This is such a fun interview with Jacquelin Smith.  We cover cosmic ground and this interview is perfect for you if you've ever looked up to the stars and felt like you wanted to go home.  Jacquelin shares what it's like living on earth as a highly sensitive person, her hybrid upbringing with her galactic family and then two light language activation's with us, both helping us to connect to our hearts and the joy within.

Jacquelin's life experience has been different from many and after much encouragement from her dear friend Judy Carroll, she has recently published her story in her latest book titled Star Being in the Mirror - My Journey as Hybrid.

A Cosmic Conversation with Jacquelin Smith

This is such a fun interview with Jacquelin Smith.  We cover cosmic ground and this interview is perfect for you if you've ever looked up to the stars and felt like you wanted to go home.  Jacquelin shares what it's like living on earth as a highly sensitive person, her hybrid upbringing with her galactic family and then two light language activation's with us, both helping us to connect to our hearts and the joy within.

Jacquelin's life experience has been different from many and after much encouragement from her dear friend Judy Carroll, she has recently published her story in her latest book titled Star Being in the Mirror - My Journey as Hybrid.

Light Language explained.

Being so aware of her multidimensional soul is what gives Jacquelin the ability to speak several light languages, be a light language channel and facilitate light language transmissions.  Many people benefit from receiving the activation of codes held with the language of light, Jacquelin describes it this way: "Light language is a soul/cosmic language. It is the voice/codes of Creation. This language is a heart language which our souls embrace and enjoy."

Light language bridges the soul, or our heart energy, and our current physical earth plane experience because as Jacquelin explains "It speaks to our minds, our bodies, our souls, every cell in our body, all our bodies. And so on some level, we know that and recognise it and it bypasses the mind ego."

The mind ego (also commonly called the human mind or egocentric mind) is what disconnects us from the harmony of life and our natural flow of energy.  As we journey through our spiritual awakening we are transitioning from a life experience of perceiving from the mind ego (or logical mind) to living in our natural energy flow of heart energy.  

While Jacquelin lives with her cosmic energy connection she is also sensitive to the heavy energy and life experiences on the earth plane.   She shares how she uses the energetic language of light to raise her energy when she feels the burden of the earth plane.  

This interview is powerful, yet light.  I highly recommend it for anyone who anyone who has ever looked up into the heavens and wondered how to go home.


You can learn more about Jacquelin's psychic abilities, cosmic activation codes held within her light language writing and artwork and other books at JacquelinSmith.com




[00:00:00.310] - Helen Reynolds

Welcome to another episode of the More Love Podcast with Helen Reynolds. The place for conversations that reveal your greatest strength is in your sensitivity to love energy.  Today I'm so happy to be sharing this episode side with Jacqueline Smith. Welcome, Jacqueline.

[00:00:18.830] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on your podcast.

[00:00:22.810] - Helen Reynolds

Oh, well, that pleasure is going to be ours. There is a great deal to explain about you. Your background and your knowledge is cosmic - shall we say so? I always refrain from reading people's Bio’s like a declaration because I think it's so much more interesting when the stories come out through conversation. So listen in and you'll hear all sorts of really interesting things from Jacqueline today. I will say, though, that if you have ever looked up to the stars and wondered when you could go home and I know I have many times then this episode is for you.

[00:01:06.230] - Helen Reynolds

So whilst we're going to traverse quite some distance in this episode, Jacqueline, we might start with some familiar territory, our sensitivity to feelings, energy and emotion. So I'm just wondering if you would share with us what it's been like for you being quite a sensitive person to feelings, energy and emotion.

[00:01:29.510] - Jacqueline Smith

Well, I think being a hybrid, it definitely has made me much more sensitive. Two things in my environment. And I'm just being here on Earth because Earth is very dense. The energy is very dense. I think that's a real challenge in terms of being here after spending many days and nights on starships where there is no time, there is no density in the way that it is here. So now, being here on Earth, it has been a real challenge for me to be here, you know, number of days it can be like I feel like I'm walking through mud.

