.060] - Helen

I think a lot of people who pursue this journey have had that absolute frustration and can't think of the words you just used, but this total dismay at how terrible life is, you know, you feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders and how could it get any worse? And how could you be bothered living through this? It's horrible. And then, you know, something, a crack appears in the horribleness that's a little bit of light in.

[00:04:55.400] - Catherine Ann

Yeah. And that crack is actually the ego cracking open to allow the light in, you know, because until you reach that point, there's nothing that can penetrate into your more tender inner parts that are connected to source. You know, in some way, everybody has to have their ego cracked open to start this journey. And for a lot of people, unfortunately, is through some kind of trauma or drama or disaster or illness or, you know, job loss or financial loss. I mean, that's the most common. I mean, it is possible to start having an interest and then you begin to soften that yourself and just start pursuing, you know, more of a questioning what's beyond our linear thought kind of reality.

[00:05:53.720] - Catherine Ann

And, you know, that does happen for some people, but it's more often their hit over the head to crack the nut open, you know, which is a fabulous thing. It's not a horrible thing. Like we think it's the end of the world, usually. Well, it's the end of the limited world we've been living in. Yeah.

[00:06:16.300] - Helen

Because when we're in that ego state, we're protecting the love that we think we have left, you know, metering it out to those special ones who deserve it. But we're in a really protective defensive state, not an unlimited, unbounded, abundant state at all.

[00:06:35.540] - Catherine Ann

Yes. Which actually describes what's going on in the world right now. I mean, you have these two sides, you know, the people that are so in fear about what's happening are busy protecting because they've been brainwashed to protect. So they think that, you know, their life or their energy or their love or whatever is going to be impacted by all these other people that aren't doing what they're doing you know, and it's an individual, total individual process and journey. And we certainly can influence each other.

[00:07:19.650] - Catherine Ann

But nobody has a right to tell anyone else I believe what to think or what to do. That's a soul journey of each person.

[00:07:30.700] - Helen


[00:07:31.710] - Catherine Ann

I have been off in that whole topic.

[00:07:33.860] - Helen

But anyway, I mean, maybe we'll come back to that topic.

[00:07:39.180] - Catherine Ann

Okay. Sure.

[00:07:41.060] - Helen

So you were 14 when the first crack appeared and some light rushed in. How long did it take to let more light rush in? Or what was the sort of experience in a broad brush way?

[00:07:55.840] - Catherine Ann

It was always like an undercurrent. There wasn't a whole lot. I mean, other than my dance focus and training as a teenager in performing. But when I went away to College, it began to open up. And I started finding whatever, like spiritual or metaphysical books that could give me an answer to what I was searching for. And I finally found the Seth Speaks books, you know, and I'm going, oh, my God. I knew that there was truth to this. I knew there had to be something. And then my mother, of all people, my mother had the Betty Book, which is a book about somebody writing from communication from people that had passed over on the other side.

[00:08:42.910] - Catherine Ann

This is in the early 70s. And I also she had Robert Monroe's book Journeys Out of the Body about astral projection. That's why I said, of all people, my mother. So I borrowed these books. But I was so secretive. I would, you know, read everything in private. I wouldn't let anybody know because it was too threatening to, you know, tell anybody what I was believing or what I was doing. And then, actually, this is in my autobiography that I just, you know, this whole series of events.

[00:09:19.330] - Catherine Ann

I had a whole bunch of events that little by little were triggers to open the next piece and the next piece. And then in 1980, I became aware of Ramtha. I didn't have the money to go to my dialogue one. So I went to what they called Masters meetings for about six months with these two guys. One of them, Thomas Sharkey, later became Shirley Maclaine's personal manager anyway, and she used to be at all of those early events that I went to. But anyway, it was the first supposedly channelled being and ascended being that I experienced.

[00:10:01.120] - Catherine Ann

And this was back in the early 80s that had a huge impact on my life, you know, to let me know there was more again to consciousness. And it was the first time through Ramtha that I got introduced to the idea of ascension and that we could ascend and his definition of ascending is you become so in love with every aspect of yourself and with every aspect of life that there is no nothing undone, unsaid, unturned, you know, and the love becomes so immersed in you.

[00:10:47.410] - Catherine Ann

And in your experience that you change your vibratory rate so much that you go back out of form, back into thought and back into light, which is a full body ascension. So that was the first person that taught about that ascension in that way.

