Love - mostly defined as feelings of attraction, commonly considered to be a fleeting emotion and aspirationally as the intense feeling of meeting our soul mate; yet Michael is telling us that Love is our being and that Love can be known when we have a healthy relationship, a loving relationship with ourselves.  In this episode Michael shares his journey to Love so that we may understand that love is more than emotional attraction, more than deep bonds of special relationships and is in fact eternal life. 

Journey to Love

"We are beings of Love. It is love that connects all of life on Earth and beyond. Love is the prime factor of life. Love is the reason for our being here, the reason we incarnate over and over, all to connect with and powerfully experience unconditional Love. This, combined with emotional balance, completes our state of inner freedom."  Michael Roads

Love - mostly defined as feelings of attraction, commonly considered to be a fleeting emotion and aspirationally as the intense feeling of meeting our soul mate; yet Michael is telling us that Love is our being and that Love can be known when we have a healthy relationship, a loving relationship with ourselves.  In this episode Michael shares his journey to Love so that we may understand that love is more than emotional attraction, more than deep bonds of special relationships and is in fact eternal life.

What is Love?

"You know, what we call love is not Love. There is only one type of love, and it's unconditional when we say love - it's like a word that is overused. A guy "I love my new car" and a wife "well, look at my new ring - most beautiful, I love it". And so we use the word love, which is completely wrong."  Michael Roads

This episode doesn't set out to convince you that love is more than intense emotions the pivotal moments in Michael's life story reveal that love exists beyond human emotions, feelings of attachment and even beyond his long-term relationship.      

Michael's life was catapulted in a different direction when he unexpectedly, suddenly and urgently wanted to know "who am I".  At the time, he didn't realise is that this question created an intense longing to know unconditional love and eternal life.  

While love is collectively associated with a beloved person and romantic relationship it is simultaneously burdened with expectations and conditions that need to be met for love to be experienced.  This is conditional love which isn't love at all.  Michael explains that Love exists outside of conditions, expectations and intellectual understandings.  This is hard for the mind to grasp.

Thus it's easier for our mind to open to the possibilities of unconditional love through story.  It's evident through Michael's story and wisdom that love cannot be known or experienced intellectually, and while love does generate positive emotions, it is even more than a strong bond to life for it is an aspect life itself.  

If this episode needed a warning it would be this: you may discover that the hardest person to find feelings of affection for is yourself which could trigger a mix of emotions, even strong feelings, as you reach for unconditional love and eternal life.  

"...you realise that as you change your relationship with yourself. And you no longer regard self as a person, and a body, but you regard self as a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional, immortal, eternal being of love, the power of creation and light, the illumination of eternity."   Michael Roads



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00:00:00 Helen Reynolds:

Welcome to another episode of the More Love podcast with Helen Reynolds, the place for conversations that reveal your greatest strength is in your sensitivity to love energy. I'm delighted to be sharing this episode with Michael Rhodes. Welcome, Michael.

00:00:18 Michael Roads: Thank you very much, Helen. I'm delighted to be here.

00:00:21 Helen Reynolds: I could introduce you simply as a modern day spiritual mystic. Mention that you've got an international audience, run online programs, have written 23 books with another on the way and have even had people write books about you and how you've had a positive impact on their lives. I'm sure I could ask just one question and you'd talk for an hour and the podcast would be done, but I'd really love to have your story or have these insights that you can share with us come out through your life story. Because stories help to connect us and see the sameness between people because it seems that the world is so focused on differences or making it seem like we're all so different when there is a unity that holds us all together. So it's my understanding that your spiritual journey began when you were a dairy farmer in Tasmania.

00:01:18 Michael Roads: I'm not sure there is a beginning to a spiritual journey. I mean, it goes back many lifetimes. But that was when the the reignited in this life. Yeah, I was I was in Tasmania. My father died when I was about 24 and when I was 26 because of family circumstances. I emigrated with my late wife, Treenie and two children. And so I was 26 and I arrived in Tasmania, didn't know anybody and and I was all set to become a beef farmer and I knew nothing about that whatsoever. In England my father was a grain farmer and so that's what I'd done. So beef farming, it seemed like a good idea at the time. You know, the the advertising of it showed a man driving around with his beef herd, he's got a nice Land Rover and he smoked Marlboro cigarettes! And it all looked pretty good. Anyway, it didn't work out quite like that.

00:02:24 Michael Roads: And so I landed in Tasmania, and this is an important piece behind it because of the pressure I landed in Tasmania. And it was the beginning of the worst decade of farming in Tasmania in the 20th century, literally. I'm not just saying that it really was bad. And so when I arrived, I bought a beef farm on the hills of Mt Arthur, up in the northeast of Tasmania and clearly knew nothing about what I was doing. But the very first year we had a plague of caterpillars. So I'd bought some cattle. I had a plague of caterpillars came in and I had no idea. I mean, it started all on on the field. You could see like little bits of grey cotton thread, but these little bits of grey cotton thread weren't grey cotton thread. They were baby caterpillars, and they grew and grew till about the size of your finger, a little finger and they devoured everything.

00:03:29 Michael Roads: And there they were there in the millions upon millions of them. And so it wasn't just my farm, it was farms around, they hate everything. So it's like a silent swarm of locusts, except they didn't come in and go. They just kept eating. And eventually I had waterholes - they were filled with caterpillars. I mean, it's hard to imagine the caterpillars filled it up and it was so full that other caterpillars walked over the top of quite large waterholes. That's a serious lot of caterpillars.