[00:02:27.670] - Jacqueline Smith

So that's a challenge for sure in my life and being very sensitive to other people, I'm an empath. So sometimes I have to sort out what is mine and what is not mine. When I'm around people, when I walk into a grocery store or at a party somewhere, I can suddenly start to feel a certain way. And then I'm going like, is this me or am I picking up someone else's stuff? So I've tried to work with that for many years and distinguish what's mine and what's not and when it's not, I just have my own techniques and ways of releasing, releasing other people's energies.  I'm just more sensitive sometimes to drugs. I don't really take drugs. Western med drugs.

[00:03:35.350] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah. Pharmaceutical drugs.

[00:03:38.470] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you. Pharmaceutical drugs. I tend to not have a good reaction at times. That's also true for me. With herbs. Certain herbs in that very sensitive to can't be around perfume at all. Someone who's wearing perfume. I just have all kinds of reactions, too. So I think it's a challenge for anyone who sensitive to kind of navigate in their lives at times and to understand what's theirs and what is not and how can you look at other alternative ways to get assistance for different health issues or whatever because of being so sensitive.

[00:04:33.090] - Helen Reynolds

Would you tell us more about being a hybrid, or can we consider that the same as being of star origin? And does that make people more sensitive?

[00:04:43.410] - Jacqueline Smith

Okay. So everyone has a star origin, like everyone is a star seed on Earth.

[00:04:49.650] - Helen Reynolds

Wow. I didn't know that.

[00:04:51.520] - Jacqueline Smith

Yes, everyone is a star seed. We all come from elsewhere, and our soul chose the form here, to be on Earth, as a human, but we've all come from other places. Our spirit isn't from the Earth. Our soul is not from the Earth, but we're in this human body. We chosen to come here, believe it or not. So... In a bigger sense, we're all hybrids because we are from the stars. But to be a little more specific, the way that it can also be described or defined as a hybrid is someone who has been genetically altered.

[00:05:49.590] - Jacqueline Smith

That's why I call myself a hybrid is because when my mother was pregnant with me, she was taken aboard a Starship and she was injected, I would say, with a cocktail of seven different DNAs from seven different star races. And so they injected that into me when I was in the womb, which genetically altered me and has enhanced the talents and skills that I have. And I agreed on soul level to be that. So I have seven different, we could say aspects of my hybrid self.

[00:06:39.590] - Jacqueline Smith

So that makes it very challenging, because most of the time, I feel much more star being than human. So I have a much higher frequency of star being in me, like, as a hybrid.

[00:07:02.010] - Helen Reynolds

Could we say you're seven part star being and one part human?

[00:07:06.570] - Jacqueline Smith

That's actually about it. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Some people might like people who are star seeds. They might have, like, 20% of the frequency of different races. Somebody else might have 50%. It just kind of depends on what the person has, what their soul has agreed to come into. If that makes sense.

[00:07:42.630] - Helen Reynolds

There's a lot of fear, I guess, generated around ideas like this. So really, it comes down to us being able to feel if there's any fear in it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, would you speak a little bit about you spoke about having agreed to this at a soul level, but it's a love based purpose, I guess.

[00:08:06.260] - Jacqueline Smith

Yeah, definitely. And so the star beings on the ship, I call my star parents and all the other beings on the ship that I experienced. We were family, and it was amazing. It was unconditional love. It's not like it is here on Earth, on the ship. It really was this pure, unconditional love that it's hard to describe. You really cannot describe it. But when I was on the ship, I felt like I was in heaven. I was blissed out and didn't really want to come back to Earth.

[00:08:53.310] - Jacqueline Smith

Sometimes when I was a child because I was on the ship starting at about age three and they loved me. And I knew that my star mother would hold my hand. My starfather would too. We'd walk around the ship, which was more like floating. We didn't really walk. And the other star beings were that way as well. On the other star beings on the ship, there were Mantis beings who look similar to a Praying Mantis, but they're about 8 or 9ft tall, and I love them.

[00:09:33.280] - Jacqueline Smith

They have a great sense of humour. They're childlike, but not childish and very intelligent. They actually helped to create the cosmic grids, which is huge. And there were Arcturian's on the ship, Zeta's, all kinds of beings. And my star parents are tall, white Zeta Masters, and they come from they always say they come from the Alpha Centauri B neighbourhood. They all have a great sense of humour also. So I personally experienced love, unconditional love when I was with them, and in a way that on the ship they were just there loving me unconditionally.