[00:11:06.070] - Helen

What an experience.

[00:11:08.150] - Catherine Ann

Yes, absolutely. The very first time I went to an audience with Ramtha, he went around to each one of us, the people that were the first timers were in a group, and he interacted with them. And other people could come and pay like a lesser fee, but they can only observe. So when he came to me, all of my friends got all kinds of, like, past life readings and all this information. And he comes to me. And he just looked me. And as he looked into my eyes, I felt like I was locked into this eternal like tunnel, and the room faded out.

[00:11:53.310] - Catherine Ann

I couldn't see any people, any chairs, anything. I mean, it just totally disappeared from my vision. And he said, this, what you need to know, are you in your questions? And I felt like in that locked moment that went on for an eternity, there was a whole lot of probably a download of information. I was just aware of it. I didn't know what it was. And then eventually the room started materialising again in my peripheral vision. And they went, oh, man, this is definitely a NOTE.

[00:12:28.730] - Helen

Yes, because it warped the time space continuum.

[00:12:32.350] - Catherine Ann

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So, you know, that's what I mean. There have been a series of them.

[00:12:40.040] - Helen

Yeah, well, that's what they're for, isn't it? To warp the time-space continuum, make us realise that we're in touch with so much more than the room we're in others, the physical person we're talking to or whatever. I just think that there are those moments that really stretch our logical brain to go, hang on a minute. Maybe there's another way of looking at this.

[00:13:03.180] - Catherine Ann

Yeah. And we think it's just like another way of looking at it and we don't realise, I mean, I think people now because of the whole evolution in what's happening in our world or multidimensional beings. And we're really on the verge of getting out of all of these linear, limited thinking ways and belief systems that we've been indoctrinated with for thousands of years to begin to remember and experience ourselves as multidimensional beings. And I think each of these note kind of experiences are little curtain gets pulled back.

[00:13:40.460] - Catherine Ann

I call it like the 30 seconds when the curtain is pulled back and you're like, whoaa - what was then and then it closes, you know, 30 seconds or 45 seconds later. I have a whole slew of those. But that's where I think we'd be totally freaked out. If the curtain were pulled back and it stayed back, could we couldn't incorporate it? You know, we couldn't deal with it, you know, so it has to be done with little tiny increments at a time so you expand into your multidimensional self a little bit and then you're back to reality as you think it is.

[00:14:24.340] - Catherine Ann

And then, you know, you have another little, you know, opening. So it just is a gradual type of process, you know, where you're not totally blown out of the water unless you are. Sometimes there are experiences that do that. But for me, it was to learn to not dismiss it or override it or make it be about something else is just to hold it. You hold it with an open hand, even if I don't understand it or know what it was about. Yet it's just to let it be there until that greater understanding, you know, comes forth, which usually it does eventually.

[00:15:07.760] - Helen

Your experience of being connected with Claire Heartsong is a beautiful example of a NOTE that took a little while to, come into logical understanding.

[00:15:21.220] - Catherine Ann

So after that first dialogue that I just shared that experience I had with Ramtha, I think this was about five months later, my friends and I were at a dialogue with Ramtha again in Boston and Ramtha all morning have been talking about bums or homeless people being some of the most enlightened people on the planet because they weren't so confined by the society's rules. So he had done this whole lecture, you know, all morning about it. And my friends and I went out after lunch to the Boston Commons.

[00:16:00.110] - Catherine Ann

When we sat down in this bench and right across from where we were sitting with another bench with this homeless person on it. I looked at him and, you know, definitely a homeless person. But my first thought, I mean, he's crazy. He's talking to himself in some kind of gibberish. You couldn't understand what he was saying. And he's looking all around like this. And I'm going, yes, he's crazy. But I looked at him. And the first thing that happened was I'm squinting because the light in my peripheral vision was so bright.

[00:16:36.990] - Catherine Ann

It's like I had a hard time, you know, visualising, you know, keeping my focus on him. And then I looked at him. I'm going, Something's wrong with this picture because he looked like a kid. I mean, he's grown man, but he looked like a kid that had gotten dressed up for Halloween and then taken charcoal and rubbed charcoal all over his shirt and his face to make himself look like he was a bum, right? It didn't look real. I mean, it was weird, and I'm squinting because the light in my peripheral vision was so bright, and I'm going, who is this?

