A great conversation with Carol Schrader about staying safe on your spiritual journey by grounding in love energy.  Carol shares a a meditation for connecting into the flow of love energy and her experiences with staying safe on our spiritual journey and listening to our true inner wisdom.  This is Carol's second episode on the More Love Podcast, her first is episode 14 - Spiritual Heart Connection.

This episode is for you if you've ever wondered about staying safe on your spiritual journey, if you've ever wondered about channelling and how to hold love energy in your everyday life.

Staying safe on your spiritual journey by grounding in love energy.

A great conversation with Carol Schrader about staying safe on your spiritual journey by grounding in love energy.  Carol shares a a meditation for connecting into the flow of love energy and her experiences with staying safe on our spiritual journey and listening to our true inner wisdom.  This is Carol's second episode on the More Love Podcast, her first is episode 14 - Spiritual Heart Connection.

In this episode we cover what it means to be spiritually grounded, why it supports our spiritual connection, how to ground yourself in a simple and effective way when meditating, how to practice the grounding meditation exercise and the results Carol has used this meditation when helping people with anxiety.  

This episode is for you if you've ever wondered about staying safe on your spiritual journey, if you've ever wondered about channelling and how to hold love energy in your everyday life.

Grounding Meditation for being spiritually grounded.

The meditation exercise Carol describes in this episode (at 2:13 mins) is a trinity grounding practice that places you safely in the energy of love which is at the heart our existence.  Using this technique or this meditation grounding script (below) puts you in an energetic trinity of Love energy between yourself, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  This simple explanation of an ancient technique makes it an effective grounding technique available to everyone.

The benefits of meditation isn't a topic for this article, however I will say that the grounding meditation Carol shares in this episode is more powerful than mindfulness meditation alone because it takes you into a state of wholeheartedness where the mind and heart are joined as one.  This elevates your awareness from the physical plane (3D) or body awareness to the spiritual plane (4D and 5D) of your being.

Carol isn't suggesting that it needs to be a long meditation session she does however recommend it become a regular practise and she also suggests have a consistent external environment, as choosing the same comfortable chair at the same time regularly.  

Physical grounding techniques such as drinking pure clean water, walking barefoot on the earth or grass and other ways of enhancing our connection to nature are also encouraged by Carol.  During the conversation (at 38:51 mins) she shares a wonderful meditative experience she had with an amazing tree and what she learnt about standing tall like a tree trunk, knowing that we can stand tall without breaking even when the winds of change are strong, just like a tree trunk.  

For those moments when all that is possible is a quick meditation session simply take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart, focus on your heart beat and allowing your mind to have some quiet time (giving yourself some break time from the monkey mind!).  This is one of my favourites because by including the heart in a mindfulness moment elevates mindfulness to wholeheartedness (yes, even with the very basic breathing technique, just keep breathing deeply with your focus on the heart beat).    

Why does staying grounded support our spiritual connection?

Our spiritual journey is an exploration of all that cannot be explained by the physical material world.....which naturally means that it takes us into what feels like "unfamiliar territory".   It can be a confusing time!  Even though it can feel confusing and unfamiliar the spiritual journey is in-fact a journey of remembrance, a journey of remembering who we truly are.  So that....

"you can become stronger and stand in your power, in your glory, of who you are, this magnificent being inside this body, having a spiritual experience in a human body."   Carol Schrader  

Carol talks about personal experiences she's had where she's been encouraged in spiritual directions that didn't feel right.  She explains she was able to stay safe because she could connect to her inner guidance and by following her inner guidance she's avoided being part of distressing experiences.  

"following that little voice, that feeling that comes that's kept me safe always. And I've been in some perilous situations throughout my life that could have been turned really nasty had I not listened to that still small voice and followed it instantly." Carol Schrader

Having access to our inner guidance to keep us safe in a journey that feels unfamiliar is an immeasurable benefit of even basic grounding techniques.   Being grounded in our physical body, in the current time or present moment also helps to prevent unbeneficial dissociative experiences.  

Why does meditation and mindfulness help with anxiety?

A commonality with both anxiety & depression is the monkey mind or having an overactive mind that stimulates negative feelings (including painful feelings and distressing feelings).  Having an anxious mind is a very real thing and is so powerful it can make even make the centre of our being, our heart, seem like an anxious heart which it can never be.  

You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love. You then become the teacher of what you are. Your mind and heart join in wholeheartedness in the embrace. You are home, and there you will forever stay.  A Course Of Love - C:32.3

Our heart is the place where our connection to our true spiritual self, the glory of our being can be known.  At the core of our being we are Love.  It is only through the power of the heart that the mind and heart can be brought into balance.  The best approaches to anxiety elevate mental grounding techniques and mindfulness into wholeheartedness through practices such as the one Carol shares in this episode.

In wholeheartedness we can connect to the power of Love energy which allows us to remember who we truly are and especially helps us know that we are more than the mind would have us believe!  

"I have a client who... used to wring her hands, really nervous, anxious, worried about absolutely everything, even the fly walking across the window... And over the time I've known her, she has learned to listen to Spirit. She's learned to shut her ego mind down. And one of her biggest lessons was to understand that the universe just wants to bless her with all the abundance that's available to her."  Carol Schrader

Carol has successfully used her trinity grounding meditation with all age groups and even the most wayward teenagers!  Her technique works because it overcomes our cognitive nature (our mental interpretations of life) by bringing us into our true state of being as spiritual beings of Love having a human experience.

I do hope you enjoy this conversation.  

