Working with me is for you if you’re ready to fully embrace your greatest strength – you’re sensitivity to feelings, emotions and energy.

Yes, it’s your greatest strength.  I’m not joking.

You’re sensitivity gives you the ability to live fully, to love unconditionally, to tap into your power to create and to stand confidently, proudly and authentically in your own individuality.

You have something very special to share with the world and the world needs your unique perspective, expression and sharing of who you really are.  

Your sensitivity to feelings, emotions and energy has been encouraging you to discover, be and express who you really are.  The problem is your choice of being has been withheld.  The material, rational and logical worldview has dismissed the value of sensitivity and false explanations of what your feelings and emotions mean have prevailed.  Leaving you understandably confused about how to relate to life.

At times you have felt so connected to life that you've freely shared the sparkle in your eye, the magic in your smile and spring in your step.  All with excited anticipation about what unexpected situation you might soon find yourself in!  It feels like you’ve got-it-together.

Though at other times you've felt a dullness or heaviness that makes life feel like a grind so painful that you wonder if it’s worth the effort.  It feels like your lost in life or like your life is falling apart.  Or even leaves you, as it did me, feeling desperately homesick, but not knowing how to go home.

However, mostly you've felt in an in-between space that is often hopeful.  Hopeful the next achievement, relationship, job or location would bring your feelings, emotions and energy into alignment with your life, making life feel satisfying and rewarding.

Yet, the alignment is fleeting.  The underlying feeling that there is something deeper within you wanting to be acknowledged, recognised and expressed remains.  Are you ready to answer the call from deep within to find another way?

My work is to introduce you to this underlying, ever-present part of you.  The part long ago buried under the material, rational, logical experience of life.  The part that you fiercely protect from all those except those special few.  The part of you that brings your life back to life, like water to a desert.  The part that makes experiencing love, newness and manifesting possible.

Let me reassure you that your feelings and emotions are not calling you to live emotionally with your heart on your coat-sleeve, vulnerably in a materialistic world.  No.  They are calling you to reconnect with the underlying thread of life that holds the fabric of life together.  The thread that can't be faked, manufactured, controlled, measured, compared or satisfied by learning, achievements, accomplishments, relationships or material possessions.  The thread of your being that is ever-present, heartful, authentic, complete and already accomplished.

Being sensitive with a false understanding of what your feelings and emotions mean leads directly to chaos.  I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, you've experienced and witnessed it many times over.  It causes great pain and suffering, all of which is unnecessary except for bringing you into a willingness to find a different way.

You’re ready to answer the call from deep within your being, to claim what has been withheld from you and to honour that part of you that makes loving, creating and manifesting possible.  You’re ready to redefine who you know yourself to be.

Your yearning for truth is stronger than ever before and you’re ready to

  • discover a way of experiencing your feelings, emotions and energy in a way that is free of judgement, denial, refusal, control, fear and resistance
  • stop denying your feelings but without becoming an emotional wreck and without being vulnerable
  • move beyond the blatant deception of the materially orientated way of life and fully embrace your wholehearted way of being
  • live your own truth, to live as the individual you wholeheartedly are, and
  • to improve your relationship with yourself, with life and with those who are special to you.

Let me return what has been withheld from you.

Return discernment without judgement.

Return influence without control.

Return desire without greed.

Return love without fear.

Return confidence without cockiness.

Return compassion without expectation.

Return you to your rightful wholeness of being.  

Your heart longs for connection to your true state of being while your mind is too scared to let go of control.  Which is why my process meets you in the middle - it's a logical facilitation for the mind to willingly join the heart in a wholehearted recognition of your true state of being, it's a process that takes you directly (and effortlessly) to the heart of all that matters and returns to you your rightful choice, your choice of being.  

If you're still here with me now, reading this, then you are ready to take the next step, to choose whether to work with me one on one, to pre-order the upcoming audio program or to keep in touch via my newsletter and podcast.