[00:10:27.950] - Jacqueline Smith

We were all kids on the ship. There was a group of eight of us in class and they loved us all.

[00:10:35.310] - Helen Reynolds

It's really interesting. I started the podcast with this idea that our greatest strength is our sensitivity to love energy. And if we've experienced and we know deep within our soul that unconditional love energy, then I feel that while we're down here on Earth, it's really contrasting the absence of unconditional love in most situations. And I think that contributes to our sensitivity. We're sort of aghast at the absence of it.

[00:11:09.550] - Jacqueline Smith

I think that's true coming to Earth and being in this human form, especially being on the ships throughout my whole childhood in teens, it was and is a huge contract to come back to Earth into the 3D and everything that's going on with humanity, dealing with the mind ego where the star beings that I'm connected to and on the ship, that's not an issue of any kind because they understand we're all one. That's one of their biggest messages is we're all one. And when you know you're all one, you don't do all this bickering and fighting and everything that's going on in the way that it is.

[00:12:03.270] - Jacqueline Smith

And it's very hard to watch. For me. It's very hard to see. It's very hard to watch it. It's very grating because it's so different than on the ship. I mean, just a huge contrast. And on the ship, it's very quiet, still, peaceful. The ship, it's organic, so it's a being too. And so they're all in perfect harmony with each other. Just this perfect harmony telepathically because they all speak telepathically. I love telepathy because it's very direct. There can be no misunderstanding, a word, you know, it's just direct.

[00:12:55.550] - Jacqueline Smith

And you know what that being is thinking and feeling where obviously it's different here on Earth. I think the good news is we're heading that direction. The people who are waking up are heading more that direction and understanding that we are all  and that we need to be listening to our hearts and living from our hearts and not from the ego and the mind. And so I feel there are many openings now happening where people are really understanding us at a much deeper level and understanding that they are cosmic beings.  That they're not from Earth, that they are from many places.

[00:13:48.060] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah, I think so, too. You mentioned you were in classes with eight others. So you're one of the eight. So are the other ones here as well. Have you been able to connect up with them on the Earth plane?

[00:14:01.590] - Jacqueline Smith

Well, there were eight of us and some of the other children were from other countries. And then there's one, actually two people who were in that group who I know now. I mean, I don't have close ties to them, but I know them. The cool thing is, we all communicated telepathically and knew what each other was saying without any language barriers. We just knew how to do that. And we learned a class how to do that, which was lovely. And we were allowed to be children on the ship, which was wonderful.

[00:14:48.730] - Jacqueline Smith

I remember one of my favourite things I loved running up and down the corridors of the ship. My star parents Zazu and Ametha are frequencies or names. They would just kind of chuckle. They were just - well, there she goes!  But they let me totally be who I was, which was an amazing gift to me.

[00:15:14.560] - Helen Reynolds

Is this one of the stories that you've included in your recent book? So you've just published Star Being in the Mirror, which is, I believe, includes lots of your life stories.

[00:15:25.330] - Jacqueline Smith

Yeah. That's one of the stories. And in class we got to learn. We learned how to create energy balls with our hands and we would toss the energy balls to each other like a baseball. And we also learned with our mind how to create an image and then create it with our hands with light and put it on a holographic screen on the ship. That was kind of our ...art class!  There was another being on the ship in an Acturian Zeta, who I called Sandman. And I talk about him in the book, but I always just called him Sandman.

[00:16:20.730] - Jacqueline Smith

I don't know if you ever heard the song, Mr. Sandman.

[00:16:24.330] - Helen Reynolds


[00:16:25.490] - Jacqueline Smith

And so when I was young, my parents would sing that song or I would hear it - and you know, Mr Sandman puts you to sleep - anyway and then creates the this beam of light to take me up, which was really fun. But on the ship, I danced and learned a lot about crystals because they're living beings. All the crystals are living beings. And then on the walls of the ship, which are really holographic, they're not solid. There were light language symbols all over the wall. So I would stick my fingers into the light language codes I call them and they would come off the wall and dance with me, and they would dance through me, which would raise my frequency.

[00:17:22.180] - Helen Reynolds


[00:17:23.710] - Jacqueline Smith

And it was just amazing fun.