Meditation grounding script (at 2.13 mins)

Close your eyes, be in that beautiful space, have a nice environment somewhere where you sit most times. And it's always better to be in a place the same place. So your body and your energy gets used to that place as being. This is where we go into spirit form.  This is where we listen to guidance or whatever it is that you are planning on doing.

Envisage yourself, you either see it, feel it or imagine it. It's all the same.  You send your energy down into Mother Earth. You feel it as you go down and connect with her and feel that energy and bring it back up into your body, up into your heart. You can actually, if you practise doing this, you will feel it. Then you go to Father Sky, Source, Christ consciousness, Universal consciousness, whatever you want to call it, then you bring that down.  Imagine, feel, see as it comes down into your Crown Chakra at the top of your head, coming down all the way to merge with Mother Earth energy in your heart and you yourself, your higher Self, your Spirit Self, whatever you want to call it and then merge with those two energies. And it becomes the Trinity of Mother, Father and child. And there you are in your truth in your beingness one with all of that and all that is, then you're a clear channel.


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[00:00:00.370] - Helen Reynolds

Welcome to another episode of The More Love Podcast.  Today we're talking with Carol Schrader. Welcome, Carol.

[00:00:08.360] - Carol Schrader

Thank you. Hi there. Hi, everybody. Who's going to tune into this? Great to be with you all.

[00:00:14.080] - Helen Reynolds

So this is Carol's second episode with The More Love Podcast. And I'm thrilled about that last time. Carol, remember, we talked about having a heart connection and our spiritual journey, how important it is to have a heart connection. [00:00:29.450] - Carol SchraderYes, I do.

[00:00:30.610] - Helen Reynolds

We've really loved that episode. And I'd really love to hear your experiences and wisdom about how important it is to stay open minded on our spiritual journey, but also in being open minded, how do we stay safe? Because that's part of a worry I think people have when they're on their spiritual journey, which information can they trust or how do they stay safe? So let's talk about open mindedness.

[00:01:04.150] - Carol Schrader

Okay, well, from my last podcast, you would have known that I've been in this area or this field for many years since a child. So over the years, as I moved into healing, please excuse me. I've got some allergies going on from all the flowers at the moment. So please excuse my throat clearing. So staying safe, as you put it, it's more of a learning curve as to what you're listening to and what you're not. You have to understand when you go on a spiritual journey, and especially if you're receiving messages, a lot of you will go well.

[00:01:50.470] - Carol Schrader

Is this my head talking? Is this my heart? Is this my higher self? Or is it some other being trying to influence me the way I have over the years created space for myself is to always ground into our mother. I always feel the connection of mother earth beneath my feet. So whether you're sitting in a room or standing on concrete, you can always send your energy down into the Earth and pull it back up into your heart space. This is a form of grounding. And then, of course, I call in the Christ consciousness of the universe and pull that down from above into my heart space.

[00:02:35.530] - Carol Schrader

So they merge together. In doing that, you're creating like, an energy field of love and protection. And then I see myself and anybody can do this. You either see yourself. You either your intention is that no negative or harmful thing can come into this space that you've created. And I suggest everyone do that even before you meditate, because the influences outside of us, not always for our highest goods. There are influences that will go blah, blah, blah. And your mind will latch onto and go, oh, yeah, that sounds good and you go there. But that isn't necessarily the absolute truth. My whole journey is about absolute love, absolute truth and purity. And if you have something that doesn't quite resonate, then you need to reassess it. So having a heart connection like we talked about before is really important. The other influences that can come to us are sometimes people that have passed over even and they'll come and give you their interpretation of whatever the question is or whatever it is that's going on. And that is not necessarily the truth.

[00:04:01.670] - Carol Schrader

The only way you're going to feel truth is in your heart. And that's why I talk so profoundly about it before, because the heart is where everything is. If you get out of your head and centre in your heart space, then you'll hear the truth, feel the truth and be the truth. Does that make sense?

[00:04:20.230] - Helen Reynolds

It does. Thank you very much. And that grounding activity of connecting with Mother Earth and some people call it Father Sky.

[00:04:29.510] - Carol Schrader

Yes. However you want to see it, that is a really important thing. Like this is what I would suggest you do. We're going to talk a bit about channelling and the safety of it. The best thing you can do is just to close your eyes, be in that beautiful space, have a nice environment somewhere where you sit most times. And it's always better to be in a place the same place. So your body and your energy gets used to that place as being. This is where we go into spirit form.

[00:05:01.900] - Carol Schrader

This is where we listen to guidance or whatever it is that you are planning on doing. And that's when I suggest you envisage yourself, you either see it, feel it or imagine it. It's all the same. You send your energy down into Mother Earth. You feel it as you go down and connect with her and feel that energy and bring it back up into your body, up into your heart. You can actually, if you practise doing this, you will feel it. Then you go to Father Sky, Source, Christ consciousness, Universal consciousness, whatever you want to call it, then you bring that down.

[00:05:40.590] - Carol Schrader

Imagine feel, see as it comes down into your Crown Chakra at the top of your head, coming down all the way to merge with Mother Earth energy in your heart and you yourself, your higher Self, your Spirit Self, whatever you want to call it and then merge with those two energies. And it becomes the Trinity of Mother, Father and child. And there you are in your truth in your beingness one with all of that and all that is, then you're a clear channel.

[00:06:15.430] - Helen Reynolds

Well, I hope those listening have followed along with you because I have and it feels sensational. Thank you.

[00:06:23.430] - Carol Schrader

It is a beautiful experience. And if it doesn't happen straight off, sometimes you got to have little blocks. And so you're just going to keep practising until you feel it and it will happen. There's no way it can't. I haven't had one person in all of the years. I have been a practitioner and a healer and a mentor for people and a spiritual counsellor for people. Not once have I had one person that hasn't been able to do it, even the most Gothic wayward teenagers who are hellbent on not going there, go there.  It's amazing.

