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spiritual strength in emotional sensitivity  

Helen Reynolds

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I show people how being sensitive to their feelings and emotions is the gateway to all the creativity, confidence, enthusiasm and certainty they need for success and not the doorway to  anxiety, stress and overwhelm that they think it is.

The problem is - everything you’ve been taught about feelings and emotions is wrong.  Trying to understand your feelings and emotions is like hopping on a mental mouse wheel that keeps going around and around and around…..    Spin on the mouse wheel for long enough and you’ll experience worry, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and even depression.

The truth is, emotions are your minds reactions to your feelings, your mind races away with justifications for your emotions when it can’t connect to the your heart and your heart is far, far more than just a pump.

Which means understanding your feelings and emotions is impossible unless you can bring your mind back into balance with your heart.  Once you know how to do that, then being sensitive to your emotions becomes your key to all the creativity, confidence and enthusiasm required for success.  

Are you ready to turn something other people have told you is a weakness into your greatest asset for fast tracking all your plans?  

Life’s too short for mouse wheels that spin you away from everything your working towards.    

If your willing to reclaim your power get in contact today.

It’s time to turn your sensitivity to feelings and emotions into your superpower.

It’s time to take your power back.  

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