[00:17:13.910] - Catherine Ann

Who is this? You know? So he's talking about some object in the sky. And I started wondering if he could be talking about a UFO. Now I don't engage with homeless people. Usually, you know, it's just not something I ever feel comfortable doing. And I find myself out of the blue verbally asking him what object and all of a sudden he stops looking all around and acting crazy, and he zeros in on me like he's looking right through me. And he says, Wouldn't it be nice to hang upside down and swing like a bat?

[00:17:50.890] - Catherine Ann

And I thought, oh, okay. Yeah. I definitely think you're crazy. Right? So then we just started this normal conversation. So then he started asking, you know, like where we were from, and we told him, New York because we lived in New York. And then he wanted to know where. And I thought, I don't want to tell you where I live. So I told him the corner, which was about 20 paces away from my door. And he goes, oh, I've been on that corner. And I'm going, who is this?

[00:18:21.410] - Catherine Ann

And then my boyfriend Barry said where he lived and where he worked. And the guy says, oh, I've been there. And I'm going, who is this guy? You know? So then he started telling us about where you could get really good coffee and good muffins around the park. And, I mean, giving us all this information. And then I said, I was getting ready to move to Washington State. I was living in New York City, and I was going to be leaving in about three weeks. And he started telling me all about the Olympic Peninsula and Mount Ranier and Washington State.

[00:18:58.930] - Catherine Ann

And he said, all you need is a little bug, meaning like a VW bug car and to travel light with, like, a sleeping bag. Then my friend Mark, who was with us, noticed he was holding a beer bottle in his hand. He goes, Where'd you get that? And the guy points to the garbage bin for the park. Right. So he gotten the bottle out of the garbage, and he's drinking the water, not the drinking fountain water. He's drinking the decorative fountain water. And by now I'm thinking, what Ramtha said.

[00:19:31.000] - Catherine Ann

And Ramtha also said, you know, he and his other ascended being friends had appeared to all of us, but we didn't know who they were. So there's so many bizarre signals. I'm thinking, I really think this is an ascended being. I don't know who it is, but I should really trust this. So then the bum offers me the beer bottle, and I was, like, My mind is going, yes, no. Oh, my God.  Yeah.

[00:19:57.010] - Catherine Ann

The bottles out of the garbage. I'm in a public park. Who knows what's in that water? And I'm going, I really should take this. This is like, Jesus turning the water into wine, you know? But I'm like at an impass. And I'm going, I know he's watching me. It's like a Ping pong game in my mind, you know? So finally I just had to say something and I said, no, thank you. We just had our tea. I just couldn't. I hit my limit. I just couldn't go there.

[00:20:23.380] - Catherine Ann

So we got up to leave. And he stood up nose to nose with me. And the very last he said, is, Did you kill somebody? And I thought, Well, that's really weird. And it made me doubt the whole experience. So we had to go back in. I didn't turn around to see what happened to him. I moved to Washington. Dean Thompson, the other guy. I told you, I did these Masters meetings with these two guys. He was also a channel, and he channelled the being named Selano.

[00:20:57.360] - Catherine Ann

So the next year, I asked Selano about this encounter with this bum, and I asked if that was an ascended being. And he didn't answer directly. He said, he is one who has seen the folly of this plane and no longer lives by its rules. He said, you drew him to you and you will meet him again. And I'm going, oh my God, meet him again. I don't know how I feel about that. So then another year, an entire year later, a friend said, if you're ever driving up the Oregon Coast, stop by and visit in Deepo Bay.

[00:21:31.840] - Catherine Ann

And I took him up on his offer and he invited me in. It goes here, here, you have to try this. So the very first thing I don't remember if I mentioned this, that the bum said to me in that conversation was, Wouldn't it be nice to hang upside down and swing like a bat when I thought he was really crazy? So my friend has me put on these big fibreglass boots with a hook on the back, right. So he helps me get my lower half on my body high enough to hook the hooks on the bar in his bedroom doorway, lowers me down, gives me a push.

[00:22:04.570] - Catherine Ann

Now I'm facing into the bedroom and on the opposite wall he has, like a five foot poster of some master. And I said, who is that? And he goes, oh, that Saint Germain took me to the next morning to realise there I was hanging upside down, swinging like a bat. The very first time I saw his image or heard his name in this lifetime. And I thought, oh, my God, I bet that must be who that is. But I had to go to the research who he was.