[00:17:27.640] - Helen Reynolds

No wonder you didn't want to come down to Earth. It'd be like putting your feet in cement.

[00:17:33.820] - Jacqueline Smith

Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. And I started speaking light language when I was like three years old with the star beings and all the different star languages that they speak, I'm able to speak. So that's great fun. And I still do all that now. And also on the ship, we would merge like my Star parents and I would drop our bodies and merge as one light and no words for that. It was just like knowing that oneness and that unconditional love, like just pure being pure light, pure unconditional love.

[00:18:24.940] - Helen Reynolds

It kind of reminds me of a line from A Course of Love that says love is attribute less, as in it can't be explained. It doesn't have attribute. It just is.

[00:18:39.810] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you.

[00:18:41.370] - Helen Reynolds

And then when we're in this form in the more 3D 4D type form, we suddenly associate all these attributes with love. And then that's how we end up down the conditional love line, as opposed to understanding that it leaves you speechless. Like you just explain it is.

[00:19:02.710] - Jacqueline Smith

And actually, what you just said is one of the quotes that one of my star being families said to me that love just is with a capital IS these beings are very focused on love and light and joy. Very funny the Mantis Beings are, they just make me laugh all the time. They're just hilarious. And they love. All these beings, love humanity and are here helping in one way or another. They cannot directly intervene, although they have intervened a couple times at stop missiles going off a couple of times, but they are doing what they can to help humanity evolve.

[00:19:58.050] - Jacqueline Smith

But the truth is, humans have to mature and grow up and be responsible for the choices we make as a collective that humanity makes as a collective. So I think we're heading may not look that way, but I think the more people that wake up, that's more the direction that we're heading, because I think more people are coming into their hearts now, definitely. And really getting in touch with what's important and what do I love to do? I see many people just doing all kinds of shifts like that.

[00:20:42.330] - Jacqueline Smith

I think that things are progressing. I just always ask the star beings to continue to help us, to guide us. And we are the star beings. I mean, again, everyone here is a star seed. And as people remember who they are as star seeds, hybrids. Again, it doesn't matter. Then they can remember the bigger picture of things that they are a cosmic citizen, that they're not just this body here on Earth and have to stay stuck in a nine to five job they have other choices. So I've seen a lot of people making quite a few shifts, and I think that's a really good sign.

[00:21:41.470] - Jacqueline Smith

And ascension is about going within. It's not going somewhere. Ascension is about going within, leasing old limiting patterns that we have. We all have this releasing our ego stuff and all those small patterns that we keep ourselves in. So it's like really learning to release that from within and living from the heart. And a star being friend of mine always says, Keep things simple and live from the heart. This being also says, Remember, everyone is equal.

[00:22:27.960] - Helen Reynolds

Yes. I think that's often forgotten down here.

[00:22:33.390] - Jacqueline Smith

It is.  Yeah. And they know that because when everyone drops their form, we're just lights. And we're very, actually, very powerful lights. And that's what we're trying to remember as well.

[00:22:49.480] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah. It's only recently that I've sort of stepped back and thought, wow, it's been thousands and thousands and thousands of years where humanity has been encouraged in the wrong direction or in the material 3D direction.

[00:23:07.490] - Jacqueline Smith


[00:23:08.180] - Helen Reynolds

I guess what I say to people now is we're working towards living from the heart, but don't beat yourself up if you don't get there tomorrow.

[00:23:16.640] - Jacqueline Smith

Exactly. It's a process we're all evolving, and that's what evolution is about. And we always wanted it to be faster!  But humanity is going at a pace that they can accept. And so we see how it goes. There's lots of different timelines. Humanity can choose. So some timelines might be quicker than others. It's a collective choice.

[00:23:54.750] - Helen Reynolds

Time is an interesting topic, isn't it? Because it's only relevant here. Like you said, there's no time on the ship.

[00:24:02.890] - Jacqueline Smith


[00:24:03.990] - Helen Reynolds

So how did you manage to capture all these multi dimensional ideas and experiences that you've had into a 3D book? I mean, we can only write sentences in a linear organisation. How did you do it?