00:04:06 Michael Roads: And and so anyway, I lost my herd. All the cattle died. I had to walk around shooting them. They died and and so I had for economic survival. I had to become a dairy farmer because as the caterpillars disappeared, something unique happened that the farmers and the agricultural world went into a recession while in the cities, it was booming.00:04:34Michael Roads: So you had this double cut thrust and it was, and that lasted for three more years. No, I got that the wrong way round. First, there was a drought when the caterpillars finished that lasted three years and then came in the straight in the drought coming to an end the recession came. It was like punch, after punch, after punch. And so I was like, I couldn't, I just couldn't believe what I walked into. So one morning, about 5:30, I came out of the house and on my way across to the dairy to do the milking, and I had a round-about that I'd made for the kids, there were four now. And so I jumped on it this particular morning and spun round. And I thought to myself, these thoughts came, that I'd never had before. So what am I doing with my life? And I didn't know that. I'm round the round on the merry-go-round, except it's not terribly merry. I was happy enough. I had a wonderful marriage, so I was happy enough. But nothing that I had planned was happening. I mean, everything was I'm just being forced into situations and then I thought, so is this the rest of my life and no answers? And then, so where am I heading with this? So there's no answers and then out of the blue came a question that hit me in the solar plexus like a steam train. And it was suddenly before that I'd been thinking, so what do I do - live with my life? I'm being pressured into doing things, and I lie in the coffin and one day and I say to myself, So what was that all about? And then out of the blue came this question Who am I? And it hit me so hard I almost doubled over. It hit me so hard, and I completely shocked because I knew it wasn't who am I and my name and what I am biologically. But I've never even had a thought of such a question. And I went back in and I said to Treenie, I said, she said, What are you doing? I said, Well, I just had this question. Whacked me one. Who am I? And she said, That's funny. I've been asking myself the same thing lately. I said, Well, I want to know and I want to know now. But that took another 15 years and took me out of farming. But that's the incident to which you're referring. That changed my life.

00:07:04 Helen Reynolds: That began the deep internal quest

00:07:08 Michael Roads: It did indeed.

00:07:10 Helen Reynolds: I've got lots of questions for you, of course, that I'd really like to share something that it's these are your words from your website, but I just love to share them at the beginning of our conversation because they really frame the understanding that you have now and and it'll give context for everything that you say from in our conversation. So in your words. We are beings of Love. It is love that connects all of life on Earth and beyond. Love is the prime factor of life. Love is the reason for our being here, the reason we incarnate over and over, all to connect with and powerfully experience unconditional Love. This, combined with emotional balance, completes our state of inner freedom.

00:08:05 Michael Roads: That's correct.

00:08:07 Helen Reynolds: So beautiful.

00:08:08 Michael Roads: I wrote it because that's what I experience. And I mean, you you can make an intellectual statement like that, but somehow it bounces off the brain when it comes from the heart and it sort of moves into the open hearts. Not closed ones, but it moves. This for me, says you have an open heart, but More Love [Podcast], I mean, wow. When I saw you doing that, I thought, this is a courageous person because today Love is so misrepresented and so misunderstood.

00:08:41 Helen Reynolds: I'd really love to hear you speak about the journey from the head to the heart. You know, often for many, the spiritual journey or the journey of self-discovery perhaps, as differentiated from a spiritual journey ever so slightly, starts with a with, you know, with the mind's enquiry into answers about our personality or the way we do things or our traits. And I've personally found I could go so far with that enquiry, but eventually I had to calm the mind and drop into the heart space.

00:09:15 Michael Roads: Now my journey didn't begin and a journey from the from the brain to the heart because I was born right brain dominant. I'm just one of that small percentage. I was born very right brain dominant, not slightly, very. And to me, I hardly knew what people were talking about. I just didn't get it. So they sent me to a private school because I, I doubt they realised I was pretty hopeless. I was seen, therefore, as a dunce, and I'm a bit on the slow side because my mother and father were left brain dominant. My brother was super left brain dominant. Then suddenly they get a cuckoo in the nest - [who is] right brain dominant. And the brain dominance is huge, particularly in marriages. You've got a left brain dominant and a right brain dominant and they get married somewhere along the line they're going to be very challenged because they're moving in different directions. And whereas in the early days, sex and a newness can handle all that, but 20 years down -that's no longer the dominant factor. And you get these two people moving apart. Carolyn was one of those people [she] moved out because she is also right brain and heart. Right brain and heart go together, left brain and head go together. And so the. I went to school and that school, I have no clue what they were talking about. I just didn't get it. And not only that, I wasn't interested. And of course, I was there from five to 14 and I left school at 14 and I was probably, in a class of about 25, I never rose higher than about 23 from. I was way down the bottom. And so everybody told me I was a dunce. They hauled me out of school. The first opportunity which suited me and I worked for my father. But something interesting happened after I had emigrated. When my oldest son was about 12, I took him to a speed reading course. Now farming agriculture was a struggle and I didn't have money to spend on me, but he was clearly a bright kid left brain dominant.

00:11:39 Michael Roads: And so let's get him speed reading for school. And so I took him and the guy came out and he said, Why don't you come in with him? And I said, Well, I can't afford to. And this was in Tasmania. And he said, OK, I said, Well, what could you teach me? And with my self-worth I said, I doubt what I could teach you anything. And he said, How about self-sufficiency? I said, you're on, I can teach you that. And so he and I became very, very close. He was he was a wonderful catalyst in my life. But I did this speed reading course and in the at the end of it, when we were all tested, you see, I devoured books all my life. I started reading books in bed with the torch and I devoured books all my Oh my.

00:12:30 Michael Roads: And I was about 35 somewhere around that same same around the same time as Who am I? And a bit later, maybe, probably a bit later, I was probably about 40. No, I was in Darwin at 40. So somewhere in my 30's. So we had to do this test, so what you were given was an essay and you had one minute to read it and speed read it, of course, and then there was 100 questions. Wow. And so the first one I speed, I did the speed reading and answered the questions, and I got 91 of them, right. And I thought, Oh my God, they're going to thrash me. Well, nobody got more than most people didn't get within 20 of me. You know, most of them were in the 60s and 70s. Duncan, my son, was the closest. He was 12, and he was the next closest. And and then they accused me of cheating. And I sort of look to the teacher, but as a well, I said changing, how could I do that? How how is it possible I could cheat? They said, Well, you have. He said, I know you. But he said, Do you mind doing it again? Because he said, these people are going to these people were about 11 other people, all teachers. I said, they're going to, he said. They're going to learn a hard lesson. And I said, Okay, so I said, I think I can improve on it the second time around. So I'm getting on a different essay and I read that and then the questions and I got 93 the next time. And the others dropped that one or two and and they really had egg on their faces because I looked like I just climbed out of a wrestling ring. And we do we do judge a book by its cover. You know, really, what happens?

