Live True To You

Helen Reynolds

I’ve had an unusual determination to understand emotions since I was a teenager…..that was nearly two decades ago!  There is so much misinformation out there about our feelings and emotions.  Sometimes I too got lost in the misinformation, however, once I had a hold of the truth it all become very clear, the simplicity was astounding and applying it was liberating (and can be for you too).  

I guess you could say I’ve been a bit different from the beginning.  As a teenager, I decided that I wanted to know why we had emotions and how to use them to make life easier.  I wanted to be free.    

My drive for a practical understanding of emotions, an understanding that could actually serve people in a way that they could use to alleviate pain, help them understand others and bring more joy into their lives, had me exploring academia, spiritual modalities, wellness practises, religious texts, old books, new age books, scientific articles, quantum theories - anything that might hold answers.    

Each held a clue, a piece of the puzzle.    

When each of the clues from these diverse sources started to join together like a jigsaw puzzle it became really exciting.  I started to see something that everyone could understand.    

My job now, as I see it, is to free as many people as I can.  Misinformation about emotions has kept us hostage to being less than we actually are and prevented our unique, infinitely individual and creative expression of love.    

We each have our own unique way of making the world a better place.  Why on earth are we not encouraged to pursue it?  

I can’t build you a house but I can show you how to create a home in your heart, stability in your emotions and connect you to your confidence, self-worth and creativity in a way that can’t be taken away from you.  

That's what spiritual strength in emotional sensitivity is.

You are far more than you have been led to believe and you deserve to know and experience that.  

In fact, it’s urgent that you know.  The world is changing rapidly and your creativity, confidence and love are all part of the answer.