[00:24:23.700] - Jacqueline Smith

I tell you, it was a trip. It was a challenge for me because we're all multidimensional. But I'm very multi dimensional. And for me, I wanted to write in circles because sometimes often when I take notes or I'm creating ideas, I write all these different circles on a page and going like, yeah, I can do this in the book. It was quite a challenge for me to get linear and to put it into words on the pages. It really took me a while, honestly to figure out how to put that together.

[00:25:11.610] - Jacqueline Smith

And all these I have had with all the experiences I've had. It's not even a part of linear time for me. Like I went through two weeks. I called them my Thanksgiving experiences because it happened on Thanksgiving, where I was off and on ships for two weeks and was on a mother ship and then in and out other dimensions and timelines and all kinds of things. And I finally landed. You could say it took me a year just to get reoriented, because here we do have the structure of time, in other dimensions we don't.

[00:26:01.670] - Jacqueline Smith

So I had, like, two weeks of experiences nonstop. I really have, like, three days missing time. And fortunately, I had a friend who was calling me and we took photographs because the craft flew out at the top of a portal above my house and we had all kinds of photos. But anyway, I was talking to her on the phone and I said that was a crazy three days and she goes, Jacqueline it has been two weeks and I have thought it was three days. So that time/non-time thing is very real.  So it took me a while to be able to really put this book together in a way that I wanted to

[00:26:52.800] - Helen Reynolds

Sorry to ask questions that really reveal that I haven't read it.  But it's in physical print in the US, and there wasn't time to get it over here before we recorded this interview. But I'm imagining that it would be a terrific support to people who are having unusual transcendent type experiences and wondering what is going on with them.

[00:27:17.400] - Jacqueline Smith

Yeah. My intention with writing book was to share my experiences so that other experiencer's, hybrids, star seeds, just everyone might relate to something in the book and that it could help support them or guide them in some kind of way. That was my intention with the book. I think it can definitely support people or if someone's just interested in this subject, if they've seen the UFO or had a dream about star beings or anything like that, that can also, I think help support them just in learning about this.

[00:28:07.570] - Helen Reynolds

It's nice to see that the open mindedness coming in about these topics. That's one of the qualities. What's the opposite word for quality of the Earth plane is narrow mindedness or closed mindedness. So it's really nice to see this expansion in the willingness to discuss these topics and discuss what we can feel and see with senses that aren't quite so physical.

[00:28:35.220] - Jacqueline Smith

Right. Our past lives are all connected to this as well. We've all been star beings in other lifetimes, and I just wanted to mention a friend of mine. Her name is Judy, and we knew each other in another lifetime, probably more than one. And this is just a kind of a funny story. And she gave me permission to share it. Her name is Judy Carroll, and I was commander of this one ship, and she was my sister. We were siblings, really, everybody's androgynous but you can lean towards a different male or female.

[00:29:20.750] - Jacqueline Smith

So in that life, I was more male and Judy was more female. And so anyway, she was visiting me on the ship because she had another job to do on a different Starship. Anyway, she was always trying to sneak things on the ship behind my back. And this sounds funny, but it's true. And again, the Star beings are not that different from us. They have families, they have children, they create art and all that. But anyway, so Judy decided to bring this plant on board, this plant like being and this being on the ship started to swell up and smell really bad.

[00:30:03.400] - Jacqueline Smith

So our crew decided that Judy wasn't going to be coming along. She couldn't be part of the crew for a while. And so it was funny. So we laugh a lot, share lots of past life memories that we just have spontaneously remembered together. It's a joy knowing Judy, definitely, and her books are wonderful.

[00:30:27.910] - Helen Reynolds

Yes. For the listeners, the Judy Carroll that you are talking about is the Judy Carroll that was on the podcast two or three episodes ago. She's a wonderful woman.

[00:30:38.080] - Jacqueline Smith

Yes, she is. I didn't want to forget - if you wanted me to speak any light language.

[00:30:45.280] - Helen Reynolds

We've included Lia Scallon in the podcast quite a way back now. Her music, her album Sounds Sirius. She's done three or four albums since then, but that album literally saved my life more than once.

[00:31:03.510] - Jacqueline Smith


[00:31:04.490] - Helen Reynolds

The light language just lifted me up when nothing else would. So yes, please. We'd love more light languages on the More Love Podcast.