00:14:26 Michael Roads: But the me, several things took place when I was doing the course, he got me, got everybody gave us all a copy of Maxwell Moltz's book Psycho-Cybernetics It's a fairly old one now, obviously. Psycho-cybernetics - obviously an American because they come up with these words. And basically, he was saying, we live in boxes of belief. And so he was a plastic surgeon. And so somebody say my nose is crooked is ruining my life. And they go to him for him to straighten their nose out so that they could live happily again. Yeah, and he was. There is nothing to do with your nose. You simply blame your nose. And he got he was very, very ethical. In the end, he wrote the book and every client he would get them to read the book before he would operate. And of course, now it's gone crazy. But anyway, that was the very beginning of all this. And so when I read it, I realised I read it. Speed, read it. Then I read its normal speed and I read it speed read it again. I thought, I Oh my god, I'm one of these people. I'm in a box and it's not to do with my nose is to do with my beliefs.

00:15:46 Michael Roads: Because I left school very young, at 14 and bottom of the class. I had this belief. And so I began to destroy those beliefs. I began to take them apart. Now, in a way, this was my journey from brain to heart because I had a belief of the beliefs are in the brain and their left brain beliefs. And I believe it or not. And it's nice when it's English, because when I do that in German and Germany, they don't get it or French or Japanese anyway. And so Buck and I, the teacher remained very good friends and I was aware of myself going through an amazing transformation. And then one day I suddenly had this vast insight because I've always worked from intuition and I've always trusted my intuition.

00:16:44 Michael Roads: My pineal is as big as that instead of the modern day pineal the size of a grain of rice. And so my pineal is active and my intuition told me one day that intelligence - there is no such thing as a defined level of intelligence, IQ quotients are completely false. Intelligence and consciousness are connected and you can use as much intelligence as you wish. It's all there. And and well, I just kept going through transformation, after transformation, after transformation until I became spiritually enlightened.

00:17:25 Michael Roads: That was a good one in itself. And yet the journey didn't end because that everybody thinks to feel spiritually enlightened. You have Love. Spiritual enlightenment. I often referred to it as you've left, you’re finished with kindergarten. You've done kindergarten where everybody pulls your hair and sticks a finger in your eye and you go and kick them and all that, that sort of stuff, what they do in the governments that's finished. All our politicians are basically kindergarten kids. The whole lot, the world leaders are still in kindergarten, and I mean that sincerely. They're still in kindergarten. And then I went, I had two years and I sat on what I call the plateau of enlightened complacency.

00:18:16 Helen Reynolds: What does that mean?

00:18:19 Michael Roads: Well you sit there and you think I'm there, this is it. Because all the cartoons and everything refers to it, as it. And there was it's a very nice, high level plateau, not many people there. But you look at them and they're boring and they're just staring in space and they're just boring and they're not all very healthy. So if you're smart, you come down. You go back down the mountain again where the humanity is and you look around and then you find a junior school and you think, Oh, I've left kindergarten. So now I will enroll myself into the junior school.

00:18:58 Michael Roads: There are seven grades in junior school. When you get when you get right through junior school, you leave this planet, you're no longer in this frame of reality. And I've sort of been noting and I consider I'm in fifth grade junior. I'm not sure whether I reach seventh grade or not. Maybe over the next few years. Yes, I plan to live a long time. And so and so then I got back into life and I did realise that I still did not know what Love really is.

00:19:33 Michael Roads: And when my wife died in 2006, my late wife, it was a. You know, here I am, I know the spiritual path. I have a huge amount of spiritual knowledge. And you probably if you read any of my books, you know the other side of that story. I had a vast knowledge of spiritual knowledge that I didn't quite understand where it came from. And I was fine with that. But anyway, when she died, I would be getting emails saying - the first paragraph about her because she was very loved. And then the next two paragraphs about me and I realised a lot of people love me. It's been a very humbling thing over 30 years, realising, you know, I think I'm not quite sure what I think of myself, apart from the fact that I love me. But I don't know how I think about me sometimes, but I'm sort of loved by a lot of people. And that's very, very, very, very humbling. And I cried a lot because these people clearly loved me. They cared about me, and I wasn't sure quite why.

00:20:46 Michael Roads: And I realised that I didn't have that same relationship with myself. So I'll leave you to find this the journey in the book. But I found in a metaphysical experience, I found unconditional love and I realised then this is the rest of my life. You know, what we call love is not Love. There is only one type of love, and it's unconditional when we say love - it's like a word that is overused. A guy "I love my new car" and a wife "well, look at my new ring - most beautiful, I love it". And so we use the word love, which is completely wrong. I enjoy it. I'm attached to it. And what I realised is that most people and this implies, particularly in marriages, they are emotionally attached to their spouse. And we call it love. And what really hit me, I was one of those men. I've been married for 49 years, looking forward to celebrating our golden wedding.

00:21:53 Michael Roads: But she had other plans, an aneurysm and gone, just like that. And that's pretty devastating. Out of the blue and in America. And so. What I found, what I thought was a super love turnout, in fact, to be a very powerful emotional attachment. And so, she had died and every day we would talk and she told me things that I didn't know. And and and so with her and with Pan, I doubt whether you've come across Pan in my books. But with Pan, I began this journey into a very deep level of Love, very much deeper, a place that I didn't know existed. And finally, I connected with it. And if you want to know the ultimate paradox or conundrum, we are beings of Love.

00:22:49 Michael Roads: We are Love made manifest. But we also have to. We're here to learn creation. And so we have to therefore create Love for ourselves. And we have to create it to know what Love is, to know who we are and what we are. And so with spiritual enlightenment, there is a knowing of Self, the Self-realisation, or Christ consciousness, if you like. But I'm aware today there are a lot of enlightened men and women who have got their ticket back for another world round because they are not emotionally in balance and the mental is the least of the problems. The mental is not really important. The powerhouse is our emotions.

00:23:43 Michael Roads: That is the powerhouse. And so when you have emotional balance, in other words, nothing presses your buttons, nothing. You just smile. It's okay. And I've had plenty of practise. You've only got to travel the world 30 years as a spiritual teacher, and I had a lot of buttons when I began and by the time I'd finished, there were none. But then I had that experience about a year after she had gone and she led me literally to it. But you still have that final journey is on your own. So when you're unconditionally loving yourself, what you find is you unconditionally love everybody.