[00:22:36.560] - Catherine Ann

You know, there's no Internet back in the mid 80s, you know, I discovered who he was, and basically everything that sounded crazy in that encounter ended up being marker on my timeline over the next 25 years, eventually putting me together with Claire. And one of the big clues came when finally in 2004, I was at an advanced Healing DNA certification course in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and the head of the school stood up on the third day and she said, I just finished the best book I've read in eons called Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

[00:23:21.690] - Catherine Ann

And I remember thinking, not exactly my subject matter because I had quit Catholicism when I went away to College. You know, I was totally into metaphysics and spirituality and trying to understand about energy and all of those things. And I wasn't interested at all and anything remotely Christian. So the other side had to work really hard to get my attention, to get me to respond and pay attention. And when I find finally got the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book in Claire's afterward, she talks about meeting St. Germain in a physical body in the Grand Tetons in 1987. My experience with him in a physical body was 1982. And so that was the connecting point. She's the first person I ever heard of who actually met him also in a physical body, not just in a meditation. So my guides were like email her and I'm like, really shy. I finally did. And then she didn't respond. You know, who am I, a person that went and bought the book, right. But a bizarre synchronous series events took place and it was about a year later.

[00:24:39.420] - Catherine Ann

Then I ended up having a reading with her. And this is all in my autobiography. Then I'm going to release soon of all of these synchronistic bizarre notes all the way along that eventually put me together with Claire. And it was St. Germain who engineered it. And as I shared with you earlier, part of the bigger picture understanding is St. Germain's twin Flame is Portia. And actually Claire and I have co authored a book called Twin Flame Union, The Ascension of St. Germain and Portia, where they each share their story of their joint ascension together.

[00:25:19.360] - Catherine Ann

So many way. Portia is Anna's oversoul and St. Germain is Portia's Twin Flame. So all of a sudden, the bigger picture started falling into place and I began to understand the pieces.

[00:25:34.620] - Helen

This is just slightly changing the track of our conversation just a little bit. But that bigger picture is what I found the Anna books gave to me, amongst other things. But that ability to understand the turmoil because, you know, the Anna books are set before, during and after the crucifixion and another period of time with tremendous turmoil. So the books gave me the bigger picture to sort of be more calm and present in the current turmoil. But a bigger picture is quite reassuring at times.

[00:26:10.940] - Catherine Ann

And, you know, in my workshops, I tell people, you know, people tend to think of the whole Christ drama and a very confined way. You know, it's a much larger picture, not limited to this planet or that time period. One of the main things that I learned from working with Anna is that Magdalene is an order of consciousness, is not just an individual and that most of us that resonate with this material have been Magdalenes for thousands of years, and we've been training in the mystery schools and the temples and that we've taken vows of secrecy and silence to protect the teachings.

[00:26:58.500] - Catherine Ann

And what I understand this is my perspective on it. There has been stories and information of, you know, Yeshua, teachings and that time period. But a lot of its really distorted. And I really feel what happened is that the verbal teachings, the written teachings were written down but distorted, and they were given as like the Bible and the Gospels. But in the very beginning, those that wrote the Bible in the stories, they divorced the energetic component from the story and the words. And that more divine feminine energetic component is what the Magdalenes have always safeguarded for thousands of years.

[00:27:51.990] - Catherine Ann

And now it's time to bring our voices, not just voices, but the energetic fields that we carry that reunite that original energetic component with the information because you can't really apply it to help you raise your frequency and expand your energy unless you have both. You know what we consider the divine male and divine female aspect, which is the inner bride and bridegroom. But it's the energetics with it coupled with the information. So that's what I think is brought forward so amazingly, through the Anna books.

[00:28:35.500] - Helen

Yes. I always say to people, you know, our sensitivity to feelings, emotions and energies is our greatest asset. But in today's world, we're led to believe that it's our greatest weakness, that our sensitivity is a gateway to anxiety and stress. And overwhelm the sensitive ones of us, we feel like we don't fit in. That an actual fact, understanding that energy component of us gives us this incredible freedom in this world and a wholeness. And so I couldn't agree with you more about bringing in that energy part back into our life experience.

