This is a very personal conversation where Lia shares her key turning points on her spiritual journey and offers great insight into how we can better understand our own spiritual strength to better combine our spiritual and physical earth plane experiences. She freely offers spiritual guidance through her music and we discuss the joys of self empowerment by knowing who we really are.


This is a deeply personal conversation with Lia Scallon about her spiritual journey, the synchronicities, and the key moments in her spiritual expansion.  


"I was looking for my own truth.  I’d been brought up in a very strong Irish Catholic family
and what I realised at that point was there was much of the dogma that didn’t sit with me anymore,
it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t my truth.  The process of ten years journey was really me
peeling the onion and peeling the onion and trying to find out who I was, what my truth was,
was there a god,what was that god and what was my purpose here on earth."

Lia Scallon





Lia reveals how she spent ten years searching for her truth before she ever felt that she was ready to share the sounds she was receiving.  She discusses her apprehension in sharing her gift and how she had to learn to trust and be courageous before being reassured of the power of her healing sounds, by people's response to them.   Many cried, telling her they felt ‘they’d come home’.  

I have to say, I too have felt extremely comforted by Lia’s music and have often turned to her music when I felt the most troubled.  Lia explains that the underlying motivation for her to record and share the sounds she brings through is to offer comfort, healing, reassurance and over the years she’s realised they’re also for activating and awakening people.  Particularly other light workers to the next level of their gift and spiritual strength.


"My personal favourite in Lia's collection is 'The Luminous Pearl', that recording has saved my soul more than once." 

Helen Reynolds




In the latter part of this interview, Lia becomes our spiritual mentor.  She speaks about how we are all in the process of re-awakening to our full potential; how the sound frequencies she is a conduit for actually work; how they can change us at the cellular level; how they help us to awaken, to heal and remember who we really are.    



"For people already on a spiritual path the 'Sounds of Sirius' can catapult them to the next stage.  

They are like a key that opens another door."

Lia Scallon





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