00:24:27 Michael Roads: There's no self, the self has gone, it's all one. In other words, there is the I think it said something in the Bible - there's the one in all - and everybody, a lot of people feel that. And then there's the all in one, and not so many people feel that. And then the last is the all in the all, and there's very, very few people who feel that. And that's in a way the journey: omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient - the one and all, the all in one and the all in all. And so when you get to that place, the buttons are pretty well smoothed out. One is still human and I thank God often for my sense of humour, it still bubbles away. In fact, you've either got a look at life and cry or look at life and laugh.

00:25:22 Michael Roads: But in loving humanity, it doesn't mean therefore that I approve of everything that everybody does. I neither approve or disapprove. But when I'm talking, loving humanity its the souls we are. So I look at humanity today as probably a phenomenon because we're all beings of intelligence and there's no such thing as subconscious intelligence. You can only have conscious intelligence. Here's the problem - according to Bruce Lipton, 94 percent of humanity lives subconsciously. There's no such thing as subconscious Love. And the implications of that you could begin to see since the so-called pandemic came out, the implications of that. Whereas if you're loving yourself, fear is no longer I, I have no relationship with fear. I've forgotten what worry feels like. I've forgotten what anxiety feels like. I don't know what stress is.

00:26:33 Michael Roads: They've all gone. And all those things. And when they've gone, you don't miss them at all. It's like, Whoa. And so, you know, I'm 85 in a couple of months, and I feel probably the healthiest and the most vital I've ever felt in my life. And then you realise that as you change your relationship with yourself. And you no longer regard self as a person, and a body, but you regard self as a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional, immortal, eternal being of love, the power of creation and light, the illumination of eternity. When that's your relationship with yourself, the whole ageing process, it changes. Everything, changes every cell in the body changes. And yet we have hospitals. We have God given immune systems, which people are trading in for a pharmaceutical one, to which they got to use for the rest of their probably fairly short lives.

00:27:41 Michael Roads: And even even biologically all animals live seven times longer than it takes a physical body to develop. Seven times longer. So 7 20's should be 140 and nobody gets there, and if they do, they look dead anyway. And so when your relationship with yourself is based, totally in Love, and every day is a love affair with yourself and humanity. Then everything changes. And and then you begin to realise the potential, now you imagine 70 years getting your business in place, getting your life in order. The kids are grown up, they're off your hands, you're 70. You've now got freedom. You've now got another 70 years to explore this, explore the being who you are. To find that you're magnificent, eternal being. 70 years for that, you know, we have a design, but everybody decides, okay, the kids are grown up. I've got no more purpose and they start to die and they believe in it.

00:28:49 Michael Roads: People believe in that. You know, people say to me, Wow, 80, 84, you're getting old and I look at them and ask "What the hell are you talking about?" I'm only halfway through my life. I've just reached middle age if you want to play that way. And so you change your relationship with yourself and your relationship with yourself is your relationship with God. And that tends to make you give away the Christian created God - the the craziness of that and you begin to realise there is a vastness called supreme creation.

00:29:26 Michael Roads: And so it changes your relationship with yourself, everything your health, longevity, everything is all in your relationship with yourself. And most people have a rotten relationship with themselves, and I've had so much experience of meeting people in that, and I don't judge or criticise that. I was one of them. But you can, you can move from that place. The difference between me and most people is - once I said "who am I" there was nothing else. That's all that mattered. Everything else, second place.

00:30:02 Helen Reynolds: Well, our current society doesn't foster. Make it easy. Create space for these kind of explorations.

00:30:10 Michael Roads: Most people said, You're mad, and you know, it's a path of me. My path was pain and suffering. So I teach Love.

00:30:18 Helen Reynolds: Oh, that was the other thing I was going to say is, isn't the world set up like that? Don't we forget, isn't the degree of separation part of the human experience?

00:30:27 Michael Roads: Well, we got it, whether it's part of it or not. So it is part of it, whether it's by default or deliberate. No, it's not. It's not. It was. It wasn't ordained that way. If you go back 400 thousand years, we were tampered with and we would change and our subconscious was made deliberately designed to become dominant. Whereas everything in nature is conscious. Everything except humanity. We're not conscious. We're not conscious of being conscious.

00:31:01 Helen Reynolds: Somebody said, When you say subconscious, do you really mean absence of consciousness?

00:31:07 Michael Roads: No, there's no such thing as unconscious.  Now, Krishnamurti used to say this, and I used to say, you're mad. And I used to say, I hit you on the head with a brick. You will fall over and be unconscious. So please don't let me read that well and listen to it on one of the tapes. And then you become enlightened, then you laugh and realise what a complete idiot you've been all the way through, but a delightful, wonderful idiot. And and so if I hit you on the brick, in the head with a brick, you will fall over. You will still be conscious, but your brain will be disconnected from it. But you will still be conscious you will be consciousness, but your brain is disconnected. So how many records are the people having an operation being operated completely anaesthetised who can afterwards tell every person in the theatre everything they said?00:32:06Helen Reynolds: One of the most recent records of that is Anita Moorjani's story.

00:32:10 Michael Roads:

Yeah, yeah. And it is a common one is a common phenomenon. Yes, but it's not a phenomenon simply because your brain is no longer recording it, but you're recording it in consciousness instead of in brain. And so we have been deliberately, I mean, this deliberately. Our whole education system, going back to the beginning thousand years ago when the cabal created the Catholic Church and other churches sprang up from it to create separation. Because you were then a spiritual being and and your spirituality was your relationship, your connection with the divine. So let's separate you because we want to control you, separate you from the divine and put a priest in and then let's take the holy trinity out of you and separate that. And so they were completely lost to us.

00:33:09 Helen Reynolds: I always think that that sort of started like even 2000 years like it was really soon after Jesus' crucifixion that that process actually began.

00:33:18 Michael Roads: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, you could definitely go back 2000 years, maybe more.

00:33:24 Helen Reynolds: In previous podcast episodes, we've talked about the removal of the concept of reincarnation and parts of that process. We don't need to go into them now, just linking ideas for listeners.

