Anne shares her compelling love experience that happened the night she had a cardiac arrest. She freely talks about how it affected her health, her family, her work and her her relationship with life and with God. She wants you to know that you are loved with a love that is deeper and more encompassing than you can imagine. You'll enjoy this conversation.


Anne was in profound heart failure and couldn’t walk from her bed to her front door and her condition had been declining for seven months.  She felt dying from heart failure was becoming a strong probability and she was worried about not being there for her family, her husband and her five boys.  

She couldn’t understand how she could possibly be happy in heaven, if she made it there, while she was worried sick about not being there for her family.  She said she’d been arguing with God for seven months.  

“God and I had a few arguments”

Anne’s husband woke up in the middle of the night and knew she was in trouble.  They performed CPR until the ambulance arrived and despite her apparent death, they didn’t give up.  The Ambulance arrived and the paramedics worked for half an hour before they ‘got her back’ but the future wasn’t looking good for Anne.

When Anne found herself on the other-side, her worries were taken away, all of her worries, concerns and troubles over all her years were lifted.  She was surrounded by a white light that was filled with love and in her words “God is Love”.    

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"People have got to know how much they are loved, it is a love beyond…

there are no conditions with it,

it is just pure love."



If you opened your heart while listening to Anne you may have noticed how she told her story with childlike innocence.  The kind of innocence that holds the potentiality of love in readiness for expression and expansion at any opportunity.  

“it was a winding path, and I come down and I stand on it, it had pebbles on it, that shone, that radiated light.  As I’m coming down to it, I’m thinking WOW, look at that!”

Some people call this kind of innocence being humble or humility.  Whatever name you give the frequency, it represents the understanding that we are all equal and that we are all loved and that we are all loved equally.

“God is love, God is love and he loves each and every one of us more than we ever realise

and  we won’t realise it until we go home”    

Anne learnt to give up her problems to the Love she felt from God, especially how she worried about her family and her sons.  She learnt to stop her worrying (something we all need to learn!).  

“what I learnt was to surrender them to our Lord Jesus Christ”

She also learned not to judge others and to help, to be of service, whenever possible.  She began praying for others on the condition that they would also pray for their situation.  She knew that we all have the capacity to join our hearts with God, to feel the love God has for each of us, however it requires our vigilance and faith.    

“I wouldn’t be judging anybody on what their thoughts are because I believe that we’ve got to find out for ourselves”