Life changes at the heart of all that matters.

Helen Reynolds

Hi, I'm...

I believe that those of us who are sensitive to our feelings and emotions have something very special to share with the world.

That our feelings are encouraging us towards the heart of all that matters; begging us to redefine who we understand ourselves to be.  

And, that those who are sensitive are only a thin veil away from understanding their true state of being and their power to create.

This motivates all that I do.  Taking you to the heart of all that matters for you.  

You're sensitivity to feelings and emotions is not a weakness, far from it.  It's time for you to be who you came to be.

Let's begin...

Why I do what I do...

because those of us who are sensitive to feelings and emotions have been told it’s a weakness, a gateway to stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  

We live in a worldview that shuns our feelings and emotions and only supports a materially, logically and rationally orientated way of life.  So much so, that the true choice we each have about how we live life has been withheld.  

Yet, we can feel there is more to life.  Otherwise we couldn’t experience falling in love, deja vu or intuition, nor could we have out-of-body, meditative, near death or any other experience that warps the time, space continuum.  

Returning true choice and, bringing clarity, freedom and the power to create to those who are sensitive brings me great joy.   That’s why I do what I do.

More about me...

What my clients
are saying...

and I love them for it.

“I had an immediate connection with Helen and knew she was the one to help me empower myself and my business in so many ways.”

— Kylie, Modern Mud

“Working with Helen has helped me conquer
so many fears and road blocks that I never imagined I would overcome.”

— Molly - Toowoomba

Working with me….

Working with me is like talking to an old friend who doesn't need to know or rehash your old hang-ups-and-bang-ups and instead accepts you as you are, while knowing that you're only a thin veil away from knowing who you really are.  

I work with curious, independent thinkers who are willing to stand apart from the crowd and think differently.  Who sense feelings and emotions in themselves and others - sensing energy shift when different people enter the room, or in different environments or even over the course of a conversation.  And, who are willing to go to the heart of all that matters.    

My work is the culmination of decades spent creating a logical explanation of energy that moves the heart's of sensitive people and returns to them their true state of being.  It's a heart opening process with very little resistance that lifts those willing into acceptance of their wholeness and their wholehearted way of being.

You're ready, let's begin...

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More Love Podcast

Tune in.  My guests and I explore transcendent experiences and discuss the source of miracles, the power of relationship, the reality of ever-present, infinite love and our integration of love into this time, space reality.  Each episode supports your journey to the heart of all that matters.  

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