[00:31:16.530] - Jacqueline Smith

Okay. And I just wanted to explain the beautiful thing about light language is it is speaking light. It is sacred geometry. It is the creator's voice. However you want to say that and it speaks to all of us. It speaks to our minds, our bodies, our souls, every cell in our body, all our bodies. And so on some level, we know that and recognise it and it bypasses the mind ego. I'm able to interpret light language, but I don't always do that because I just love flowing with it and having fun with it.

[00:32:02.350] - Jacqueline Smith

So I'll see who comes through here and see if they have anything they want to say after that. ....   And that's from the Lyran system, the Lyran beings. And they're just basically saying love and blessings to everyone and just reminding everyone to live from their hearts.

[00:32:54.850] - Helen Reynolds

Let's remind listeners to hear that light language with an open heart and let it do what it's going to do automatically without us doing anything.

[00:33:07.810] - Jacqueline Smith

Exactly, yeah.  People can actually, for this next one, just take a deep breath, open up all the chakras and just the open to feeling it in your body. Okay. Let's see ....  That's from the tall, white state of Zeta Masters, that's from my star parents and what they were offering people with this is both were activating, but this is like activating people just to be more open to what's in their heart and the joy within them as well.

[00:34:48.680] - Helen Reynolds

That's beautiful.

[00:34:49.990] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you. So this is activation for opening. I want to thank them for that. Light language is amazing. Everyone can speak light language more and more people globally are speaking light language, which is awesome. And I love working with people with light language. I use singing bowls. They're great beings when I work with people, but it brings great joy. I speak light language every day and love, to me, it is love. I just seeking that light, that joy.

[00:35:29.710] - Helen Reynolds

Well, thank you. I've got tears rolling down my cheeks. Yeah. Wow. It's ironic, actually, because one of the questions was, would light languages resonate with us? And if you spoke to them, could we feel them? Well, yes. And yes.

[00:35:50.770] - Jacqueline Smith

Yes. I work with yes. It helps to clear away the old identities, old patterns. It helps them to be aligned and to be more of their authentic self. I think light language is a part of our evolutionary process and that as we speak light language, we are evolving because we're remembering it helps us remember who we really are. There's all kinds of different star languages which are really fun to speak. Sometimes there's just clicking. Sometimes there's just like toning or sound. All the languages on Earth came from the stars.  But these light languages are just to me. Bring joy and uplift. If I'm having a down day, I speak light language or sing it. I feel much happier and it just clears stuff up.

[00:37:06.960] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah, it certainly clears. Well, thank you. Would you like to conclude with a message of love and some encouragement for those of us who can feel the energy of love or more like, feel the energy of the absence of love on Earth?

[00:37:26.990] - Jacqueline Smith

I think the key thing is for us to remember to be in our hearts. I think that's the key thing. And people can actually put their hands over their hearts to help bring them into their hearts and to just do some deep breathing to ground, to feel their feet on the ground, like roots growing out the bottoms of their feet into the Earth. And to remember that the truth of who they really are. Now, I'm getting emotional - is pure light and love, pure divine love and life. That's who we really are.   And that's really what we need to be remembering during this time. That's who we are, not all that stuff. Yeah.

[00:38:23.440] - Helen Reynolds

Thank you. Well, thank you, Jacqueline, for joining me on the More Love Podcast. We've had a wonderful time.

[00:38:32.030] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you.

[00:38:32.870] - Helen Reynolds

And we've only mentioned your recent book, so I'm pretty sure I might be able to just ask you to come back another time sometime in the future next year, and we can talk about a whole range of work that we haven't even covered in this episode that your work with the animals. So we'll save that for next time. But for now you can find Jacqueline at her website, jacquelinsmith. Com. But I will put all the links and the links to your new book, which is titled Star Being in the Mirror on the Show Notes page that goes with the More Love Podcast, which can be found at Live True To You dot com. But don't worry, we'll make it easy. So it's been a fabulous conversation. And for those listening in, I really hope that this episode has revealed more of the power, truth and reality of love. It's making me emotional again. Now give you greater confidence that your sensitivity to love is, in fact, your superpower worth loving. Thank you, Jacqueline.

[00:39:41.500] - Jacqueline Smith

Thank you so much for having me on the podcast. It's been great fun. Thank you so much.