[00:07:05.400] - Helen Reynolds

Well, it is going back to our true source. It's kind of impossible not to.

[00:07:11.810] - Carol Schrader

When I said that I had a young girl when I was over in South Africa, I was doing a lot of work over there at one stage in my life, and this girl came to me and she was just a nightmare. Nobody could control her. Everything was just dark. It was like a dark cloud walked into the room and she didn't believe in anything. And by the end of our session, she said, I can't believe how amazing this feels. She just went there because they can't help it.  As you said, the truth. Once you connect with that within yourself, all the doors open up. It's amazing.

[00:07:49.220] - Helen Reynolds

Also, the pain and suffering we experience is our searching, isn't it? It's our begging for the truth.

[00:07:57.710] - Carol Schrader

And sometimes the pain and suffering are there for you to realise that you have created this pain and suffering. You don't have pain and suffering without you being a part of it. And a lot of us go through life blaming everything else in all the circumstances around us. But when you sit down and really look at it, it's like I have been a party to this. How did I create this? Well, it's not serving me, so I need to let it go now. And that has to be your past.

[00:08:30.420] - Carol Schrader

We've reached a stage of energy now within this universe, within this field, within this planet where we can no longer live in the past, the past is done and dusted, that it's finished and even that timeline, it's gone. But if you keep giving it energy, it's going to keep coming back. It's never going to go. So what we have to do now at this point is to live in this moment, live in this nanosecond of time and release all of that that no longer serves us.

[00:09:02.440] - Carol Schrader

We have to literally surrender it and let it go and move to a space of euphoria almost because when you start realising that it is your energy creating that same situation over and over again and you realise that it's coming to you in different forms and you're triggered by different things and relationships or circumstances. That's when you really need to look at it and go, hang on. This is an energetic pattern that I'm creating and allowing to take me in that direction. I have to let this go and be in the here and now this moment.

[00:09:46.730] - Helen Reynolds

In our last episode or my last episode. Sorry, Carol, with Anne Olsson. We talked about her book titled Surrender to the Stillness.

[00:09:57.570] - Carol Schrader


[00:09:58.560] - Helen Reynolds

So the surrendering is absolute. And her second book is The Ascendance of Love, which is exactly what you're speaking about when we stand still in that Trinity, I was going to say position, but that's a bit yoga-ish!

[00:10:18.170] - Carol Schrader

It's the feeling it's in that energetic space. It's like this is the all you become, the I am, which you are part of it.

[00:10:29.370] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah. And we're contributing to the ascendance of love.

[00:10:34.080] - Carol Schrader

Exactly. And the ascendance of love is what's going to create ascension for everyone to lift their vibration to a higher place, a higher space, and have greater understanding of who and what they are.

[00:10:49.970] - Helen Reynolds

We started the question with how to stay safe when we're open minded or how to be open minded on our spiritual journey and stay safe. And my definition or the way I roll with that is to be open minded to receiving new information from different sources. One of my favourite things is to see how so many different people are saying the same thing using different words.

[00:11:19.250] - Carol Schrader


[00:11:19.750] - Helen Reynolds

And the way that I can tell whether it's true or not is how I feel and whether what I'm receiving from the words I'm reading. I love to read. So it's usually reading whether they feel in alignment with that beautiful energy that we get when we feel connected as we just did a few moments ago. Is that something similar to how you've helped people in the past?

[00:11:49.730] - Carol Schrader

Well, yeah, but you've got to understand that everybody is at a different and I'm not going to say levels. I hate that word. It doesn't resonate with me. Everybody is on a different path to the same place, if that makes sense. So all of us are going to have different experiences that will lead us to the same place. So everybody is going to see it slightly differently, or they're going to have, as you said, they're going to have different experiences through reading through receiving messages from different sources and interaction with different people.

[00:12:26.810] - Carol Schrader

If it resonates, that is what you go with. If it doesn't resonate, then let it go. That's a way of keeping you safe. Because if you go like, for instance, if someone comes to you and they're full on and they believe with all their heart and soul, this is the right way. This is what you should be doing but it's not resonating. Don't try and be like them and follow them. But listen to your own heart and soul. That is why I said in the beginning, it is so important to be centred in your heart Anne says.

[00:13:06.840] - Carol Schrader

You need to have that heart centre, because that's where your truth is in that place, and it will never lead you astray ever. Your mind will, because there's a shadow ego self. It goes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And did you do what if and here comes the what if you're getting what if. Oh, my goodness. And there's a lot of fear going on. It can't possibly be for your highest good. So you have to reassess it and come back in and say, Show me one thing I know that I've learned over the years is the moment I say, Show me.

[00:13:51.380] - Carol Schrader

I'll give you an example many years ago, it feels like a lifetime ago. Now, when I was about 20, my grandfather died, an amazing man, so skilled, so talented. But for me, I thought that made me start thinking, what happens when we die.

[00:14:12.170] - Helen Reynolds

The ultimate question.

[00:14:13.940] - Carol Schrader

Yeah. And I'm like, Hang on. You can't possibly have lived such an amazing life and being such an amazing being just to be a nothing. Where's he going? What's happening? So I remember laying in bed that night, and I said, I'm a bit stubborn. So I said, okay, universe. God, whoever you are, I will not sleep this night until you show me what's happening with my grandfather and what's his next step. I will not sleep until you show me. And I lay there and I lay there nothing happened.