00:33:35 Michael Roads: No, we moved away from the reality of incarnation to the concept of one life. Yeah, and it is one life, it just never ends. It is the continuity of one life.

00:33:46 Helen Reynolds: But that one life was anchored in the physical.

00:33:51 Michael Roads: Yeah, of course it was and still is. Otherwise, if you know your eternal, you can't have fear. Yes. There's just no place. I mean, I don't have any relationship with fear. It doesn't mean I don't have situations or couldn't create it. So go back to that time when they did that created the schools. They focused on creating a situation of left brain dominance because we're designed to be whole brain. And so the whole education fed the left brain. The left brain has a very powerful relationship with fear, survival, death, anger and revenge or conflict.

00:34:36 Michael Roads: Right brain has no relationship with them at all. Its relationship is with Love, with Life, with Light. Completely and utterly. And there's no fear in the right brain whatsoever. So we have been designed for the situation we're in. Now is exactly the worst case scenario for our design. But it's wonderful. I mean, the human template is seriously flawed. It's not irredeemably so. So everybody's making a choice. Do I move into the new or continue on another cycle more of the same? And that's where we're at.

00:35:17 Helen Reynolds: So I don't know if we clearly came to the correct or finished the definition of the subconscious.

00:35:24 Michael Roads: No, we haven't. So there is no unconscious. You can't have un-consciousness Because everything, everything. Let's put it this way. Consciousness draws to itself physical form through which to express, but the expression is consciousness. So everything is physical form drawn together by consciousness. So you can't 'un' it. I mean, if you could un-conscious one person, the world would disappear. Because you can't 'un' it.

00:35:57 Michael Roads: The subconscious is, is all your past is and all your emotional experiences, all your loves, everything of your past is rolled up into one subconscious experience. There is a unfortunately, because of the time when we needed to survive the dinosaurs and our own ferocity, and that time we learned there was the like in nature today. Freeze, flight or fight syndrome. And so left brain learnt to fight very well.

00:36:41 Michael Roads: All of this, all this is in the subconscious. It's like a vast, vast program and the deepest the the most deeply embedded is the fear, the terrible moments, the emotional, when when we were beaten, when we were murdered and all that. And that goes into consciousness. So every time we incarnate consciousness once again draws to itself the physical substance for which to express. And so on a cellular level, all the pain, all the suffering, all the rage, all the anger goes into our bodies, on us, on a cellular level, right into our bodies, and it's in our memory. People think memory is only mental. But there is a mental memory, emotional memory. There's a cellular memory. There is soul memory. And then there is what you would call the deepest, deepest layers of subconscious memory so much. And people are living this. Every day and think they're making choices, they just live, and this is 94 percent of the human population. And and so this is the subconscious program that people live.

00:38:00 Michael Roads: And that program is dominated by fear because fear isn't real, fear is false evidence appearing real. It's there's no such thing like if you like to believe in God - God did not create fear. And although it's another subject which I'll be doing online soon, there is no fear in nature. There's no fear - we project our fear into nature, and we project our humanness into nature, and we translate nature back into us, which is none of that is none of those things, but that's what we do. But there's no fear in nature, it's uniquely human. And it's ridiculous because it's all based in illusion.

00:38:43 Helen Reynolds: Yeah, yeah. You know, the way we make animals human in terms of our interpretation, particularly evident with household pets, you know, it's the same way that we corporealise God. Is that the right way to use that word corporeal. But you know, we imagine God to be made in our image and likeness when it's completely the other way around. And it's a non-physical.

00:39:16 Michael Roads: If you would like to say God is Love and we are made in the image of Love and Love is the power of creation, so when you are loving yourself, in fact you are recreating yourself into, not away from the image of a human, but you're in your recreating your energy into something completely different, which recreates the body on an energetic level into something completely different. I'm having with all of this experimenting! The truth is you are a magnificent, metaphysical, multi-dimensional, immortal, eternal being of Love, the power of creation and light, the illumination of eternity. How do you improve on that? What do you take away? What do you make better? So what we do with our brains, we look at our character, our personality, and we listen to other people. Oh, this isn't good enough. And so we then focus on it to get rid of it. And it doesn't work. It's the slowest way the journey could be made possible. I did it the wrong way on the slowest way. The only thing I said was, if I'm no, haven't reached this goal by 50, I want to be dead. At forty nine and three months I was dying. And I knew that I had just two or three days, I either found the truth or I would die. I had told my wife, no doctors, no nothing. I either do this myself or I die. Was I frightened? I was terrified, but I'd made a deal with a being. And this was and I was quite prepared to hold my end of that deal and 50 clearly wasn't going to happen.

00:41:08 Michael Roads: But at 49 and three months, I was definitely dying and and I was in a bad way. I'd been going downhill physically for nine years and I was in a bad way. I won't go into it. But what I it's an interesting story. You want me to tell you.00:41:26Helen Reynolds: I'd love you to tell it.

00:41:28 Michael Roads: OK, I just go to the end of this. For nine years, I've been going downhill with. I'd become an insomniac. I couldn't sleep. And when you can't sleep seriously, your whole body system begins to drop because we need sleep. We don't give nearly enough value to sleep. And so then I began to develop cellulitis. Well, cellulitis isn't fatal, but it hit me in the face, always in the left side. So it would go into my eyes, into my nostrils, and then it would go toward my mouth. Well, because I can't breathe through my ears when my nose is blocked. There's only the mouth left, and when your mouth swells up in your throat, then that's it. You have to have a breathing tube put in. And so a drug would stop it. So for five years, I did every homoeopathic, every herbal. And then finally, I was put onto drugs to stop it. And the first one tablet goal. But it would come back because I was deeply, deeply stressed and all the stress I created anyway. So I'm 49 and three months and I woke up. Oh, and when I was 29, I badly injured my lower spine. And so I would have long periods, a very I wouldn't be out of pain more than three to four months at a time. And then the pain would be really intense. It put me in hospital a few times, completely paralysed with pain.

