Episode 13 of the More Love Podcast is a conversation with Kerri Hummingbird. 
 She explains that Spiritual Awakening is unique to each of us however there are some common "symptoms" and "processes" exist.  Kerri explains her spiritual awakening through her life story, sharing the important spiritual lessons received at poignant moments in her life.  There is great depth of wisdom held in this recording that will support you in your spiritual awakening experience.


Spiritual awakenings can come in many, many forms and on the More Love Podcast I like to use the term NOTE which I learnt from Dr Nicole Gruel in this episode.  It stands for non ordinary transcendent experience and gives a very broad range of experiences that all contribute to the spiritual awakening process.  NOTE's are any event that warps the time space continuum that inevitably opens the doors of perception.  They can be variety of spiritual awakenings that come through dreams, falling in love, deja vu, intuition or through religious experience or even from major life event such as near death experience (like Grants, Eben's, Anne's, Nicole's or Jain's).

The Beginning of Kerri's Spiritual Awakening Process

Kerri Hummingbird shares her initial awakening experience, she describes how she followed synchronicities and said yes to trying different personal development activities.  She eventually found herself working with a spiritual teacher and then a shamanic mentor.  She shares one of the spiritual practices that helped her expand into her own spiritual experience (4.07 min), she called it the Morning Messenger Game - every morning sit and connect to your spirit and ask your spirit self to send you a message, then sit with the message and see how you feel about it.  

"when you're in the flow, when you're in the notes, you know that that is a message".


Building Spiritual Sense

Kerri encourages you to play the game and interface directly with spirit or the thing you might call God, Source, Wisdom, Christ Consciousness.  The game helps you to build your ability to sense spirit and accept the wide variety of things that can happen which Kerri would call common symptoms of spiritual awakening.  

Suddenly daily life becomes more interesting and Kerri explains that as you develop a deep sense and respect for your spiritual self you begin to become aware that you're not alone and that you're always supported through life even as your belief systems change and adapt.

With increasing sensitivity to spiritual awakening signs you naturally begin to deep dive into the integration of your spirit self and physical body.  Especially as you relax into the loving, benevolent spiritual part of ourselves.  

Kerri explains the power of following the NOTE experiences how they give us grace - the experience of the grace of who we truly are and each experience builds the relationship with our spiritual guidance.  She made a really lovely point that with each NOTE (that we have and pay attention to) we have the grace moment, then suddenly we realise that we're safer in the flow of NOTEs (in our spiritual guidance) than we were when we were pretending to be in control of our lives!

Kerri talks easily about being open to Spirit in daily life.

One of the very personal things that she shares in this interivew is the day her father died and the profound sense she had when he let go (16 mins).   The fabric of society is built on a false understanding of death and Kerri explains the importance of knowing we are eternal spiritual beings that animate our human experience while we are on earth.  

She also shares a wonderful NOTE that she had during a three day stay in the woods (19 mins).    It's a moment of total awe (I don't want to tell you here, it's better if you hear it directly from Kerri!).  Then we discuss some the traps of the ego when we try to re-create NOTEs.  A little later we also talk at length about the tendency and risks of putting a spiritual teacher on a pedestial.  

Kerri talks about the emotional roller coaster that can occur over our daily life as we begin to quiet our mind and include more or our heart energy into our consciousness.  I love how she calls it super provocative!

Spiritual Experience is Unique for Everyone.

Another very meaningful part of this conversation occurs at 31 mins and Kerri shares how she was ecstatic about Shamanic healing but the trap she then fell into - again, listen and hear this powerful spiritual awakening experience for yourself.  She also discusses the learning she had about 'it's not one size fits all'.

Spiritual awakening process and spiritual awakening signs are different for everyone.  We're all connected but we all awaken differently because we are all unique.  Which leads into a discussion about expanding our emotional capacity and toxic people, ignorant people, low vibration people and the power of having humanity.  

Kerri discusses the greatest spiritual awakening she's had - that divinity in a body is the gift (41 mins).    Which continues into the power of embracing the emotional roller coaster and developing a deep sense of embrace of the human experience to open the flow of love and spirit in daily life.  

Being in appreciation and love of life is where we end this delightful conversation.





Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, is a channel of, and an embodiment of, White Eagle, an ascended master who specializes in rainbow light activation of human DNA. In her new book, "Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound", Kerri Hummingbird is serving as a conduit of teachings and embodied frequencies from White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is the #1 international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening.




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