Helen Reynolds, June 9 2021

Fly through Life (with spiritual strength).

I love to swim.  Butterfly is my favourite stroke.  Just because it’s the one that feels the most like a dolphin.  If I want to feel the water glide past as fast as I can make it, then I swim Freestyle.  But if I want to feel like a dolphin or a mermaid I swim Butterfly. 

When I swim I imagine that the water is an endless sea of possibility and that my imagination is all that my reality depends upon. 

This is how I like to feel about life in general.   But many times in my life all I have felt was frustration, fear, uncertainty and powerlessness.  I was sensitive to my emotions and all I felt was pain.

A long time ago, in deep despair I dedicated my life to understanding how to be the creator of my life, how to know love, to understand what my emotions really mean, how to live with emotional sensitivity and how to free others with the explanations that I was yet to find. 

It’s the last part of my commitment to myself that I am now working on.  These answers are crystal clear and my purpose for being on the internet and social media is to let others know that they can fly through life and that it’s much, much easier than swimming butterfly in the pool!!!! Xoxo 

I guess you could call me a spiritual mentor or guide now.  However, I might keep looking for a new term because the word 'spiritual' is so loaded with preconceived ideas that it causes alot of people to tune out.  I'll let you know when I've worked it out! 

PS, that's definitely not me in the picture!  But that picture does capture the glassy water out in front, that's so wonderful to fly into with both arms, as if taking life on wholeheartedly, like a mermaid! 


-Image by 272447 from Pixabay-

Written by

Helen Reynolds

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