00:43:07 Michael Roads: And so this was a rough ride from from when I said "who am I" to 49 and that was about 15 years. But it was a downhill spiral, not uphill, as I expected, downhill. So at 49 and three months, one morning I wake up. My back is bad again. I'm paralysed with pain. My face is bloated up in the night with with cellulitis. And as I woke up, it came into my awareness very strongly. I can heal myself. Unfortunately, they didn't give me any instructions, no instruction book. And so when.. Treenie was already out and she came in, she said, God, you look, you look rough. I said, You know, I feel rough.

00:43:55 Michael Roads: And I said, look, this is it. I said, 50 is not an option. I said, I just know I've reached the end. I said, so no doctors, none of my naturopathic friends. I want you to make me a promise. She said "what's that" and I said, either I heal myself or you, let me die. And the shock I got when she when she she looked at me for nearly a minute felt like a long time, finally, she nodded, if that's what you want. I couldn't believe it, how could you let me die? But I hadn't sort of thought that bit through! And so she nodded, and I didn't realise that that is actually Love, Love to let go because I couldn't have done that for her. And so the next two days were rough. Everything got worse. And then on the third day, I sort of rolled out of bed and crawled on the floor to get outside onto the veranda. And as I crawled out, an old friend called in the woman, one of the matriarchs, who I'd had a long, long fight with and we'd finally become friends. And she looked at me and I did look rough.00:45:06Michael Roads: She said, God, you look rough. And I said, Yeah, I'm healing myself. And. And at that moment, Treenie came out the front door, she said. And she told me this probably a thousand times. I'd heard these exact words. And she said Michael believes he grows through pain and suffering and I'd always rejected it - nobody is that stupid.

00:45:30 Michael Roads: And in that moment I realised, Oh my God, I'm that stupid. And I suddenly saw my lifetime to Christian. You're born in sin and you grow through suffering. And I suddenly saw it there and I thought Oh my God. I didn't know that program was still in me and still running. I was completely shocked. It was running my life. And yet I didn't even know I had that program to me. You hear the words, Well, that is stupid. Sorry, but that was the program, and it was running my life. And so I crawled off off the verandah. I couldn't walk. I couldn't even get up on into my youngest son's bedroom, where he had a big mirror on the floor.

00:46:18 Michael Roads: And I wanted to just crawl in front of it and say, Look in the mirror and say, Michael, I love you. That's what I wanted to do. And I looked in the mirror and I saw this face, you know, sort of a lot of whiskers completely swollen all up this side. Bright red. Complete pain, suffering, loss, despair, fear. It was all there. All I could do was cry. I just looked at, but I couldn't say, I love you. I couldn't have done. And I just cried. And and as I sat and looked and cried next to the Mirror, it seemed to me like a doorway appeared. Mm-Hmm. And I knew it wasn't real. It was like metaphysical. And I knew it if I stepped into that doorway we're done. I'd only got to step into it metaphysically. And it was all finished.

00:47:15 Michael Roads: So I was terrified. I decided, OK, this is the end so I might as well do it. And I tried to step in and couldn't and then and you need to realise this was not an intellectual process, this was happening in the moment. And I was terrified. But it came to me before you go, you need to let go of your children. Because you're attached to them. I had four children and one by one I brought them up in my imagination and I let them go. It was tough. But I realised the youngest one was about 12 and now they'll be OK. They didn't really need me. And so then I tried to step through the mirror and couldn't and still couldn't, couldn't, couldn't move.

00:48:05 Michael Roads: And so then it came to me, you need now to let go of Treenie. Well, boy, that's that was a tough one, but tougher than the four children combined. But I felt that I found the place where I let go Treenie and then I still couldn't get through the door. And it occurred to me then that I for 15 years, I've been reading books by spiritual people. I've got a lot of spiritual knowledge and it's useless. Here I am sitting here suffering in pain. And there wasn't one thing that I'd read everything. Paul Brunson, Joel Goldsmith. I'd met Vera Stanley Alder - everything they told me it was useless. There was nothing there to help. And that's when I sort of had this realisation. There is no path of knowledge or intellect. This is a path of the spirit. The soul and the soul doesn't do it, but I didn't help me either. And then it came to me. You need now to let go of your desire to become enlightened or Christ consciousness or Self realised. That was easy, all it had given me was pain and suffering. I threw that away. No problem. And I still couldn't go into the door and I thought, God, what is going on? You know? And I'm I'm pretty low. I'm terrified. It was not good.

00:49:39 Michael Roads: And and then he came to me, you now need to let go of, God. Well, that was an interesting one, because eight years previously, I'd been in the community and in the community, I used to go into the sanctuary and meditate, and because my last incarnation, the last 20 odd years of it was in a monastery. All I did in the monastery in northern France was I used to do meditation and contemplation. The real contemplation and meditation would sometimes be six or seven days. And and so I could meditate. And so in my meditation, I was about three hours in it and everybody else had gone. They thought I was mad! 20 minutes and they were gone and I was just deeply moving into the deeper levels. And it felt like God withdrew from me. I was so shocked, completely shocked that I came out of it and I couldn't even talk to anybody for two or three days. I was so shocked that God had abandoned me. And I just....emotionally... I let my emotions in. My head would say, that can't happen. But the emotionally is exactly what it felt like, and emotions always win every time. And so and I liked my mish mash of whatever I though it, but it had gone.

00:51:08 Michael Roads: So now I thought, OK, it's time to get my own back. I can do that. That, in fact, proved to be more difficult than the rest of it put together - to let go of God. Even though the God of letting go of me letting go God. It's like, no, nothing in me wanted to do that. But somehow I don't know how long it took. I dragged up and I felt I'd let go God. And then I still couldn't walk out of the body, through that [mirror] and I could walk out my body like that. I still couldn't do it and go through the door. And I thought, this is ridiculous. And then it came to me. Now you let go of Michael. Well, that one floored me. Michael, let go. I am Michael, how can I do this? And so I raged against that for a while and I just I haven't a clue what to do. And I went quiet and cried some more. And something in me, I gave in. Like something surrendered at a level that it never surrendered before. It's almost like I felt a membrane inside me tearing. And all of a sudden I had this realisation. There is no Michael is just a made up...it's just and....it's just an illusion. There is no person. There is no Michael. There is no identity. There's nothing to let go of. And I knew it. And at that moment, I got up and walked into the door, easily walk straight into it. And instead of being dead, as I expected, there was this tremendous, like blue flame.

