Helen Reynolds, March 6 2022

Which story are you believing?

The one about Putin freeing the Ukraine from the Khazarian Mafia, or the one about Putin being the most evil man on earth attacking and invading Ukraine, killing thousands of innocent people?

I have to say the story about Putin freeing the Ukraine is my preferred story!  Though, just this week I had an interesting experience with this that I feel prompted to share.

Several decades ago, I freed myself from the main-stream media (MSM) narrative and have lived a much better life for doing so.  However, this week, with intense rainfall and severe flooding in our region my husband and I turned to the MSM for footage, weather forecasts and road closures. 

Instead of true reporting we saw absolute fearing mongering.  It was unbearable.  I went back to Telegram, my husband went back to Facebook, for local updates from community minded individuals who were helping others just because they could.  Of course, whilst on Telegram I saw articles and stories about Putin destroying the American funded bio-weapons labs in the Ukraine, the western governments supplying weapons to and training Ukrainian children and the Ukraine being the strong hold of the Khazarian Mafia. 

As I read more of these articles suggesting there could be some hope in this situation, that Putin is destroying the hidden agenda of the West and thus freeing the Ukrainian people and the world, I began to feel hope and some confidence for the future.  With new hope I found myself spending more time on Telegram, strengthening my belief in this “story of freedom”. 

A few days later my inner voice asked me, what if neither story is true?  I reacted to the question, defending the argument that Putin is freeing the world and preventing another man-made pandemic with a lab-made virus.  My reaction didn’t satisfy the question!  Of course, it didn’t; defence is the ego-mind.  Under the persistence of my inner voice, I realised I’d been caught in the contrast, I’d become invested in a story, a narrative and an outcome.  In grasping that story I’d let go of wholeheartedness and separated from Love, Source, God, the Universe or Oneness (depending on your preferred name). 

My inner voice reminded me that the time of learning through contrast has passed (A Course Of Love, T4: 1.17) because the past is passing  …When you build upon what you can learn you build upon the past and create not the future but an extension of the past. You who are called to leave learning behind are called to return to your union and relationship with God wherein you are creators along with God (end of T4:10.14)

The story I was grasping was based on a detailed past of good vs evil.  By giving my attention to the contrast being expressed in the world I was simultaneously giving up my power to create a new world.

The confirmation of this experience came today.  Judy Carroll (featured in episode 22 of the More Love Podcast) reminded me that the transition from 3D to 5D consciousness required everyone to choose between Love and fear.  And, that the situation on earth, with two groups of controllers operating in polarity to each other, was giving everyone ample opportunity for choice.  Not between one narrative or another, but between the material world and the God Essence within our being.    

As we lift from the time of learning we are asked to release the belief that accepts learning through contrast, that evil is seen in relation to good, peace in relation to chaos, love in relation to fear. This belief exists in the in-between, where on the one hand there is darkness, and on the other hand there is light. (A Course Of Love, T1:7.2)

We are asked to come into direct observance and knowing of the truth, the light and Love …We are moving you now away from all such beliefs to a knowing that precludes the need for belief at all. (A Course Of Love, T1:7.3)   We are asked to reclaim our power within, to live from wholeheartedness, to create heaven on earth and thus allow such stories to pass through us untouched while we stay steadfastly in the knowing that Love is, we are already accomplished.

Just as true knowledge cannot be learned, love cannot be learned, and you cannot be learned. All that you desire and cannot learn is already accomplished. (A Course Of Love, C:3.2) 

I’ve renewed my commitment to listening to my inner guidance (instead of stories) and to being who I truly am, and, thanked my inner guidance for the revelation of this experience.  This blog is to support others on their journey of Love because we all have revelatory experiences that strengthen our commitment to living in Truth, Light and Love. 

Let the final word be from A Course of Love, Treatise 4, chapter 5, verse 11:

I am calling you to make this choice now. This is not a choice automatic to you in human form or even upon the death of your human form. When you die, you do not die to who you are or who you think you are. You do not die to choice. At the time of death you are assisted in ways not formerly possible to you in form, to make the choice to be who you are. You are shown in ways that the body's eyes were unable to see, the glory of your true nature. You are given the chance, just as you are being given the chance now, to choose your true nature with your free will.


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Image is from https://truth11.com/2022/02/26/putin-orders-military-to-destroy-bio-labs-in-ukraine-as-us-scrubs-evidence-of-their-existence/


Written by

Helen Reynolds

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