[00:29:15.040] - Catherine Ann

Well, and that's all of the disclosure and all of the stuff the horrendous stuff that's coming up these days is we're learning that almost everything we've been taught is a lie and everything's been inverted and reversed, you know, which makes sense. It's coming out of the old control and patriarchal paradigm. It's all about money, it's all about hierarchy, it's all about status, it's all about material manipulate and use to gain status and power.

[00:29:51.290] - Helen

And it's all about leading the common person or the everyday person or the masses, whichever term you like to use to believing that the material only that the energetic part of them really is it that's the crazy part, you know, don't go there, you're bit bonkers.

[00:30:12.440] - Catherine Ann

That's also the Christ part that they're trying to eliminate and the suppress and squash and absolutely, which everybody, of course, has. Yeah, you just have to be willing to, first of all, want to uncover it. And then it's a path of initiation for everybody who follows that we have to look at what's true for us and look at our shadow pieces.

[00:30:45.320] - Helen

One of the things I've shared with you just a little earlier about the initiations that I found really reassuring, and it kind of loops back right back to your very first NOTE experience when we're feeling that degree of frustration. And, you know, we're wondering, what is the purpose of even being alive that seems so horrible that pain and suffering is could we say, in your opinion, it's like a modern day initiation.

[00:31:16.690] - Catherine Ann

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And one of the things to be aware of in this time period, not only all of the turmoil that's going on on the planet, but the planet itself is a sentient living being, and she's in her own ascension process. So that means that say, in like 2000 years ago or many earlier times in history, those of us that are Magdalenes or that are initiates in the temples or the schools had to be in sacred Groves or caves or ever where we created our own separate space than the last consciousness to create basically what is a zero point field to be able to do the initiations now with the planet as a whole, ascending the entire planet and everybody on it are in their own initiation process.

[00:32:18.560] - Catherine Ann

If you're on the planet, you're in one, you can't not be in one right now.

[00:32:25.580] - Helen

And that's the thing we feel, isn't it? Where time speeding up and it feels like energy is speeding up as it does. So I think of it as a shining of more light on more love and light onto the planet or through the planet. And love shows you what needs to change. So as more and more comes, you know that quickening we're being asked to change and to raise it's a feels like a bumpy, fast, bumpy journey.

[00:33:01.100] - Catherine Ann

It is. And I think I have this in my soul weaving book. I was given kind of download around 2008, 2010. I was shown that there's such incredible light coming from the center the planet up to the surface and coming from space light that has never been here before, also coming, and that the two are acting together, taking whatever low frequency and darkness and negativity is being brought up to the surface. So nothing is is hidden anymore, and it's compacted on the surface like a big garbage compactor and put in our faces so we can't sidestep around it anymore.

[00:33:48.930] - Catherine Ann

So we're being forced to deal with it. That's what's happening now. And it's because there's intense light from both directions. And so we just have to keep addressing it and transmuting it and moving through it until there's only light meeting light.

[00:34:06.160] - Helen

So that means in that kind of visual context, we become the conduits that are linking the above energies with the below energies. And then we need to choose love instead of choosing fear, which that's the crux of moving from separation, that ego mindset into the unity, that unity of where there is only one source and that source is love.

[00:34:37.790] - Catherine Ann

Yes, absolutely. And the other thing that I've been really aware of I've been writing about is we're so polarised. We always have been, but particularly right now, especially with the powers that are trying to stay in force, are trying to separate everybody and antagonise everybody into taking sides and the sides warring against each other on. Yeah. Take being neutral. It doesn't mean be passive. It means being neutral and to develop awareness and compassion for both sides, you know, because we're trying to end this whole game of separation.

[00:35:30.990] - Catherine Ann

And if we keep, you know, emphasising and pointing the blame at the other side, you know, we're just accentuating that continuation of that division of that separation consciousness. And now this whole age that we're in is all about unity. And it's about coming through that polarisation and bringing it back into a singularity again, which is what we're all here to do. So it's finding the center point or finding out how you can work with whatever is the most antagonistic to you, which means I need to go in and do my inner work.

[00:36:17.560] - Helen

Yeah. That leads us to the sentence that I mentioned before towards the end of Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. And it's not the final chapter, but it's getting there. And Anna speaks about the years of destruction after the Crucifixion and quite a few. This is sort of getting towards the end of her life very long life. Anyway, she says tyrants deserve the greatest of merciful compassion for the suffering of their karmas through all the times and realms is great. And as I've been working through this Covid drama and all that it brings up is I keep reminding myself that we're all necessary on the planet.