00:52:45 Michael Roads: And I just stood there. And for me, it was timeless. And if you're interested in this, then hooks up with something that began earlier and is so fascinating. I walk down my timeline, and as I walk down my timeline, I come to the place where I'm standing in a field of hay and I'm 19. And I've been persecuted by a man, verbally, who hated the class system, and he would always talk about my family badly. And I knew nothing about my family and I knew that I had a problem and that was rage. I had a terrible rage, I was born with it and I was always frightened that I'd kill him if I lost...if this rage came over me. Because at 19 I was very strong, I could bend six inch nails, and he was about 40 years older than me, 30 years older. And so the sun is shining and I'm there, and the 19 year old boy. This litany of spites starts up behind me as this man once again starts telling me lies, half truths, whatever about my family. And the rage was there and I couldn't stop it. And I turn round and I had a pitchfork in my hand, as he did long tines like this long and I turn around. I took two steps toward him and pulled my arms back, and I was going to smash that into him as hard as I could. And just as I was full ready to go like now, my whole body like burst into light. And I felt this incredible love sweeping all over me and to my horror, my complete horror. I heard myself say, you'll never be able to do that to me again. Do that to me meant victimise me. But I'd never heard of the word. I never heard such a word. You'll never be able to do that to me again. I love you.

00:54:50 Michael Roads: And I.... God, I couldn't.... I had to.... I went over the other side of the field and I still can see his face the horror as he was rail about to die. So it didn't happen. And that would have put me in prison for about 25 years. And so I see that. But what happened was just as he was, I was going to lunge forward. But I remember this feeling of love light all over me. I reached out to Michael and I stood watching him and I knew exactly what he was going to do. And just as he pulled back, I reached down and put my hand on his shoulder. So 19 year old Michael could feel 49 year old Michael what he was going through at that moment. And so the love and light that I stood in went right through him. And he didn't kill that man.

00:55:46 Michael Roads: And then the next flash, the next thing I see, I'm about 35 and I'm going round and round on the round-about and I'm standing watching him, so I start feeding questions towards him and I can see him getting more and more puzzled. And gradually I open his energy and he's getting more and more open as he's taking these questions and go round and round looking more and more puzzled. And then I'm shaping up like a round ball - the "who am I" question and as he came round, I slammed it into him and he almost folded over.

00:56:26 Michael Roads: And then I am back in the room and I thought, Oh my gosh, and this is what we're doing in life. So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? And the answer is consciousness. So I become enlightened and go down my timeline. Change the moment of the 19 year old so he can become the 35 year old changed that moment. So we'll ask the question Who am I? Which allows me to become the enlightened 49 year old who can go back and change the past to become the person who can go back? This is how life is and people think it's all linear. This is how life works. And then I was aware of myself sitting down cellulitis had gone and very completely gone in one in that 20 minutes. Maybe I think of 20 minutes. I looked at my watch, I was completely gone and I very carefully stood up because I was a bit afraid of pain.

00:57:29 Michael Roads: No pain. It was completely healed my back. Never had it again. And every all my insomnia was gone. Everything was gone. I was completely healed and still still in that. There was not the unconditional love for myself. So it was a it was a quantum leap of their magnitude. But it wasn't the end. And if you read the books through the eyes of love part one, two and three and then stepping between realities, you'll hear the story that I'm not saying. Now you'll read this story.

00:58:07 Helen Reynolds: That's perfect.

00:58:09 Michael Roads: The life, you know, we try to understand it. Both the spiritual and the whole spiritual journey is not an intellectual journey. Knowledge has a use by date. Knowledge can become distorted and it loses its caliber. And so we have a humanity addicted to intellectual knowledge, whereas I find the the area that I love is what I call direct knowing. I think the esoteric term is mystical cognition. And so you allow knowing to come out of that moment. And when you have sufficient trust, you don't question it, you just let it come.

00:58:59 Helen Reynolds: So one of the things that we talked about a little while ago now, but I said we were talking about humanity in the state that it's in currently. And you said it's love creating these the world to change the change the world situation. Your words were, we're all already perfect. We all love love being expressed through consciousness.

00:59:23 Michael Roads: There's a few things I'll pull together. One of them prepared two years travelling around the world. I kept telling people in the mid-2020s, we are going to hit a pandemic of dementia because humanity is completely lost in the subconscious and we are not evolving. We're getting clever. More and more clever, but unfortunately clever holds hands with stupid, and that is evident, obviously today. And so I said, in fact, I was wrong. It came earlier. It came just before the middle of the middle twenties. And then I on the pandemic. Yeah, with no quite dementia, but fear is demented anyway. And so I wasn't far off there. And then there's two other things to time of this.

01:00:14 Michael Roads: One of my teachings is in every moment of your life, you are creating the direction and content of every moment of your life. That's how it works for everybody. So we can't blame anybody for anything, even ourselves, because we are acting from total ignorance. And so when you don't know who you are, how can you know where you're going or why are you going there? And so all that comes back to what is the way out of this because this quagmire that humanity is in. I mean, it's just utter confusion.

01:00:52 Michael Roads: Everybody looks to the intellectual way. There is no intellectual way. The intellect is a tool - a carpenter, has a hammer and can drive nails in and build a home, or he can take the same hammer and knock it down. We no longer use the intellect in harness with intelligence. We've lost intelligence because you have to be conscious to use intelligence. And so now was subconscious and intellectual, and that has become the norm because that's the way the schools are taught in the universities continue it.

01:01:35 Michael Roads: You know, my brother is brilliant. Plus he's super brilliant at 88. His brain is incredible, but his life is a mess. Complete, total mess. Because, there's not much intelligence in it, but there is intellectual brilliance and it doesn't work. And we've been seeing it doesn't work and still we come out anyway. I could keep going like this, you realise for five days. This is just. But what I what I'm trying to say is there has to be one way out. And thinking isn't going to do it. Emotions aren't going to do it. And so you focus on Love.

01:02:15 Michael Roads: And now people then think love is an emotion. And so then we emote and we call that loving. So you emote over Max and I emote over Carolyn and we say, I love them so much. And in our emotions, hopefully there is little because the higher emotions move into love and the lower emotions move into fear. Bur more spouses project lower emotions on their spouse than they do higher emotions. But it's all called love.