[00:14:46.960] - Carol Schrader

I said, I'm waiting. You need to show me. Because in my heart, I knew if I asked, I would be shown. And the next minute I was whisked off. And there he was. And I'll share the experience because it probably changed. This is how my mind perceived it. At that time. I see things a little bit differently now, but he was laid out. He was on a bed thing, and there were three people with him, and they all had long white gowns. And they had what I thought was a clipboard.

[00:15:18.750] - Carol Schrader

Today I would probably say it was an ipad or something. Anyway, they were all milling around and they went, oh, Hi, Carol. We've been expecting you, and I'm like, oh, good. Obviously I've been heard because I was truly adamant that I needed to know he was okay. And they said he suffered much in his passing, and his spirit has long since been contracted because the death of my grandmother many years before really affected him. But no one realised to the extent. And they said he is now being healed.

[00:15:52.060] - Carol Schrader

He was laying on a bed believe it or not. But we do not some sort of bed. And he looked really at peace, so peaceful. And I looked around where I was. It's light and beautiful. And I saw some doors on further down. And I asked them what that was. And they just said, That's not for you right now. That'll be later. And I went, oh, okay. And then I woke up instantly. But I was shown. So ever since that experience, whenever I want to know anything, I just say, show me, I need to know.  

[00:16:23.040] - Carol Schrader

I want to know the truth. Give me absolute truth in God's love, God's light, God's purity. Show me the truth. Tell me the truth. Because for me, integrity and truth are the top priorities for me. I will never say anything to anyone if I haven't first experienced it or know it to be an absolute truth. So we talked about safety and channelling earlier. I never wanted to be a channeler. I've always said I don't like channelling, and I've never understood why. Until further down the track in my sojourn on this planet, working with people.

[00:17:04.800] - Carol Schrader

And I've worked with thousands of people, literally. I tried to work it out the other night, how many people I would have helped on their spiritual quests or spiritual journey? And I can't count them because there's thousands. And I just thought, wow, have I really talked to that many people and I do like to talk.  I'll talk as long as you want me to. But at the end of the day, as I said, I didn't like the word channelling because I was never sure that the information I was receiving was absolute truth, because I've had people come to me when I've been working with a client, and I have people who have passed over and they'll come and say, Tell them, blah, blah, blah, blah blah.

[00:17:50.180] - Carol Schrader

And I listen. And if I can't feel it in my heart, then I just ignore it and tell them to go away. But the ones that come. And I remember one time this being came while I was working with a client, and she was really in a bad way. She was depressed and blah, blah, blah. And this being came. And he said, you need to tell her, blah blah blah. And I go, oh, I can't tell her that that doesn't sound right - sound here's the difference.

[00:18:19.150] - Carol Schrader

That doesn't sound right. And he said, tell her. And as he said it, I felt it within my heart. So I told her, and she literally crumpled in a heap and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed, which is what she needed to do. She'd be able to shift this energy, this block that was in her that was stopping her from moving forward. But when I just said that to you, remember, I said, I felt it so it's not about you can hear a lot of stuff when you're on your spiritual journey.

[00:18:55.190] - Carol Schrader

That goes, blah blah, blah, blah, blah in your ear. However you tune in. I remember I used to hear behind my ear at the back of my head. That's where I get used to hear all the time. That's where the channelling used to come through. So I used to have to work out, is this truth or is this not? And the only way I could tell was if I listened to my heart. Now when I do it, I've been doing this for many years. It comes from my heart.  I feel it. If it doesn't feel right, I just don't go there.

[00:19:28.010] - Helen Reynolds

Let's go back a few steps in a way. So we started with the connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky and feeling that Trinity in our hearts space. So to me, when we're in that state, we are essentially channels for the one true source of energy that created all that is correct. So then if that's correct, we're all walking, talking channels when we're in our true state of being.

[00:20:02.030] - Carol Schrader

Exactly. That's where mental telepathy comes in it must read each other's thoughts and feelings when you're in that space. But it's learning to hold that space.

[00:20:12.170] - Helen Reynolds

It is a trick.

[00:20:14.510] - Carol Schrader

It is a trick. Many years ago I read James Redfield.

[00:20:19.290] - Helen Reynolds

Oh, yeah.

[00:20:25.950] - Carol Schrader

And I read all his books and I used to find him fascinating because there was a lot in those books that I used to resonate with here and there not all of it, but a lot of it. And I thought, okay, one of the things that I really loved was holding that heart space, holding that energy in your heart at all times, because when you do hold it, it's like here it is all this energy in your heart, which is pure love from Source. You are Source at that moment and will be forever because we are Source.

[00:20:57.880] - Carol Schrader

But when you're holding it, it expands out. This is what I see. So I thought I'm going to practise this. That's what he was talking about. And I used to go to Grand Central, which is my training ground, because a lot of people used to hang out in Grand Central.

[00:21:16.850] - Helen Reynolds

So hang on a minute. The listeners. Grand Central is our local large shopping centre.

[00:21:22.950] - Carol Schrader

Yes. So I used to go there. And whilst I was holding that space, everybody. And I don't mean some everyone would look at me and smile and the energy would change and there'd be happy faces and people would be smiling and saying Hello. And by the time I got 100 yards up through the shopping centre, I realised, oh, I've seen something in the shop window and it's on again. So it's like, oh dear, how do I hold it? My whole life now has been about holding it. And now I can honestly say it's more there than it's not.

[00:22:08.510] - Carol Schrader

But is it always there? No, of course not. I'm still trying to navigate out of the matrix of 3D and lift my energy and hold it. But it's possible. And anyone can do it. And that grounding that I gave you earlier that helps you stay there and be there and you can feel it. You feel your head get heavier, you feel your body get lighter and you feel that opening in the heart. And that's when the door open. When you hold that space, doors open and you can walk through them and the universe is then you're in the flow of the universe.

