Live True To You

Reassurance that love is real, that love can heal and that love is all that really matters.

Welcome to the more love podcast.  

The more love podcast is for reassurance that love is real, that love heals and that love is all the really matters.

The reason I am creating this podcast is because people all over the world are feeling extraordinary amounts of fear, uncertainty and doubt.  

These feelings can be very convincing and overpowering if we let them, which is why we need reminding that love is really what we want, love is where our power is and love is what creates what matters to us.  

Fear, uncertainty and doubt disconnect us from who we really are, inhibit our natural self healing ability and severely limit our ability to express and experience love.  

The purpose of these podcasts is to remind you that love is real, that love does heal and that love is all the really matters.  When you choose love over fear you are connecting to your true self and tapping into your own power, your own power to create.    

I'll be talking with wise and loving people who've experience love in compelling ways.  People who've experienced the miracle of all that love is.    

These conversations are for you if you know that there's more to life than meets the eye and you know that love matters but need a little reassurance.  Also, if you're sensitive to your emotions and how you feel, then through these conversations you're likely to discover that you have all that you need for raising your vibrational frequency to love.  

Let these conversations open your mind and give yourself permission to listen to them from the heart - as if it were your heart that had ears to hear the messages held within them and to connect to them to empower you with who you really are.  

I am excited to bring these conversations to you.  

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