01:02:46 Michael Roads: So we've completely lost it. So there's only one way to turn and that is toward yourself. Now, this might be a concept for you, but for me, it's real. There is nothing outside Self. When I say I am the world I experience that, I can listen to the universe. It doesn't say g'day Michael, how's things today? Nothing like that. But everything. Everything is energy. Everything on the planet is energy, and all energy carries information. You can't have energy without information, and all information is endlessly sharing itself. It never stops. But nobody's listening. Humanity lost how to listen a long time ago.01:03:32Michael Roads: We hear we don't listen. And listening is to be five years to learn, to listen. It's a real artform and you don't even know what you're trying to do until you get close to it. Anyway. And so we have we have a humanity that has no idea who it is or what it is. So the only thing you can do is start off with the truth. And that premise is, I am perfect. And so I'm going to focus on my perfection, and I'm going to focus on loving my perfection and gradually, gradually you begin to feel that love. At first, you know, it's like fake it until you make it in a way we can laugh about that. But in a way ...what we ...one of our discarded abilities is imagination.

01:04:27 Michael Roads: No animal on the planet has imagination. Only us. But we've decided that an imagination creates what isn't real. We've never been more wrong in our lives. Every sports psychologist knows that imagination is the powerhouse. And so you imagine yourself as perfect and you imagine yourself loving yourself and you imagine, how would I treat somebody all day if I really, really loved them? Would I criticise them?01:05:00Michael Roads: Most psychologists will tell you. About 84 per cent of the average person's day is spent in self-talk, criticising themselves. Every thing, every other person you criticise is self because there's nothing outside self. So once you know the truth, no longer intellectual or conceptual, they're reality. Once you know you're eternal and immortal. There's an enormous sense of peace comes into you. An incredible sense of peace. It's like a vast white bubble that comes in you and you deeply relaxed in it. It is called inner peace is pretty rare in humanity and in there there is nothing but love. You know, I do my every first Sunday of the month I do healing humanity meditation for everybody. There are quite a lot of people doing that now.

01:05:56 Michael Roads: And in it, I'm taking them on a new journey. And maybe you'd like to join, five o'clock Brisbane time on the first Sunday of every month. And it goes worldwide and you'll see what I mean by the journey. You'll see what I mean by that space. It sort of puts you in....I get many people say, I've never, ever done meditation so powerfully. It's not really a meditation at all. It really is a journey that people can call it what they like.

01:06:29 Michael Roads: And so when you find this peace, you realise at the end of it all, just say you look at a portrait of yourself and it's perfect. And you look at it and you are no, I don't like the nose and so you reshape gradually, you keep changing it and changing it and changing it all through your incarnations. And then when you incarnate again is the picture where you left it off. And you keep changing it and change it every incarnation. You do various workshops and you change it. And this is better than that. Still don't like that and you keep tweaking it and tweaking it forever and ever. And then one day you stop and realise I know what I'm going to do and you get some turps and you clean off the picture and you look at it, you realise, Oh my God, it was perfect before I started.

01:07:23 Michael Roads: And so just realise, let's just say God is Love. God is perfection. God is truth and God created in his image. Forget man! God created in his image. So let's just say God created Helen perfectly. And Helen gets in touch with that perfection, says there's nothing more to do. All I've got to do is take hold of this perfection. I won't talk about it because people won't understand, but I'll take hold of my perfection and I will nurture it and I will be grateful for it. I will appreciate it and I will love it, and I will respect it. And all criticism or comparison or judgement of me is finished completely is done because I know I'm perfect. That is your... in that, in that moment, you're seed to Ascension begins to grow. Finally. Which has been there with you forever. That seed to ascension begins to grow. And you just let it grow, you get your head out the way, and you just know I was always..I've been perfect forever. And you don't tell other people because most people are not ready. That is a truth. That is a truth what I call capital T. And it doesn't have a ceiling to it. Your perfection has no ceiling where you're going to reach perfection will grow for eternity.

01:08:59 Michael Roads: And then when you can get your head around that or get it out of the way you will feel that in your heart because this is what I'm talking to the heart and soul that you are. From that moment, you're on a new journey and it's a journey where you relax and where you allow, you no longer try. That's left brain. Left brain tries. Right brain says, heart says, soul says - we allow. And so you allow like a little flower bud, a rose - you've only got to give it some light and water. Do you need to say to it, OK, now you're your third from the left, you need to bring that petal down a bit. Otherwise, you're going to be in trouble. And you're exactly the same. But we look at our own buds and we forget that in the bud of innocence awaits the bloom of truth. We forget that. That's one of my my aphorisms.

01:09:57 Michael Roads: We forget that. And so we dare not unfold the bud in case the bloom, the flower isn't good enough. And so we've held it for ages in bud now is the time for you to realise, Oh God, this is so perfect and the bloom will unfold, a flower will come, people say, Wow, you've changed Helen, what did you do? And you'll be able to smile and say absolutely nothing. Because it's all there. All.

01:10:29 Michael Roads: It's hard to get ...a left brain can't deal with this. All eternity is in this moment of your life now. The whole of eternity. The future, as far as you can go, the past as far as you go, it's all in this moment. Can you realise the immense power of that, the sheer immensity of that? It's all yours the moment you connect with. That's how it works.

01:11:01 Helen Reynolds: I think when we. Try to understand it intellectually, that's the moment we're left absolutely speechless.

01:11:10 Michael Roads: Understanding is taken the vast and bringing it down to a little tiny bit that you can understand. In other words, you're taking the eternity of trying to bring it down to a mental concept of your past, which is an illusion anyway. You don't have a past. You only have a now.

01:11:33 Helen Reynolds: Not many words are required now, except really to say thank you. I think it's the perfect moment.

01:11:42 Michael Roads: I'd like to thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure.

01:11:47 Helen Reynolds: I'll have all the links to your book, your website, your program and your meditations on the show notes page for this episode, which can be found at Live True to You dot com. It's been a fabulous conversation, and for those listening in, I hope this episode has revealed more of the power, truth and reality of love, and given you a greater confidence that your sensitivity to love is in fact a superpower worth loving.