[00:37:10.870] - Helen

We're all playing our part in the drama, and that the ones that we want to blame the most are the ones who are, in a way, offering us the greatest opportunity to expand into the state of truth. So it was really nice to read that sentence, but also that's the hardest part, isn't it? You want to say it's your fault. This whole situation is your fault and you've got all the wrong morals and backgrounds and everything about this is wrong. And I want to blame you.  But that's not the answer. Like you said.

[00:37:47.620] - Catherine Ann

Yeah, I have a story. I'm a little because I don't want to be political, a little reluctant, but I guess I'll tell it.

[00:37:58.670] - Helen

We listen with an open heart and an open mind to what the story actually means.

[00:38:05.120] - Catherine Ann

Yes. Yes. When I was travelling, I was travelling throughout Europe doing my events in 2016. I think I had already been to Australia at that point. Anyway, I really needed a rest. And I met this woman and she graciously let me stay in her apartment for three weeks in Athens, Greece, so I could rest in between all these events I was doing and I would just, you know, hang out while she went to work and often times. Well, even now, I have a hard time sleeping through the night.

[00:38:43.460] - Catherine Ann

So I get up and I go on Facebook and I went on Facebook and there was an amazing post about Twin Flames that was really inspiring and then the next post I read was all about Donald Trump boasting, about how he had such great Mexicans working in his Trump hotel. I guess it was or a restaurant or something about tacos or something. Well, you know, I grew up in a Democratic, you know, family, and I always thought they were. Both parties were slime buckets. So I was never into politics.

[00:39:23.590] - Catherine Ann

And I was so triggered by this post. So I said, oh, my God, here your teaching that we live crucifixion, resurrection and ascension every day, because every time you blame or point the finger at somebody, you're participating in crucifixion, every time you stop and you look within and you start asking to understand or heal it or shift it. That's resurrection. And when you do, that changes your frequency. So we're living crucifixion, resurrection and ascension every day. It isn't just a Bible story, you know? So I thought, Man, you better do your own work here.

[00:40:05.090] - Catherine Ann

Right? So I went in, and this is how I work. And this is not at all. I want people to understand this isn't the external truth at all. It was just my process. And I said, okay, to Trump, you know, because I believe everybody and everything exists within us. There is nothing outside of us. Everything we see outside of us is a reflection of something within us. So I asked Trump. I said, Where do you live within my body? And he said, Your cervix. I'm going, my cervix.

[00:40:40.880] - Catherine Ann

I'm going, oh, I don't like that. And I go, Why there? And he said, Because it's the threshold of the inner and the outer, and it's the point of creation, birthing, creation. And he goes, I want to, I want to own that point or manage that point and I going, whoa, I don't like this at. All. Right. Going. Okay. So and then I was shown like the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, and he's sitting in the captain's chair, and he wanted to have total command of everything from this point.

[00:41:19.030] - Catherine Ann

Okay. So then I asked him, how did you get this way and granted in to remind people this is my own inner process. And then he showed me about age five being shut in a dark closet. So I guess, is some form of punishment. He was shut in this dark closet and the lights were turned out, and he was locked in it from the outside. And he said, I vowed from then on that I would never allow anybody to victimise me or attack me or do anything to me.

[00:41:58.890] - Catherine Ann

I do whatever I step on whoever do whatever I needed to do to make sure this never happens again. So then to my inner process, I said, what needs to happen here. And Divine Mother came in, and she said, you need to remind him, meaning the five year old Trump, that he has a spark of light in his heart, and that his job now his mission is to nurture and protect that spark of light no matter what. And the five year old was so excited that he had a mission, right.

[00:42:34.870] - Catherine Ann

And so everything went into this mission of protecting and expanding, and, you know, nurturing this light. So then I was shown that his external fortune in the linear world was so large, you know? So it was really top heavy in the external, but it was pretty devoid in the internal. And I said, what needs to happen here? They said, I want to balance it out. You need to open, like the open the gates of all of the golden energy to come in to balance the external fortune.

