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Helen Reynolds, June 9 2021

Felt sporting spirit but not your own?

Connecting into the spirit of the sporting club makes you feel like the team can do and be more, that you belong, that there is a purpose to being together, that great things are possible, that you’re all in it together.  It feels exhilarating, exciting, it feels like the people are bonded together by a unseen glue that somehow communicates between them.  The spirit of the club draws new members in, it keeps the club going through good times and bad, it brings out the best in people, it makes the club different to other clubs (even of the same sport)  and it generates enthusiasm for all involved. 

So tell me again why we don’t foster our own Spiritual connection on a personal level, all about ourselves as individuals and in a way that is free of dogma and preconceived religious notions?  Why is it not OK to foster our own spiritual connection so that we may  achieve more, feel that we are not alone, that all things are possible for us, that we’re all made equal, to have life feel exhilarating, to foster our enthusiasm for creation and to bring out the best in us? 

Crazy isn’t it!?  That’s why I dedicated my life to creating a practical, logical way of explaining our spiritual connection to all that is.  If you look around at the state of the world its clear to see that people are asking what is the meaning of life and that overall people are not finding the answers to their questions. 

Building a relationship with your spiritual self is the most profound thing you can do to empower you life, build your self esteem, overcome emotional patterns that are holding you back and in general create a much, much, much happier, healthier and more abundant life.   The good news is it can be a logical, understandable process to get you there instead of a process that is inexplicable and mysterious.

The best way to begin is to practise being emotionally sensitive.   I know, you're thinking I'm crazy, that everyone has always told you that being sensitive to your emotions is a weakness not a strength.  But the truth is, being sensitive to your emotions is the gateway (not the key) to tapping into your spiritual self.

There is a bit of a trick to it though.  You need to be emotionally sensitive whilst being completely non-judgmental of yourself and your emotions.  If you have ever practised or trained yourself into positive thinking and willed yourself to only think 'good' thoughts then you'll most likely find it difficult to be completely non-judgmental and totally accepting of your emotions.

Your emotions aren't telling you what you think they are.  Your emotions are not encouraging you to be reactive.  Your emotions are actually your indication or measure of your spiritual connection at any given moment in time.  That's why to get the most guidance from your emotions you need to be non judgmental and therefore non reactive. 

It's worth the effort though. You can do it. 

Dr Eben Alexander talked about being emotional sensitivity and building our spiritual strength in his interview on the More Love Podcast - click here to listen.


-Sporting Team Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay-

Written by

Helen Reynolds

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