[00:22:49.290] - Carol Schrader

Then you manifest so quickly and easily. Everything is at your fingertips. When you're in that space.

[00:22:56.790] - Helen Reynolds

It's like, use the force. It's yours anyway.

[00:23:00.070] - Carol Schrader

Yes, it's always there. You just have to reconnect to it. And I think that's the problem of today where we're in such chaos on the planet and people are disconnected. It's time we have to. There's nothing else we need to reconnect and listen to that still small voice, that voice that you feel in your heart, down under your ribcage there. That's the one that leads you and guides you. That's the truth in there. That is your higher self, your spirit speaking to you, guiding you, looking out for you.

[00:23:41.850] - Carol Schrader

I'm sure a lot of you would have had times when don't cross over. Now you're going to get run over or be careful and you've looked and you step back or you've gone into a room and it's like you need to get out of here and you follow that. I learned to follow that from being a child, and I could have been in all sorts of difficult situations. But following that little voice, that feeling that comes that's kept me safe always. And I've been in some perilous situations throughout my life that could have been turned really nasty had I not listened to that still small voice and followed it instantly.

[00:24:21.840] - Carol Schrader

I don't even question it. I just follow it.

[00:24:24.840] - Helen Reynolds

One of my teachers across my journey. I'll just always associate these words with him. Don't think just do.

[00:24:33.400] - Carol Schrader

Exactly.  Because it's the thinking where the ego branch gets involved and takes you on another path. And that's the voice that people don't say. They say, which is the voice I listen to. I get told all this stuff and I say, Well, where does it come from? Where are you listening? It's all in my head. No, that's not the voice you should be listening to because your mind will take you on. It's programmed to do all sorts of stuff you've helped programmed it throughout your life and many lifetimes.

[00:25:03.150] - Carol Schrader

And they are the things we need to let go of and be completely void of. It's time to now not feed it, acknowledge it. Sure. I mean it's there, but it's like, no, I don't need to do that. We always have a choice. There's always a choice in any given situation or any given moment. We have a choice to do this or that. So if this is going to take you away from your path, then we need to do that. And if that says blah, blah, blah and it's not resonating with you, then don't do it.

[00:25:38.440] - Carol Schrader

It's as simple as that.

[00:25:40.180] - Helen Reynolds

And often the choice that is the one that comes from Love or Source or Spirit or God might not be logical true, because Spirit knows no boundaries. I think often we choose the mind voice because it seems like the more logical thing to do.

[00:25:58.200] - Carol Schrader

Exactly. I have a client and I know she won't mind me using her. She came to me several years ago as someone that used to wring her hands, really nervous, anxious, worried about absolutely everything. The fly walking across the window. Is it going to leave a trail, right thing. She really was a worry-wort. And over the time I've known her, she has learned to listen to Spirit. She's learned to shut her ego's mind down. And one of her biggest lessons was to understand that the universe just wants to bless her with all the abundance that's available to her she's a very gifted, talented person, and I've pushed her a little bit, but she's done it herself.

[00:26:49.150] - Carol Schrader

It's not me. I just give her some tools to help her have the strength to do what she needs to do for herself. And this lady has created. I've been with her for the past year and a half while she's been creating this skin range of products because she hates the fact that everything on the market has something nasty in it. So this lady has created this high vibrational, aromatherapeutic type skin range of products that has just gone ballistic. So this little worry-er has become this magnificent being.

[00:27:30.850] - Carol Schrader

Her spiritual experiences along the way have been out of the world. But I'm telling you this story because what she has learned to do is trust, trust in her own inner voices, her own inner self, her higher soul. She's learned to have faith in that and trust in it. And that's where we all have problems, because we don't trust that voice. And like you just said, we hear stuff. We listen and we don't do it because we don't trust it. And it comes back to trust, and we fear, what if.

[00:28:12.940] - Carol Schrader

What if I do that? What's going to happen when you learn to start trusting that higher self voice, the voice of spirit. Everything just flows. It all comes together. You don't even have to think about it. It comes back to trust. We have everything that we need. Everything its all within us. The biggest problem that has happened over the aeons of time is we've become disconnected because that's the grand plan for the other side of things. And because we've become disconnected, we look outside of ourselves constantly for that which is not there.

[00:28:58.600] - Carol Schrader

So we're seeking, seeking, seeking spirituality. Seeking this. We go to books. We go to different people. But we don't go inside ourselves because every answer, everything you could possibly want to know is within you. It's all in your DNA. It's in every cell. It's in your higher self, your spirit, everything, everything you need for your growth, for your spiritual journey and everything you need to access to do this for yourself is within you. So, yes, you'll read books like you said, and you get triggered and you go, wow, yeah, that really resonates.

[00:29:44.790] - Carol Schrader

So instead of continuing reading, go inside yourself and say, what is it within this paragraph that resonates so deeply within me? Show me. And that takes you to a deeper level of understanding of self.

[00:29:58.530] - Helen Reynolds

Which I'm keen to come back and talk a little bit more about channelling, but essentially where we are there, because when we're in that connected state, let me start that again. If there's only one creator and we connect into the Source of who we are, we're connecting to All. And then we have the ability. Well, in my understanding, sometimes words are tricky, aren't they? Then we have the ability to be channels of truth. If we stay in that connected state and also channels of other beings. Yeah.