[00:43:11.340] - Catherine Ann

Right. And so much energy came in. They said that it was enough that it would fuel the grids of the new Earth. And I'm like, wow. Okay. I mean, this was just my own personal thing, but then I could, like, be neutral with Trump. I wasn't triggered anymore because I kept choosing to go to this inner, you know, understanding that it unfolded within me, and it allowed me to be neutral. It wasn't asking me to do anything other than be neutral. I mean, this was now looking back five years ago, I'm going, oh, my God.  Who knew now that there was way more to this whole thing than just my own little personal inner thing.  When you're willing to dig through that and understand in a way.

[00:44:03.270] - Helen

You understand what the pieces are and also in a way that doesn't make sense because that experience that you had, as you said, it's your experience. Yet the energy that you shifted in your experience ripples out and affects everyone.

[00:44:22.810] - Catherine Ann

Absolutely. Yes. And in my Soul weaving book, I have a chapter. Everything is holographic. So everything we do affects the hologram of all that is. And likewise, we're affected. So we're not separate at all, which is the remembering of the oneness that we all are. And the understanding after we did the sequel, The Voice of the Magdalenes, and we did all of those. They were done through basically a form of past life regression sessions. You know, the first Anna grandmother book that Claire brought through. She channelled through the single voice of Anna, and we thought that the second one was going to be that way.

[00:45:13.010] - Catherine Ann

And, you know, me and this other friend, and we were just Claire's support team. Well, Claire couldn't get in the same heightened energy. And she asked Anna what the problem was. And Anna said, go outside the door and asked Catherine Ann for regression session. So the Councils of Light had this whole different plan in mind that required our threefold energy of me and our friend and Claire. And so she asked me for a regression session because I do pass life reggression. And the councils came in and gave us a protocol for those sessions.

[00:45:46.130] - Catherine Ann

So that's how all of the characters came through that are in the sequel. And it's a very different format than the first book. Feeling about the whole Christ drama is it started really with Anna and she started it. They came in because she was a walk in. Basically, you get that on the first book, she was the Oversoul of her human body, Hannah, that was in the death process during childbirth. So she already was carrying a higher frequency. So the whole Christ drama and all of those characters you'll see throughout the books, their light conceived, which means they're conceived at a higher vibratory rate than normal humanity and how this is carried through the genetics and they infused this into the elements.

[00:46:37.100] - Catherine Ann

It was the only way they could begin to raise the consciousness of the planet so we could have a return to the Christed, the Christ Magdalene I call it within each person so that could come about today because they had to raise it or would never be able to be activated. And so they came in to raise the frequency.

[00:47:04.400] - Helen

That's how I see it in your conversation with Mariaestella. You talked about the Anna and the  Mary Magdalenes composite, and Jesus weren't the only ones on the planet doing that at that time. There were eleven others.

[00:47:25.350] - Catherine Ann

Yes, there are a couple of places references in the Voice of the Magdalenes, where Yeshua said it once and Anna said it once. There were eleven other avatars in their consort. It's the way they put it on the planet. And to me, these are fully realised, like Jesus and Mary Magdalene were fully realised Christ Magdalene beings. And when Claire and I finally got to go ahead, because when we did all of these sessions in 2006, we all got popped out of living in Springdale, Utah, where we were where Claire was, and we had to walk away because the material was too controversial.

[00:48:07.370] - Catherine Ann

And the Councils of Light didn't think that that consciousness was ready. So we just had to walk away and go on with our lives. And it wasn't until three years later when I'm living in Rhode Island, in Claire's in Northern California. But I got a call from Claire saying she finally got the go ahead from the Councils of Light for us to take that initial raw material and turn it into the Voice of the Magdalene book. So I moved to the West Coast and Claire and I just the two of us spent the next year in that process.

[00:48:39.950] - Catherine Ann

But the big AHA moment because we had these 19 different characters there from all over the timeline, from Jesus' early life to 100 years after all the characters that passed away, they're all over the map from the Himalayas and Palestine and Northern Scotland. I mean, it was this huge octopus, this disjointed thing, and we're like brainstorming. What do we do with this material, you know, and all of a sudden I had this download and I totally got it, which was to me, the container of the book.

[00:49:17.850] - Catherine Ann

Although we didn't spell it out, I said, oh, my God, I get what this is. It's going to take 2000 years, because in the back of the book, we show all of the lines like the seeding Palestine, the seeding of Scotland, the seeding of all of these different areas in the world, you know, through the genetic lines of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Mary's and the other lines. And I thought, okay, you also take the seeding of all of these fully realised other avatars on the planet.