[00:30:41.810] - Helen Reynolds

Beings and individuations of God is what I'm trying to say

[00:30:47.670] - Carol Schrader

God in his myriad of forms.  We are God. All of us are part of God. We are God. And if we were all gathered in it, so imagine yourself here's, God. He's holding the basket and we gather all the souls, shove them in the basket and become one again with God. We're all shoved in this basket. And if we all expand from that basket and see ourselves as particles of God, because we are God, the basket will disappear. We will become completely one. And our light will burn so bright. And the channel for ourselves would be so clear and pure that we would know and understand everything in an instant.

[00:31:38.610] - Carol Schrader

And I guess that's the part where we're going to see that God particle, which is us as being gods rather than separate. And this has been the format throughout many lifetimes to create us as separate from God. And we're not not at all. We have to overcome that little obstacle and find. And I know for some people who are listening who are very religious, and that's fine. You've been brought up with Catholicism or whatever you have, whatever religion you've been brought up with, and when you pray to God, it's always someone that's outside of you and the Christ consciousness, the Christ love is outside of you, and you have to go through Him to get to God.

[00:32:28.220] - Carol Schrader

Well, the Christ consciousness is the Love that he tried to teach, and it is the Love of the universe. It permeates, every atom, every cell, every molecule, every minuscule bit of universe. That is the Christ's love, the consciousness. But then when you pray to something that's outside of yourself, that's when you stay disconnected, because when you realise that you are that and you're part of that and that God is within you in every breath you take and everything that you are, then all of a sudden you start feeling different and you get peace, calm, and you expand into that awareness and consciousness.

[00:33:18.990] - Carol Schrader

And then when you do get channelled, when something does come to you, it's in all its purity, you feel it, you hear it, you know it. Sometimes when you are on your spiritual journey, sometimes you'll get distracted by different points of view and you'll hear different conversations going on in your head to try and keep you from going on that spiritual path, because the programming that you've had in your mind in your brain has been put there on purpose to stop you, or if you want to look at it in a different light, I'll say it in a different way.

[00:34:00.820] - Carol Schrader

It's there for you to overcome so that you can become stronger and stand in your power, in your glory, of who you are, this magnificent being inside this body, having a spiritual experience in a human body. That's what it's all about. And you can let go and be. And I mean be that's all we have to do is just be and everything. Every desire, every moment in time that you need, every bit of channelling, every thing you need to know, everything that you are will be given to you and shown to you because you are it.  Just be.

[00:34:56.310] - Helen Reynolds

So beautiful. Seeing God is outside of ourselves. That's just ginormous. And I think this is where now we're doubling back right back to the beginning of our conversation about open mindedness, because the way we describe our connection with God, we're a God particle or we're an extension of God or we're a fragment of God or we're a continuum of God. It's hard to put words around it.

[00:35:31.900] - Carol Schrader

It is.

[00:35:32.490] - Helen Reynolds

And I think that's where we start sometimes that's how we start fracturing ourselves off is what I was going to say. But I'm trying to sort of put words around this idea that some ways of explaining spirituality are more true than others when, in fact, we've just become more aligned with a certain set of words and more familiar with that certain set of words. But if we feel into it and really sit with because the words are just trying to put a framework around the energy that they're conveying, correct.

[00:36:08.800] - Helen Reynolds

So if we feel into the energy that we're conveying, we can start to see that there's a lot of different ways of saying the same thing.

[00:36:18.400] - Carol Schrader

Exactly. That is so true. My way is not the only way I'm saying one thing. You'll have someone else say something different, but it means the same. And people write books and they're trying to convey that message, that idea in another way. But it all leads to the same thing. So words are very important, actually. It's a good thing to bring up there when we start our spiritual journey. It's very important that the words that come out of our mouths are light, truth, and especially if you're trying to convey it to someone else and even yourself.

[00:37:02.410] - Carol Schrader

The old patterning and the old way of saying and seeing and being things has to be let go. I can't express that enough. We have to let go of everything we've believed in, everything we thought, everything that we've been programmed to see, everything that's been shown to us and explain to us from their perspective. You have to let go of the whole lot. Let go, let go, let go. Surrender, surrender, surrender. Then come in to your heart again. It's always back to the heart. You can't do it any other way because your heart is a thing that will guide you through and talk you through.

[00:37:49.270] - Carol Schrader

There's no other way. And I'm going to share the experience I had just recently, which helped me see how being just being is. I had a meditation. I was feeling quite despondent. A lot of us are because some of us are having to deal with vaccination and non vaccination and all the controversy around it. I know what I know in my heart, and I have to follow that it doesn't matter what anybody else does. We all have to follow what we feel is right regarding this topic.

[00:38:27.140] - Carol Schrader

But it was making me feel so sad. And I've been crying a lot over it because I'm very much an empath. And I connect to all the collective and the collective. I feel their sadness. I feel their anxiety, their confusion and the love I have for them is so great. I just become very emotional. I just got to compose myself.  Sorry.

[00:38:51.010] - Carol Schrader

So I had a meditation. And I opened my eyes. And where I sit, Where I live, I have all these beautiful trees that surround me. And I connect to these certain trees. And as I opened my eyes, this tree spoke to me and said, look at me. And I said, I see you. He said, no, really see me. And I said, I do see you. I see your energy as it moves through your trunk. And I see how it connects down into the ground and connects with all the other trees and roots of other trees.

[00:39:30.170] - Carol Schrader

I see how you're connected. And I said, I'm the same my body. My nervous system looks just like your trunk and connecting down to my feet and into the Earth. And he goes, yes, exactly. And he said, See how I stand. And I said, yes, he said, you need to stand tall like that, too. Hold your back straight. Allow the energy to move through your back to give you strength, courage, wisdom and understanding. And I said, I hear you. And then he said, look how even though my trunk is solid, I just sway in the breeze.

[00:40:11.530] - Carol Schrader

I don't bend and break. And it was a really windy day, actually. And it was just moving gently with the wind. And he said, but see how I'm moving. So I'm going with the flow. And that's how we have to be with our spirit is to go with the flow. Here, be, see, and just be. And then he said, look at my branches. And I looked at them. And he said, now raise your arms like my branches. And I raise my arms. And he said, See how my branches are reaching for the light at all times.

[00:40:49.330] - Carol Schrader

And I said, yes, I see. And he said, That's what you do as you're reaching for the light with your limbs. So you reach. I reach to the light with my limbs. And I am connected into Mother Earth as you are connected. And we're all connected to the collective. The same my brothers and my sisters, my other trees, same as you. And then he said, One of the really profound was, you give me breath as I give you breath. Be a tree and just be, Carol, and allow spirit to move through you it was a beautiful, beautiful moment.

[00:41:30.130] - Carol Schrader

And I really, really got a lot from that tree. And every time I feel myself spiritually, not strong. And in my heart, I think, be a tree, Carol, stand strong. Hold your spine erect and be. And that's what we're all learning to do right now is to stand direct, follow our hearts and just be. No words, just be and everything you need will come through you to you in truth and purity and love. I hope you didn't mind me sharing that.

[00:42:05.290] - Helen Reynolds

No, not at all. I loved it. I was just leaving a moment. Just really. Soak it in.

[00:42:11.470] - Carol Schrader

It was a very special moment. It was beautiful.

[00:42:13.670] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah. It brings up another really big topic. Are you open for another really big topic?

[00:42:21.730] - Carol Schrader

Go for it.

[00:42:23.020] - Helen Reynolds

So two episodes back, I spoke with Judy Carroll, who has dual planetary consciousness. And it was a really great conversation. Of course, they're all great conversations.

[00:42:33.410] - Carol Schrader


[00:42:35.830] - Helen Reynolds

Anyhow. We talked about how as our consciousness expands, duality decreases and we more readily choose the mind of God. And then in the last episode with Anne Olsson, we talked about the choice-less choice of when we're allowing the truth of who we are to come through us. It's like a choice-less choice. We would choose to be who we truly are in our true Source Self form or Christ Self in our heart space. And then it comes into this idea where often guided to do God's will or allow God's will.

[00:43:25.150] - Helen Reynolds

And I've always had a bit of a hang up and bang up with that because it's like, well, hang on a minute. I'm me and God can be God, but I'm going to live my life the way I want to. Thanks. Over time, I've come to understand that that was, in fact, part of this whole conditioning that God is outside of ourselves. And when we come into that true state of being where we're a direct extension of God, they're my preferred words. But you used God particle.

[00:44:03.890] - Helen Reynolds

Then, of course, we're going to do God's will because it is our will.

[00:44:08.870] - Carol Schrader

Exactly because we're one of the same.

[00:44:11.120] - Helen Reynolds

Yeah, but it's just another sort of, I guess, hurdle to get over in our spiritual journey or it's another form of mis-programming.

[00:44:22.670] - Carol Schrader

Well, I heard you saying just then the word that kept coming to me was choice. Choice. Unchoice. No choice. Well, it's really funny because I spoke with a few people just the other day. We had a group of us met up and we were talking about exactly that. And we all agree that there is no choice. We've reached a place where there's no choice because we are that we are. So when you realise that you are God and God is you and that you're playing the part to be one because you are one, you're not even playing you are.

[00:45:11.890] - Carol Schrader

Then the choice disappears because you only ever make choices. You only ever make decisions or do that which is God's will, which is your will. There's no more place for choice because the choice no longer exists. Yeah. [00:45:33.960] - Helen ReynoldsThat's what Anne meant by the choiceless choice.

[00:45:37.210] - Carol Schrader

Exactly. That's where you come to the choiceless choice, she says it exactly as it is? There's no other way. So when you're committed to the God that you are to the God that's within to the all that is and will ever be, then you become that and you have a choiceless choice. It is what it is. You just be. And that's what I keep saying. That's what being is all about. When you can just be without all the distractions that go on outside of you, you still see them.

[00:46:15.890] - Carol Schrader

You can't get away from it because this is what's going on, all this drama and chaos outside of yourself. But when you're centred within and you just be, you've already made your choice. You are God, the God within you are that you are. There's no other place. So all the rest is what you've become now is the observer of what's happening around you whilst you live. And you can call it a bubble. You can call it your little piece of paradise, whatever you want to call it, you stay centred in that and just be and you don't get tipped either way.

[00:46:59.780] - Carol Schrader

You are. You just are and everything that's going on outside of that realm that you are creating for yourself. And this is another point. That where we are at the more we connect to the God within and become the God that we are. Then you are manifesting and creating a world for yourself and others of peace, love, joy, happiness where everything is flourishing, where everything is beautiful. Are you going to have problems in that world? Well, I'm sure we are going to come across little things that are going to need to be addressed, but we do it as a unit of oneness rather than the way the world has gone on in the past.

[00:47:52.280] - Carol Schrader

This is what's happening to all of us. So our spiritual connection is becoming more and more paramount for more and more people. I've had clients who have come to me just recently that I feel so disconnected. How do I reconnect? What is it I'm disconnected to? Why can't I do this? Why can't I find that? Well, it's simple. It's because you're looking outside of yourself and it comes back to that thing again, where we go in and start making choice-less choice. Simple. It's all very simple.