[00:49:52.940] - Catherine Ann

And it's going to take 2000 years for the cross breeding amongst all of these twelve different lines to where we come today, where we all hold the literal physical dormant genetics of the fully realised Christ Magdalene beings. Because of this, it isn't just a concept in consciousness. We carry the literal like line like the DaVinci code where they're killing to have access to the line. The tipping point of humanity is seeded with the literal physical genetics. That was, AHA moment for how we can have the coming of the second coming of Christ in all of us today.

[00:50:34.480] - Helen

And the withholding of that information is the idea that that DNA is junk DNA couldn't be further from the truth.

[00:50:42.890] - Catherine Ann

Right.  For me, that was really helpful because it was the organising principle for it in my mind.

[00:50:52.530] - Helen

Yeah, some of my friends. So this is sort of going back to the start of what you were saying, that the Anna book is just Claire and Anna, or you say Anna, she says that.

[00:51:05.470] - Catherine Ann

That's why I say, Anna.

[00:51:08.240] - Helen

Okay, I'm going to change. And then this one that you co authored is all the different characters and many members of the family, which is really beautiful. So it does give the book a really different feel to read. I feel it's not quite as fluid. However, the frequencies are all still so beautiful. And you just really capture their stories. And both books are such a beautiful way to ignite those dormant DNA that's just waiting for us to light them up through the story. You know, the story helps us to remember and we get swept away by the story.  And by the end of the book, you go, my gosh. I feel different.

[00:51:54.790] - Catherine Ann

Yeah, that's cool.

[00:51:57.540] - Helen

So I just thought it might be really lovely to finish with a short little paragraph. It's from page 191 of Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes. The person speaking is Sarah, son of Isaac and Tabitha.  Daughter, sorry daughter. Each soul who resonates with our stories will find what is needed to awaken. Each precious soul will remember what is required for healing. Everyone is seeded with the same light that awakened us in our time. It is the same light that has returned us once again to the Earth plane to carry on the great work which shall remain until all suffering ceases.

[00:52:49.850] - Helen

Isn't that reassuring?

[00:52:51.410] - Catherine Ann


[00:52:53.700] - Helen

And then a little further down, whether you carry our literal genetic codes or you are the whole of humankind carrying the energetic codes of light. The light codes master Yeshua and the Magdalenes impressed into the atoms of the Earth. You are the Christ child, the luminous awakened child. The Divine Mother is birthing.

So with that sort of moment of reassurance, is there anything else you'd like to add?

[00:53:31.620] - Catherine Ann

Just that. We're all going to be okay. In my latest newsletter, they were impressing upon me how much we can call upon Divine Mother and that we're not expected to do it by ourselves. This is like in my gift access template that is in my Soul weaving book. You know, asking is a really big one of the tools is asking and is to ask, you know, Divine Mother, ask help from the Magdalenes. Ask help from whoever you resonate with because they're waiting to assist you from the other side.

[00:54:18.900] - Catherine Ann

You know, I don't want us to suffer trying to figure it out and do it by ourselves.

[00:54:26.220] - Helen

Absolutely. I'm just tempted to read another little paragraph. It's from Mariam. So this is page 306, pretty much right in the middle. I'm finding an increasing stability and constancy beyond anything I knew before being awake in fresh present mindfulness doing and being whatever I am aware in my body, aware in my breath, aware in my sensations is being spiritual, being awake is nothing to shout about. It's just being who you really are, a sentient being with a heart filled with compassion and a mind filled with wisdom. What is true of me is true of you and is true of all beings.

[00:55:24.210] - Helen

Well, that's it. For this episode of the More Love Podcast. I have totally enjoyed spending this extended period of time with you, Catherine Ann. For the listeners now, sometimes people are on the road when they're listening. So Catherine Ann's website is Catherine Ann C-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E-A-N-N-C-L-E-M-E-T-T dot com. However, if you can't remember that I forgive you and just go to my website. Live True To You or to the Shownotes from the More Love Podcast. You'll find your way and I will link Catherine Ann's website and her email newsletter because you're probably quite keen to join now in the shownotes page for this episode so you'll be able to stay in touch.

[00:56:25.050] - Helen

Thank you so much.

[00:56:27.300] - Catherine Ann

You're so welcome.