[00:48:25.440] - Carol Schrader

People try and make it so hard, but it's so simple. You just have to be when you're kind, when you're loving, when you give people love and you help your fellow man and you're in service to fellow man, and you serve your nature and you serve yourself and you serve those around you in love. Well, you become the choice-less choice that you are God within.

[00:48:53.470] - Helen Reynolds

I think it becomes super simple because being in that Christ consciousness state is so simple. Everything is Love. It's the flow of Love and the expression of Love into form. In the absence of that state, there's a million different physical material attempts to express love, and none of them make the cut. We can feel it.

[00:49:27.510] - Carol Schrader

There's a trillion difference, not millions. There's trillions of different ways, and everybody will try and find a way to express love. But you can't give love and receive love until you are the love and you love yourself. It can't work because you don't know love until love is such a. There's no word other. I look at love, the word love, and it's so used so flippantly throughout ages. But love is the only thing we can associate with a heart. And until you have enough love for yourself, which comes when you find who you are when you start finding yourself your true self and you start working on releasing all the rubbish that you've held onto for so long and all the things you believe that aren't real when you start releasing them and letting them go.

[00:50:31.850] - Carol Schrader

And that's what we have to do as a collective as an individual is let go of all the old things that we believe that have created the world that we live in for ourselves and those around us. Once you start doing that and you start bringing that consciousness inside you to the forefront to create and be the person that you truly are. Then love starts building up inside yourself. And that's when you forgive yourself and you are so repentant of what you have done to yourself and declare to yourself, I'm never going here again.  I love you. I love you. I love you. And when you feel yourself embrace yourself from within, then magic starts to happen. But it all comes from within. You can't receive love. You can't give true love until you love yourself that's strong and it's full on. But it's the truth.

[00:51:37.090] - Helen Reynolds

It is for anyone who feels like they've just been given a massive long list of homework. And that sounds like really hard work. The good news is just connecting to love. Love will do the heavy lifting for you if you allow it.

[00:51:54.440] - Carol Schrader

And sometimes you can have a few blocks and you might have to go and get help from someone who has done the journey or who works in the field of energy. And that's okay too. Don't be afraid to ask for help. That is so essential that you don't try and do it on your own because there will come times when you go I'm stuck, I'm never going to get through this. And that's okay too, because that's part of the healing journey.

[00:52:20.830] - Helen Reynolds

Well, when we heal others, we're healing ourselves. So in asking someone for help, we're actually helping them while they help us.

[00:52:28.730] - Carol Schrader

Absolutely. If you could imagine the clients I've had in front of me, and I'm hearing them, and I'm working with them, I think, oh, while I'm doing this? I need to do this for me, too, because it brings up what they do is trigger a little piece of you that you would have done that. Wow. I need to clear that. Yeah. And it's being open here it is. With the open mindedness. It's being open to every aspect of healing, of loving, of feeling and of being. You have to keep your mind open all the time and let go of all the old stuff that closes the mind down because you're locked into patterns, you need to unlock those patterns.

[00:53:08.950] - Carol Schrader

Let them go and allow yourself to be totally open minded and know that you are safe. The only time that you're not going to be safe is if you decide, oh, I'm going to go and have a dabble over here. It's not really light, but it's clouded in dark. You know, if this is right or this is the right path or this is not, you will know and be aware of deceivers. There's a lot of them out there who will take you off track. Be aware.

[00:53:45.630] - Carol Schrader

Don't follow their way. The only way to remain safe is be open minded whilst staying heartcentered. Then you're safe. Nothing could touch you because you follow spirit and guidance from there. Don't listen. I've known a lot of beautiful souls who are really off track, and they tried to take me with them, and I looked at it and that's really left field. I'm not really sure. And so I will meditate on it, pray on it. Whatever you do to enter into that Christ heart space, that consciousness that is universal, by the way, it's not just from Jesus.

[00:54:33.070] - Carol Schrader

It is Christ consciousness is love, and it's a universal love. It's felt throughout the entire universe through all different galaxies. Trust. I know that for a fact. I've been there, seen it. I know it so that Christ consciousness, that love is pure and solid. And if you use discernment with what you're doing, you need to hone in on your discernment to know. Is this right question? It always question. Never just jump in feet first. That way you'll always say you have an open mind to hear everything, experience everything but know whether it's true or not.

[00:55:18.630] - Carol Schrader

And if you're not sure, then you will question you. Question, question, question and ask. Ask for your guides to help. You ask for yourself higher self to come in and show you the truth. And it always will every time. And don't forget to ask for help if you need it. That's important. People don't.

[00:55:42.790] - Helen Reynolds

Well, the whole idea of being an individual and making it on our own is another false programming. Really?

[00:55:49.780] - Carol Schrader


[00:55:50.950] - Helen Reynolds

Well, I think, though, before I dive down the conversation path of another false programming.

[00:55:58.190] - Carol Schrader

I think we better close off that one for another day.

[00:56:02.990] - Helen Reynolds

For another day. Another day?

[00:56:04.790] - Carol Schrader


[00:56:05.630] - Helen Reynolds

Thank you, Carol. It's been such a beautiful episode.

[00:56:09.410] - Carol Schrader

Thank you for having me and my love to all of you. Who listen. My heart is with you. I pray for all of us continuously. So hang in. There be the strength you are and just love.

[00:56:23.350] - Helen Reynolds

Thank you. Well, that's it. For another episode of the More Love Podcast. We've really enjoyed this time with Carol. And if you visit the More Love Podcast Webpage, which is at Live True To You dot com forward slash More Love Podcast I'll have...Well, Carol details and a write up for this episode and you can listen to the episode there if you so desire so until next time. Love and blessings.